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Mmm, what could be better than a beef steak! Especially if it is a tri-tip steak, a triangular cut from the top of the leg, long-cut. This article will show you how to best cook this kind of steak, as well as tell you which best tri tip marinade will accentuate this rich beef flavor.

The 16 Best Marinade For Tri Tip Steak – Editor’s Choice

California Rancher | Santa Maria Seasoning and BBQ Rub, Santa Maria Grill Dry Rub for Tri Tip, Steaks, Pork, Lamb and Chicken, 6.5ozCalifornia RancherBuy on Amazon
Susie Q's Tri Tip Seasoning - 10oz shakerSusie Q'sBuy on Amazon
Jake's Famous Steak and Rib Rub, Seasoning for Chicken, Steak, Ribs, Pork, Hamburger Meat, Tri Tip, Santa Maria Seasoning, Steak Seasoning, Gluten Free, 5 OzJake's Righteous RubsBuy on Amazon
Burnt Sacrifice Santa Maria Style Gourmet BBQ Dry Rub Spice Seasoning (10 OZ Bag Makes Over 20 Pounds) All-Natural, Tri-tip Brisket Prime-Rib Chuck Roast Chicken Lamb (Santa Maria, 1.5 OZ Packets (Pack of 6))Burnt SacrificeBuy on Amazon
1849 Tri-tip Meat Marinade1849 Tri-tip Meat MarinadeBuy on Amazon
Traeger Grills SPC169 Beef Rub with Molasses and Chili PepperTraeger Pellet GrillsBuy on Amazon
Kosmos Q Reserve Blend Brisket Injection- Beef Brisket Injection Marinade - BBQ Seasoning Made in the USA (Reserve Blend)Kosmos QBuy on Amazon
Weber Grill Marinade Black Peppercorn, 1.12-Ounce (Pack of 12)WeberBuy on Amazon
Killer Hogs HOT BBQ Rub | Championship Spicy BBQ and Grill Seasoning for Beef, Steak, Burgers, Pork, and Chicken | 16 Ounce by Volume (12oz by Net Weight)Killer HogsBuy on Amazon
Plowboys YardBird BBQ Rub - 2 Pack - 14 ozPlowboysBuy on Amazon
Allegro Marinade - Original (pack of 4)AllegroBuy on Amazon
2 Gringos Chupacabra Brisket Magic Seasoning, 25 Ounces2 Gringos ChupacabraBuy on Amazon
McCormick Grill Mates Smokehouse Maple Seasoning, 28 oz - One 28 Ounce Container of Smokehouse Maple Seasoning, Perfect on Pork Chops, Chicken, Burgers and MoreMcCormickBuy on Amazon
Adolph's Marinade in Minutes Original Meat Tenderizing Marinade, 1 oz (Pack of 24)Adolph's Marinade in MinutesBuy on Amazon
Spade L Ranch Beef Marinade and Seasoning 6 Oz. (Pack of 2)Spade L RanchBuy on Amazon
Lawry's Tenderizing Beef Marinade Spices & Seasonings Mix, 1.06 oz (Pack of 12)Lawry's CaseroBuy on Amazon

Spices give the meat a particularly aromatic character. In addition to salt and pepper, there are spice mixes that give the steak its unique flavor. There are two ways to season grilled meat: rubbing or marinade. Rubs are dry mixtures of spices, liquid-based marinade. In this review, you will find the best marinade for tri-tip steak in the world!

1# California Rancher Santa Maria Grill Dry Rub for Tri Tip – Amazon’s Choice

California Rancher Santa Maria Grill Dry Rub

View on Amazon

This is a fragrant marinade for tri-tip steak that will change the flavor of your dish. This product is suitable for marinating not only steaks but also other dishes. This product is non-GMO and non-artificial. This product can be used for grilling, frying, smoking, baking, and so on. This marinade is made up of a mixture of various spices and herbs that will enhance the flavor of your steak!

  • Not oversalted

  • Natural ingredients

  • The smell changes slightly after cooking

2# Susie Q’s Tri Tip Seasoning

Susie Q's Tri Tip Seasoning

View on Amazon

This is the original recipe for Santa Maria Style BBQ. You will love this Seasoning thanks to the well-balanced seasoning blend that adds a rich flavor to your dishes without over-salting them. This is suitable not only for steaks but also for fish and any meat. This product comes in a handy jar with a hinged lid that keeps moisture out of the product.

  • Convenient packaging

  • Original taste

  • Expensive enough

3# Jake’s Righteous Rubs Jake’s Tri-Tip Steak and Rib Rub – Amazon’s Choice

Jake's Righteous Rubs Jake's Tri-Tip Steak

View on Amazon

This marinade is made according to original recipes in the style of Santa Maria from quality raw materials and does not contain preservatives, flavors, dyes and flavor enhancers. This product contains parsley, garlic, tarragon, oregano, smoked hickory salt, and more. The product comes in quality packaging with a quality lid that makes it easy to dispense the amount of seasoning.

  • Gluten-free

  • No preservatives

  • It contains a lot of sugar

4# Burnt Sacrifice Santa Maria Style Gourmet BBQ Dry Rub Spice Seasoning

Burnt Sacrifice BBQ Dry Rub Spice

View on Amazon

For a juicy and flavorful tri tip steak, marinate it in Burnt Sacrifice marinade. This product is made in the style of Santa Maria and consists of a complex set of spices. This product contains garlic, black pepper, tarragon, oregano, brown sugar, and hickory smoke. This package should be enough for 3 pounds of meat.

  • No preservatives

  • Hand-selected spices

  • I didn’t find them

5# 1849 Tri-tip Meat Marinade

1849 Tri-tip Meat Marinade

View on Amazon

It is the most popular product made from high-quality raw materials. Specially designed, innovative, packaging material allows you to preserve the aroma and taste of herbs and spices. Also protects against moisture and sunlight. This is ideal for meat, fish, and chicken. Use this marinade to unleash the rich flavor of the tri-tip steak.

  • Great taste

  • Safe packaging

  • Some users found this product too salty

6# Traeger Grills Beef Rub with Molasses and Chili Pepper – Amazon’s Choice

Traeger Grills Beef Rub

View on Amazon

It is a composition of sweet molasses, chilli pepper, and brown sugar. The peculiarity of this exceptional blend lies both in the selection of ingredients and in their form. Large fragile pieces of seasoning are placed in a convenient package that always guarantees freshness and intensity of aroma, as well as facilitates application. Another important nuance, seasonings that are well ground immediately before use have the most intense aroma and deep taste. The fact is that at the moment of grinding, essential oils are released, which contributes to the fact that the smell of the seasonings becomes so fresh as if they were collected just a minute ago.

  • Simple storage

  • Gluten-Free & GMO

  • Slightly salty

7# Kosmos Q Reserve Blend Barbecue Brisket Injection – Amazon’s Choice

Kosmos Q Reserve Blend Barbecue

View on Amazon

To get a Kosmos Q marinade and making a flavorful steak couldn’t be easier. All you need is this seasoning and water to get the perfect flavor. This seasoning is injected into the meat using the injecting tool. This product is suitable for meat, fish, chicken, vegetables, potatoes.

  • Quality ingredients

  • Intense aroma

  • High price

8# Weber Grill Marinade Black Peppercorn – Amazon’s Choice

Weber Grill Marinade Peppercorn

View on Amazon

Weber knows a thing or two about grilling products. That’s why they created this marinade for tri tip. This product is composed of black pepper, salt, onion, spices, caramel color, modified food starch, corn syrup solids, autolyzed yeast extract, dextrose, bromelain (from pineapple), xanthan gum.

  • Rich taste

  • Maximum flavor

  • Inconvenient packaging

9# Killer Hogs HOT BBQ Rub – Amazon’s Choice

Killer Hogs HOT BBQ Rub

View on Amazon

With an incredible focus on product quality and safety, the company selects the highest quality ingredients. This marinade adds a delicious flavor to your grilled dishes. Use this product to cook beef, pork, chicken and seafood.

  • Delightful taste

  • This gives the meat a beautiful color

  • Not enough heat

10# Plowboys YardBird BBQ Rub – Amazon’s Choice

Plowboys YardBird BBQ Rub

View on Amazon

This product contains only natural ingredients. It has no trans fats, colors, or preservatives. You will receive two sets of spices that have the Plowboys Yardbird BBQ Rub awards. They are suitable for marinating steaks, as well as pork and chicken.

  • Rich in vitamins D

  • Great price

  • I didn’t like the packaging

11# Allegro Marinade – Original – Amazon’s Choice

Allegro Marinade Original

View on Amazon

This marinade will make any steak delicious. You will receive four bottles of which will last for a long time at a good price. This is the best marinade for chicken, pork, beef. Your whole family will be delighted with the rich taste of meat that this marinade gives.

12# 2 Gringo’s Chupacabra Brisket Magic Seasoning – Amazon’s Choice

2 Gringo's Chupacabra Brisket Magic Seasoning

View on Amazon

This is a unique and completely natural steak marinade of the highest quality. Carefully selected ingredients are combined into fragrant compositions by professional chefs, true masters of their craft. Delight your senses with the sophistication of taste and aroma of dishes prepared with Seasoning by 2 Gringo’s Chupacabra.

13# McCormick Grill Mates Smokehouse Maple Seasoning

McCormick Grill Mates Smokehouse Maple

View on Amazon

McCormick Seasoning is a unique blend of aromatic spices, herbs and herbs of the highest quality with added brown sugar. This composition was compiled and tested by professional chefs. The seasoning does not contain anything artificial: monosodium glutamate, flavors, dyes, and other substances harmful to the body.

14# Adolph’s Marinade In Minutes Meat Marinade

Adolph's Marinade Meat

View on Amazon

Adolph’s seasoning is a universal aromatic composition of 100% coarsely ground natural ingredients in a jar with a dispenser hole for pouring out. Ideal for preparing any vegetable and meat dishes, as well as for soups, salads, sauces. Add the mixture 15 minutes before cooking. This marinade can flavor and soften your meat in such a short time. It does not contain GMOs.

15# Spade L Ranch Beef Marinade and Seasoning

Spade L Ranch Beef Marinade Seasoning

View on Amazon

Surprise your friends and loved ones with the seductive aroma and delicate spicy taste of tri-tip steak. Try the Spade L marinade, which will give you a wonderful taste and a special aromatic and spicy flavor. Your meals will surpass all expectations.

16# Lawry’s Beef Marinade Mix – Amazon’s Choice

Lawry's Beef Marinade Mix

View on Amazon

This natural marinade combines unique spices that successfully enhance the taste of consumers’ favorite dishes of steak, aromatic chicken, spicy meat, tender fish, and mouth-watering vegetables. It is a 100% natural product: no glutamate, no fragrances, no preservatives. These spices have aromas of garlic, onion, and turmeric.

What Is Tri Tip?

Tri tip steak is a cut from the hip part of the carcass of a bull, a triangular muscle, one part of which is thicker than the other. Lean and tender cuts with a small amount of internal fat are usually cooked to the degree of medium and medium-rare.

Cooking Methods

The meat is rubbed before grilling. The best marinade for tri-tip steak is composed of various spices and/or herbs. They are carefully rubbed into the meat. Special effects can be achieved if the meat is vacuum-sealed or wrapped in foil after wiping, allowing the aromas to be absorbed. When rubbing, they talk about dry pickling. Unlike the marinade, the rub does not mix with oil or other liquids but dries completely. Therefore, you can grate for a long time in a clean jar with a screw cap or in a shaker. Rubbing is ideal as a substitute for the marinade, as it allows you to season the grilled meat in a completely different way and create new flavors. Every barbecue lover will love the rub, as it opens up even more flavor nuances when grilling. Rubbing is an essential part of a barbecue. It imparts the meaty flavor so that the aromas and spices are absorbed and they form a delicious flavorful crust on the meat. The longer the oil is absorbed into the meat, the more intense the spice aromas become.

Best Tri Tip Marinade Recipe

Tri Tip Steak in Whiskey Marinade

Tri Tip Steak Recipe In The Oven

To cook such a steak in the oven, you have to marinate the meat in advance. For the marinade, use any spice from my review. This cut should be marinated for at least 10 hours. Allow the meat to warm to room temperature and place in a baking sheet on foil before placing it in the pan. Bake in a preheated oven for about 20 minutes, and use a meat thermometer to accurately determine the degree of doneness. For medium-rare, the temperature inside the steak should be 55 degrees Celsius, and for medium 60 degrees Celsius. Place a small cube of butter on top of the finished tri tip steak, cover the meat with foil and let it rest a little. Serve with green salad and mustard sauce.

Tri Tip Steak Recipe With Wine

To make a tri tip steak with wine, chop the carrots and onions coarsely and place them in a baking dish. Add garlic crushed with a knife, a couple of sprigs of rosemary, season with salt and pepper and season with olive oil. Grate the steak with any marinade you like from my review. Place the cauldron in an oven preheated to 200 degrees Celsius and bake for 40 minutes. Do not forget to turn the meat 20 minutes after starting cooking. At the same time, pour white dry wine and chicken broth into the cauldron. The liquid should almost completely cover the cut. Add unpeeled garlic and whole chilli peppers. Close the container with a lid and simmer for another 60-90 minutes at a temperature of 160 degrees Celsius. Serve the cooked beef steak on a cushion of mashed potatoes, spiced with cauldron gravy. Bon Appetit!


There are many incredible ways to cook a steak, but nothing beats grilling. If you want to grill or oven your tri-tip steak, you must first marinate it properly. This review presents the 16 best tri tip marinade bobby flay that will give your steak a rich flavor and aroma. I advise you to pay special attention and purchase the following 1# California Rancher Santa Maria Grill Dry Rub for Tri Tip – Amazon’s Choice, 2# Susie Q’s Tri Tip Seasoning, and 4# Burnt Sacrifice Santa Maria Style Gourmet BBQ Dry Rub Spice Seasoning.

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