Best Undercounter Refrigerators 2023

Of course, the best under-counter refrigerators are indispensable in the kitchen today. Even if you are one of those people who buy everything fresh from specialty stores every day, you still need refrigerators because foods are probably not eaten immediately every time you buy them. Thus, you will have to rely on the refrigerator for at least a few hours. Moreover, devices are ultimately used not only for food but also for drinks. As a built-in kitchen owner, of course, in most cases, you don’t need to worry about this.

However, not every kitchen manufacturer equips its products completely. Rather, there is scope for equipment, so that you, as a user, have at least some freedom of choice for customizing your kitchen. Dishwasher, dryer, or built-in refrigerator? Often times the refrigerator wins this competition in the mind of the consumer because the other devices mentioned are better placed in the bathroom or basement.

Our Selection 9 Best Buy Small Undercounter Refrigerators – Editor’s Choice

Arctic Air AUC48R 48" Undercounter Worktop Refrigerator - 12 Cubic Feet, 2 Section, 2 Doors, Stainless Steel, 115vArctic AirBuy on Amazon
Summit AL54 ADA Height 24" Built-In Undercounter Refrigerator with Glass Shelves and Door Storage, Stainless Steel/BlackSummitBuy on Amazon
Kratos Refrigeration 69K-768 Commercial 48"W Undercounter Refrigerator, 2 DoorKratosBuy on Amazon
Buy on Amazon
EdgeStar CBR1501SLD 5.49 Cu. Ft. EdgeStar 142 Can Built-in Stainless Steel Beverage CoolerEdgeStarBuy on Amazon
Buy on Amazon
Value Series 69K-629 Undercounter Refrigerator, 2 Doors, 15.5 Cu. Ft.LEGACY COMPANIESBuy on Amazon
Midea WHD-113FSS1 Compact Refrigerator, 3.1 cu ft, Stainless SteelMideaBuy on Amazon
Kalamera 24 inch Stainless Steel Beverage Refrigerator, Under Counter Beverage Cooler for 154 Cans with 32-41℉ Temperature Range - Soda and Beer Refrigerator with Soild Stainless DoorKalameraBuy on Amazon

The under-counter refrigerator integrates seamlessly into your existing kitchen and sits directly under the counter. This gives you more free space and a consistent look. With adjustable feet at the front, you can find the height you want and get a device that will fit even in the smallest rooms. In this section, I’ll take a closer look at the features and benefits of the 9 best under counter depth refrigerators.

1# Arctic Air AUC48R Undercounter Refrigerator

Arctic Air AUC48R Undercounter Refrigerator

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The ARCTIC company specializes in the production of refrigeration units: freezers, refrigerators, air conditioners. The goal of ARCTIC is to provide high-quality products at an affordable price. At the development stage, ARCTIC specialists took into account all consumer requirements, namely energy saving, reliability, quiet operation of equipment, a set of basic and additional functions.

This is a spacious refrigerator that fits perfectly under the countertop. Its difference from most similar models is that it has two doors. This model is made of stainless steel and fits perfectly into any kitchen interior. This model has excellent airflow thanks to its large fan motor and blades. This refrigerator has a digital LED display. I like this model because it has self-closing doors. However, they can also remain open 90 degrees if required. This is an excellent model for larger kitchens.

  • Excellent height

  • Adjustable shelves

  • This may be too large for some kitchens

2# Summit AL54 ADA Height Built-In Undercounter Refrigerator with Glass Shelves and Door Storage

Summit AL54 ADA Undercounter Refrigerator

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This large refrigerator is perfect for any family with its many storage options, both upstairs and between shelves. Shop with peace of mind, as you can comfortably store large food items in your refrigerator. This refrigerator is 32 inches tall so you can place it under low enough countertops as well. The door is made of stainless steel material. This material looks elegant and is of high quality. The refrigerator has digital control which is easy to use. This model also has open door alarms as well as high-temperature alarms.

  • It is suitable for use under low tabletops

  • The shelves have special openings for storing bottles

  • Interior lighting is slightly dim

3# Kratos Refrigeration 69K-768 W Undercounter Refrigerator

Kratos Refrigeration 69K-768 W Undercounter Refrigerator

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This model can be easily integrated under the worktop and is distinguished by its spacious design. This is a two-door model with casters. The outside of the refrigerator is made of stainless steel while the inside is covered with aluminum. The doors are self-closing. I like this refrigerator because it has a ventilated cooling system with automatic defrosting. This refrigerator features bright LED interior lighting for additional energy savings. You can make optimal use of the kitchen space with ergonomic door opening technology. Even if the kitchen furniture is close to the refrigerator, nothing will be damaged when the doors are opened.

  • High shelf load capacity

  • External digital temperature display

  • It may be too cumbersome for a small kitchen

4# Thor Kitchen Indoor and Outdoor Double Drawer Under-Counter Refrigerator

Thor Kitchen Indoor Under-Counter Refrigerator

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This model from Thor Kitchen offers you a very compact free-standing refrigerator with good volume. The 152 litres in the refrigerator are divided between two compartments. The design of this refrigerator resembles two pull-out shelves. It looks stylish and modern. You can change the temperature on the front control panel. The temperature range is 0 to 7 degrees Celsius. Another advantage of this refrigerator is that you can easily take it with you on a trip if necessary.

  • Simple cleaning

  • Fingerprint resistant

  • Noisy enough

5# EdgeStar CBR1501SLD 5.49 Cu. Ft. EdgeStar 142 Can Built-in Stainless Steel Beverage Cooler

EdgeStar CBR1501SLD Stainless Steel Beverage Cooler

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This is a spacious refrigerator that is designed to store various drinks. In total, you can fit 142 cans of beer in it. However, this refrigerator can hold bottles of wine, champagne, lemonade and more. This model offers you a good temperature range of 38 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The uniqueness of this device is that it has an automatic defrosting function. The high-quality stainless steel door pleases its users with its stylish design and durability.

  • This model has a built-in carbon filter

  • Digital temperature controls

  • Unreliable glass shelves

6# Commercial Chest Refrigerators

Commercial Chest Refrigerators

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This is a compact single-chamber refrigerator without a freezer, which can be used both at home and in various establishments. This model is equipped with sturdy wheels so you can easily drag it from one place to another. You can easily control the temperature of the refrigerator thanks to the electronic thermostat with external digital temperature control. This model is characterized by features such as self-closing doors and I also like the automatic defrost function. This model will save your energy thanks to the powerful Embraco compressor.

  • Energy efficient

  • This ensures quiet operation

  • Not everyone likes the design of this model

7# LEGACY COMPANIES Value Series 69K-629 Undercounter Refrigerator

LEGACY COMPANIES 69K-629 Undercounter Refrigerator

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Spend more on what you want and less on your electricity bills. Daily expenses are sufficient without increasing electricity bills. This energy-efficient refrigerator saves energy without sacrificing performance. Not a bad way to reduce both energy consumption and costs! This two-door refrigerator allows you to keep all kinds of food, including fresh fruits and vegetables, neatly and in place. This is a refrigerator that adapts to your needs. Have you ever been unable to find a place in the refrigerator or then not find the food put there? You won’t have such a problem with this refrigerator. You can easily change the position and location of the shelves in the refrigerator and its door and organize the storage space of your choice.

  • Plenty of storage space

  • Comfortable wheels

  • This model takes up a lot of space

8# Midea Compact Refrigerator – Amazon’s Choice

Midea Compact Refrigerator

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The model is made in universal stainless steel color, appropriate in any interior. Buying this refrigerator is the right choice in terms of economy, as it saves electricity well. This is an important indicator because the refrigerator is always on and it usually consumes a lot of energy. The design includes one refrigeration compartment. There is also one door in it. This model can be chosen for a small kitchen space, as the model is miniature. This model has separate drawers for vegetables and fruits.

  • This model has a freezer

  • Automatic defrosting

  • Despite its rather large size, this model does not have a high capacity

9# Kalamera Stainless Steel Beverage Cooler – Amazon’s Choice

Kalamera Stainless Steel Beverage Cooler

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If you are looking for the best undercounter beverage refrigerators, then I suggest you take a look at this model. This is a compact refrigerator that can be built under a worktop. This model has four removable wire shelves. You can place bottles and cans both horizontally and vertically. On average, this refrigerator can hold up to 154 cans. A distinctive feature of this model is its stainless steel door, which prevents cold air from escaping, unlike glass doors.

  • Low noise level

  • Increased insulation thanks to the stainless steel door

  • Over time, the door handle may loosen

Undercounter Refrigerator Guide: Get The Right Size

Many apartments only have a small or narrow kitchen. However, this small space can be used optimally. In addition to the stove, dishwasher, and storage cabinets, you need to leave room for the refrigerator. If you don’t have room for a large fridge-freezer, choose the smaller option. The under-counter refrigerator is compact and can be placed directly under the counter in the kitchen. This guarantees a compact installation does not lose the work surface while leaving enough space for storing perishable food.

Compact Dimensions – What Are The Sizes?

Compared to large fridge freezers, under-counter fridges are much more compact. They range in height from 81 to 85 cm, so they can be conveniently placed under the worktop. Most of the niches have a height of 82 to 90 cm, depending on the chosen kitchen model. Thus, you can use a small niche to save space, and you will not lose space in the kitchen. The principle can be compared to a built-in dishwasher. The top cover is also missing or can be removed individually. Thus, the device closes directly with the kitchen countertop and creates a harmonious picture. By the way, the width of most of the models is about 60 cm. This is a common niche, which in appearance is combined with other kitchen cabinets and can even be found in small rooms.

Various Types of Refrigerator Installation

Besides the correct dimensions, of course, assembly is also important. First of all, the refrigerator should be built under the countertop. But even here there are different views of the manufacturers. Some offer models directly as a built-in unit in a cabinet, located under the countertop. Other manufacturers make the refrigerator suitable for decoration so that the front has a uniform look too. I want to briefly explain the differences between categories in more detail:

Refrigerator Under the Countertop Can Be Built In

Integration here always means that the refrigerator is built directly into the kitchen cabinet and includes the front of the kitchen furniture. Depending on the space required, it may not be possible to install the unit in a tall cabinet. The base cabinet helps here, as it integrates the refrigerator stylishly and almost invisibly. There are various techniques for connecting the front of the furniture to the device. Therefore, pay close attention to the manufacturer’s information.

Removable Table Top

For some manufacturers, the ability to assemble underneath simply means that the countertop of the refrigerator can be removed. Thus, the model can be used as a free-standing refrigerator or, if necessary, placed under an existing worktop. If you keep the supplied plate, you can later use the device separately. This gives you maximum flexibility. Adjustable feet on the front help you find the right height. In addition, many manufacturers rely on a modern façade that matches the design of any kitchen. However, it is possible that the ventilation slots are in the upper part and should be taken into account in the worktop itself. This dissipates heat efficiently.

Undercounter Refrigerator Is Suitable For Decoration

Some refrigerators are listed in their descriptions as suitable for decoration. This means adapting the design of the refrigerator to the current design of the kitchen.  But find out in advance if such a model will suit your kitchen style and how best to attach it.

Advantages & Disadvantages Compared to Large Fridge Freezers

Even the smallest kitchens have room for an under-counter refrigerator that can be adjusted to suit the height of the worktop. In addition, the front can also be modified for a harmonious look. However, when installing, pay attention to the ventilation of the device, as well as the volume, you will have to make compromises. However, this is not uncommon in confined spaces. When it comes to a substructure refrigerator, the focus is on practical use and combining it with the smallest possible footprint.

Refrigerator With or Without Freezer?

Despite their small size, some refrigerators located under the countertop have a freezing area. Of course, there isn’t much volume here. While the refrigerator compartment is typically 80–100 litres, the freezer is smaller at 10–20 liters. However, make sure the ratio is good, because after all, the compartment takes up space around the refrigerator compartment and, for example, should not obstruct the shelves in the door. Models without a freezer naturally have a large usable capacity and are very well lit. Food can only be stored for a short period of time. If you settled on a model with a freezer, be mindful of the temperature.


You can’t do without a refrigerator these days. Even if you are one of those people who tend to eat out or live modestly, an under-counter refrigerator or free-standing refrigerator is a must in every home. This is the only way to preserve the freshness of foods that haven’t been eaten immediately.

In this review, I have told you about the 9 best under-counter refrigerators. If you are still at a loss to make a choice, consider again these models 1# Arctic Air AUC48R Undercounter Refrigerator, 2# Summit AL54 ADA Height Built-In Undercounter Refrigerator, and 3# Kratos Refrigeration 69K-768 W Undercounter Refrigerator.

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