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Best Weber Grill Griddle Top – Editor’s Choice

Weber Grill Griddle for Spirit Grills, BlackWeberBuy on Amazon
Weber 7566 Porcelain-Enameled Cast Iron Grill Griddle for Genesis 300 SeriesWeberBuy on Amazon
Weber Genesis II GriddleWeberBuy on Amazon
Weber iGrill 3 Grill ThermometerWeberBuy on Amazon

One of the most frustrating situations in the summer is when you invite family and friends to a barbecue, try to cook a delicious dinner, and end up not getting what you want! A piece of meat falls through the grill! Anyone who has ever been in a situation like this can certainly attest to how frustrating it can be. But with griddle for grilling, there are no such problems. Today I want to tell you about the weber grill griddle!

Top 3 Weber Grill Griddle

It can sometimes happen that grilled food falls through the wire rack. This is especially annoying when it’s not just a piece of white bread, but a great piece of meat. A weber grill griddle can prevent such situations in the future. Let’s take a look at a few models from Weber.

1# Weber 7658 Grill Griddle for Spirit Grills – Amazon’s Choice

Weber 7658 Grill Griddle

View on Amazon

This weber grill griddle makes it easy to cook vegetables if they are too small to fit on the grid. It is enough to warm up the griddle, place vegetables in it and cook. It is also great for quickly grilling small pieces of chicken, pork, or beef. They will turn out fragrant and juicy. The accessory is made of cast iron and has porcelain enamel. The drops of fat will drain into the built-in reservoir thanks to the inclined surface. It is suitable for use on all Weber charcoal, gas, and electric grills.

  • Easy to clean

  • Cooking food evenly

  • Heavy enough construction

2# Weber 7404 Cast Iron Griddle – Amazon’s Choice

Weber 7404 Cast Iron Griddle

View on Amazon

The 2-sided cast iron baking sheet is designed specifically for the Summit 400-600 gas grill and others, allows you to cook tasty and healthy food, without adding fat, simply by replacing one part of the metal grid with a baking sheet. The high-quality non-stick coating ensures optimal cooking conditions. Use a flat surface for pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon, seafood, vegetables. The ribbed side of the pan is ideal for panini, pancakes, and eggs.

  • High-quality material

  • Double-sided model

  • Difficult to clean

3# Weber 7599 Weber Genesis II Griddle

Weber 7599 Weber Genesis II Griddle

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Cast iron tray for Genesis II grills is suitable for cooking any kind of food. The practical form will not allow anything to spill out of the tray and fall through the grate. The baking tray has a convenient fat drain hole. You no longer need to be in the kitchen. You can spend the whole day outdoors next to the grill. Fire up the grill and prepare a delicious breakfast on the Weber Genesis II Griddle. You can start the day with pancakes and scrambled eggs, and cook seafood for dinner.

  • It distributes heat evenly

  • Semi-gloss enameled surface

  • Heavy

Weber Grill Thermometer

I also want to share with you another favorite grill accessory from Weber! This thermometer will help you prepare the perfect meals. Knowing the exact temperature will help you cook the juiciest steaks ever!

1# Weber 7204 iGrill 3 Grill Thermometer – Amazon’s Choice

Weber 7204 iGrill 3 Grill Thermometer

View on Amazon

The Weber iGrill 3 thermometer is your answer to the question of how to prepare the perfect dish. Fits into a slot on the control panel of your Genesis II or Spirit II gas grill. The iGrill 3 digital thermometer allows you to control the temperature of four dishes at the same time. Using Bluetooth technology, the thermometer transmits data about the current temperature to a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) in real-time. With the Weber iGrill mobile app, you can easily get your steaks, roast portions of beef, poultry and other large meats to your desired degree. Using the mobile application, you can receive notifications about the maximum and minimum set temperatures, set up cooking modes, see a graph of temperature changes in the cooking process, use a timer, and post messages on social networks.

  • Bluetooth range: 150 meters in line of sight

  • Up to four probes can be connected to the thermometer

  • This model does not fit all Weber grills

About Weber

Weber (USA) – Incredible cooking atmosphere

Weber is a unique manufacturer of durable, high-quality grills, which are popular and in great demand all over the world. The brand’s success lies in the innovative development underlying the production, as well as the use of only the best materials. Weber grills delight with modern design and durability. All this brought the brand worldwide recognition and great demand. Among the wide range of products, you can find elegant Weber charcoal, electric and gas grills, portable and stationary, smokehouses, and additional accessories.

Advantages of the Branded Lineup

Weber is a leader in the manufacture of modern, reliable grills and occupies about 60% of the global grill market. Miniature or large, beautiful and stylish, durable and reliable – they will serve their owner for more than one year (minimum warranty 10 years). If you like to get together with the whole family in the courtyard of your house and appreciate the pleasant taste of homemade grilled food, then you should buy a Weber grill, and the company also produces high-quality grilling accessories such as the grill griddle and grill thermometer.

The advantages of the products include:

  • Ergonomics, variety of shapes, sizes, and styles of equipment
  • Beauty and aesthetics
  • Stability and durability of the entire range
  • Long operational periods
  • An impressive assortment
  • Modern innovative technologies used in production
  • Easy assembly

What Is Grill Griddle?

The grill griddle is the flat cookware that you place on the wire rack. With it, you can indirectly grill ingredients without having to worry about your food coming out through the wire rack or sticking to the wire rack. With the grill griddle, you can also cook with a particularly healthy grilling method because you need a little fat to fry and the harmful gases from the charcoal grill cannot pass through the grill griddle.

Since the grill griddle distributes heat evenly, you can grill it indirectly, which means meat or other ingredients don’t heat directly over the flame. Another positive thing about this accessory is that they get very hot up to 300 degrees Celsius and also keep warm very well. In addition, high temperatures do not require a lot of oil or fat as they evaporate.

This makes food to be grilled appear slightly “floating” and is therefore particularly protected. This method makes your food even more flavorful and tastes better than conventional grilling. For even better results, you should regularly check the temperature of the meat so that you can achieve and maintain consistency and flavor. To do this, you can use the Weber Grill Thermometer which I already told you about above!

Grill Griddle Purchase Criteria

Before you buy a grill griddle, you should know what to look for when choosing so as not to be mistaken. Then you should consider the following points:

  • Material
  • Usage
  • Quality
  • Weight and size


When it comes to material, various factors are important for a quality grill griddle. For example, heat resistance. Since the plate needs to be heated to grill it, it is important that it can withstand temperatures around 300 degrees Celsius without losing quality. It is also important that the grill griddle retains heat well and distributes it evenly. These properties are important so that you can distribute the grilled food throughout the grill griddle and heat each piece evenly.

You should also make sure your new grill plate is cut and impact-resistant. If you want to flip the ingredients and accidentally touch the grill griddle, you shouldn’t have any scratches. It would also be ideal if the material did not require careful maintenance or if it discolored and looked unsightly after use.


Depending on what you want to use the grill griddle for, you have different options. For example, if you are looking for a grill griddle specifically designed for grilling plancha, it is better to know which material is suitable for this purpose. The thickness of the grating is also critical. Because when you put food on the grill, the temperature drops for a short time. It is also important that the ingredients do not stick to the grill plate. If your goal is to have no grease splattering problems or that nothing falls through the grate, a simpler griddle and therefore a cheaper model is sufficient. There are many different ways to grill.


As always, quality is very important. With such an accessory, the quality cannot always be seen at first glance. The most important thing, in this case, is the material and the finish. For many models, enamel is of great importance. The thickness of the grill griddle is also important because if the plate is too thin, heat cannot be stored either. Even if the price often prevents the quality from reaching 100%, you can still see the average and then see exactly what the difference is between the most expensive and the cheapest product.

Weight and Size

The size of the grill griddle is important for its usability, if the grill plate is too large for the grill, it cannot be used in a limited space. You have to make sure that the griddle works well on your device. Speaking of weight, it should be noted that in many cases the thickness of the grill griddle has the effect of saving heat, and if the accessory is too thin, it may bend due to heat. It may happen that the thicker grill griddle takes a little longer to heat up, but this often depends mainly on the material.

What Can You Cook On The Weber Grill Griddle?

Grill griddle is considered a true all-rounder. Thanks to the even distribution of heat on it, you can cook your food optimally. With a double-sided grill plate, you can add signature style to grilled meats on the grooved side. On the smooth side, you can prepare a whole breakfast. For example, scrambled eggs and bacon, sandwiches, or toast are great. But you can also fry seafood, chips, or vegetables with smooth sides. Fish fillets and hamburgers can be cooked in their own fat and taste preserved. Desserts like pancakes are equally successful with the weber grill griddle. In particular, small meals that can fall between the grates are great on the weber grill griddle.

How Does The Grill Griddle Work On A Gas Grill?

Depending on the design, the weber grill griddle is placed on or replaced with a regular grid. After the plancha is heated, which takes a different time depending on the material, you can put food on it. It is especially preferred that fat cannot drip into the combustion chamber. This prevents the formation of harmful substances. When using conventional grill grates, grease drips through the open grill grates and allows the steam to rise. Rising gases can sometimes irritate neighbors. When cooking with the grill griddle, you even save energy as the heat loss is lower due to the closed surface. Cooking with plancha is even considered to be healthier because it does not require the use of fats or oils.


Weber is a leading manufacturer of grills and grill accessories with a wide range of products and quality service that introduces people around the world to the barbecue tradition. Since the spherical grill was constructed from a conventional sea buoy in Chicago, the company has continued to evolve every day, accumulating experience and knowledge, helping its customers to improve their culinary skills.

Weber is today the main vehicle for grilling innovation. The process of preparing delicious meals outdoors has become a real pleasure. Today I told you about Weber products such as the grill griddle and grill thermometer. My favorite is 1# Weber 7658 Grill Griddle for Spirit Grills – Amazon’s Choice.

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