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Kraft wrapping paper for meat products is distinguished by its properties of absorbing the separated moisture from the product. In addition to semi-finished meat products and cuts, such packaging may be needed for cheeses, fish, and sausages. If you have a hospitality business or company, you must know the types of food packaging papers that exist today.

Our Selection 10 Best Brown Kraft Paper

Brown Kraft Paper Roll - 18" x 1,200" (100') Made in The USA - Ideal for Packing, Moving, Gift Wrapping, Postal, Shipping, Parcel, Wall Art, Crafts, Bulletin Boards, Floor Covering, Table RunnerBryco GoodsBuy on Amazon
Brown Jumbo Kraft Paper Roll - 18" x 2100" (175') Made in The USA - Ideal for Packing, Moving, Gift Wrapping, Postal, Shipping, Parcel, Wall Art, Crafts, Bulletin Boards, Floor Covering, Table RunnerBryco GoodsBuy on Amazon
DIYCrew Kraft Paper Roll 24'' X 1800'' (150ft) Brown Mega Roll - Made in Usa 100% Natural Recycled Material - Perfect for Packing, Wrapping, Craft, Postal, Shipping, Dunnage and ParcelDIY CREWBuy on Amazon
Brown Kraft Paper Jumbo Roll 17.75” x 1200” (100ft) Made in USA- Ideal for Gift Wrapping, Packing Paper for Moving, Art Craft, Shipping, Floor Covering, Wall Art, Table Runner, 100% Recycled MaterialCreative Paper CoBuy on Amazon
2 Rolls Pack -- Brown Kraft Paper Made in USA 17.75” x 1200” Per Roll (200 feet) Ideal for Gift Wrapping, Art, Craft, Packing, Shipping, Floor Covering, Dunnage, Table Runner, 100% Recycled MaterialCreative Paper CoBuy on Amazon
Kraft Brown Wrapping Paper Roll 18" x 1,200" (100 ft) – 100% Recyclable Craft Construction and Packing Paper for Use in Moving, Bulletin Board Backing and Paper TableclothsPapersaurusBuy on Amazon
Eco Kraft Wrapping Paper Roll (Jumbo Roll) | Biodegradable Recycled Material | Made in the USA | Multi-use: Natural Wrapping Paper, Table Cover/Runner, Moving, Packing & Shipping | 30” x 1200” (100ft)Paper FarmBuy on Amazon
American Made 100% Recycled Brown Kraft Paper Roll 17.50" x 1800" (150 ft), Multipurpose Arts & Crafts, Gift Wrapping, Packing and Shipping, By NY Paper MillCreative Paper CoBuy on Amazon
NY Paper Mill Brown Kraft Paper 17.50" x 2400" (200 feet) Jumbo Roll, Ideal for Gift Wrapping, Art & Craft, Postal, Packing, Shipping, Floor Covering, Parcel, Table Runner, 100% Recycled Made in USANY Paper MillBuy on Amazon
USA Brown Butcher Paper Kraft Roll - 18" x 1200" (100ft) - Food Grade – Great Smoking Wrapping Paper for Meat of all Varieties– Made in USA– Unwaxed and Uncoated (Brown - 18"x100')LiveWell BrandsBuy on Amazon

The paper provides optimal storage conditions. Air permeability allows oxygen to circulate. This property contributes to a longer storage of goods, excludes winding, and the formation of mucus and spoilage of the product.

The packaging material for food does not stick to food, does not tear or soak when exposed to an environment with high humidity. Part of the water will be absorbed into the paper. If the material is laminated, then water droplets will be torn off the surface of the package. It can be used for material that serves as a wrapper for fast food or chilled meats, fish.

1# Bryco Goods Brown Kraft Paper Roll – #1 Best Seller

Bryco Goods Brown Kraft Paper Roll

View on Amazon

You will need this craft paper roll in any situation. If you decide to move, then you can pack most of your belongings in this paper. It is also suitable for food packaging. Due to its high strength, this paper can be used as packaging for parcels.

So your package will be safe and sound. Easy to use, decorative paper allows you to quickly and conveniently pack objects of even the most complex shapes. Thanks to this, this brown wrapping paper is used for packaging goods/products, souvenirs, inexpensive clothing, and perfume stores, for gifts and bouquets of flowers, for handmade soap, when packing exquisite sweets.

2# Bryco Goods Brown Jumbo Kraft Paper Roll

Bryco Goods Brown Roll Kraft Paper

View on Amazon

Brown Jumbo kraft paper is wrapping and packaging material that perfectly protects packed products from moisture and dust (packaging of shoes, glass, dishes). This paper is also suitable for making embroidery works and sewing patterns. You will be able to apply images with a pencil, pen, paints. kraft brown wrapping paper roll is suitable for protecting surfaces from dust and dirt during construction and repair work.

3# DIYCrew Kraft Paper Roll

DIYCrew Kraft Paper Roll

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This is a versatile craft paper that is suitable for many purposes. It is an ideal choice for those who like to delight their friends with gifts. You can wrap any gift in this paper. It has an excellent thickness of 40, so you can be sure of its high strength. This paper is very difficult to tear and has a very smooth texture and folds easily. It is suitable for drawing an image with a pencil, pen, paints. This roll is 1800 inches long.

4# Creative Paper Co Brown Kraft Paper Jumbo Roll

Creative Paper Co Brown Kraft Paper Roll

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Strong high environmental qualities contribute to the widespread use of kraft paper for packaging in the food industry, and mechanical strength makes it possible to produce bags for building bulk mixtures. It is 40 lb. paper that is highly durable. You will have to try hard to break it and that is why it is an ideal choice for wrapping gifts of even very large sizes. The uniqueness of this brown wrapping paper is that it has no coatings or waxes.

5# Creative Paper Co Kraft Paper

Creative Paper Co Kraft Paper

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If you’re already starting to get ready for Christmas, don’t forget to take care of the gift wrapping paper. This manufacturer offers you two rolls at an attractive price. These two rolls will be enough for you to wrap all the gifts. Due to the fact that Kraft wrapping paper is an inexpensive and durable material, you can actively use it in a wide variety of areas of life, from trade and industry to household use.

6# Papersaurus Kraft Brown Wrapping Paper Roll

Papersaurus Kraft Brown Wrapping Paper Roll

View on Amazon

Kraft paper is one of the most demanded types of paper. Papersaurus kraft paper roll is suitable for packaging and making packaging materials, for decorating design installations and transporting industrial goods, for creating handicrafts, and storing food. It is difficult to name all the areas of application of this versatile and convenient packaging material.

7# Paper Farm Eco Kraft Wrapping Paper Roll

Paper Farm Eco Kraft Wrapping Paper Roll

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Paper Farm kraft paper is great for making craft packaging. Kraft wrapping paper is strong enough and can be used to wrap a gift directly or to wrap gift boxes. Craft paper can be used to create a unique soulful packaging by adding a bright satin ribbon or jute cord, sealing wax seal or a touching sticker, and another decor. This large roll will be enough for many packages. This paper is also great for wrapping meat or fish.

8# Creative Paper Co American Made Recycled Brown Kraft Paper Roll

Creative Paper Co Recycled Brown Kraft Paper Roll

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The uniqueness of this kraft paper is that it maintains the quality and safety of the substances. It is made exclusively from natural cellulose material, which does not harm the health of humans and animals. Thanks to its low cost, you will be able to wrap a Christmas present for all your family and friends. From the outside, you can write a sweet congratulation. Another uniqueness of this paper is that it has a dense and reliable layer that will not tear, and the contents will remain intact.

9# Creative Paper Co NY Paper Mill Brown Kraft Paper

Creative Paper Co NY Paper Mill Brown Kraft Paper

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This paper is made from cellulose fibers, which makes it strong enough and resistant to water, and for the flexibility of the material, kraft cooking is carried out. More and more people today are thinking about sorting garbage, about how quickly it will decompose without littering the planet. In this sense, kraft is a 100% eco-friendly material.

10# LiveWell Brands USA Brown Butcher Paper Kraft Roll

LiveWell Brands USA Brown Paper Kraft Roll

View on Amazon

Kraft paper from LiveWell Brands is really beautiful, especially when combined with satin or lace ribbons. But, probably, the main advantage is its low price. And the fashion for environmental friendliness is another uniqueness. Kraft paper high tenacity wrapping paper made from low-penetrated long-fiber sulfate pulp. It is made from wood in the kraft process, also known as the kraft process.

Kraft Paper for Meat

Kraft is a type of very strong wrapping paper used to make sacks and bags for bulk materials. The most important property of kraft paper is its high resistance to mechanical damage. Kraft paper is made from white cellulose. Since kraft paper is a packaging material, it is often used for the manufacture of envelopes, bags, bags, etc. Kraft paper products are widely used in food packaging, industrial products, etc. Kraft paper is in high demand in those areas of production where it is necessary to use paper of increased strength and porosity.

Another characteristic of kraft paper is breathability. Products packed in kraft paper can “breathe” freely, due to this they are better adapted to fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Kraft paper also protects the products packed in it from dampness due to the property of absorbing a large amount of moisture. Kraft paper can differ not only in its mechanical properties but also in color, surface texture, type of coating applied.

Types of Kraft Paper

Usually, especially hotel owners with little experience in the sector, think that the paper used for food packaging is limited to two large families: aluminum and film. However, the reality is that laminated paper, waxed, iron-on are other types that cannot be missing from your business.

Laminated Paper

This is the type widely used in France. It is laminated on one side so that food does not stain the paper, and thus it is packaged without stains. Alternatively, you can customize it from the other side. It’s versatile, useful, and ideal for corporate hoteliers. On the other hand, its water resistance makes it ideal for storing any kind of food, so it is versatile (meat, fish, cooked foods with oil, sausages, etc.).

Wax Paper

This is another type of waterproof paper, only, in this case, this part is not plasticized but treated with paraffin. You can use it for optimal storage of food, as well as maintaining proper hygiene for all of them. You should be aware that this impermeability is not only due to cleaning but also to the lack of moisture permeability and resistance to grease. Wax in any form (it can be one-sided or two-sided) is highly resistant to liquids, so it is ideal for packaging products containing or emitting water, such as fish, meat, etc.

Hot Melt Paper

This type of packaging is highly moisture resistant and has a hot melt adhesive coating on one side. It is a water-repellent material, very similar to wax paper, except that it uses a so-called hot melt glue as the glue. This adhesive (without solvents in the composition) is suitable not only for those who seek to preserve food but also respect the environment. In this case, this type of paper usually has a laminated side. I recommend that you use it for presenting food in a restaurant or establishment where it is intended for fine dining exhibitions. Ideal for presentation as well as cheeses in oil, cold cuts, dumplings, croquettes, omelets, etc.

Greaseproof Paper

As the name suggests, this is a specialty paper for, particularly fatty foods. In this case, we are talking about paper processed with a special product precisely so that fat from food does not penetrate into the package.

Aluminum Complexes

If your company or business has delicacies (ham, cold cuts, sausages, etc.), you must have this packaging. At the same time, aluminum foil with a cellulose layer is ideal not only for preserving food but also for retaining fat in this type of food. However, despite the fact that this use is the most common, this packaging is quite versatile and useful.

Laminated Paper

While versatility is the common denominator of all of these hospitality products, the truth is that it is arguably the most functional as you can adapt it to just about any meal. It is characterized by the presence of a glued sheet on one side, hence its name. It is ideal for storing certain foods without grease or moisture. However, the peculiarity of this paper is that, if desired, you can separate the paper from the adhered plastic layer. This way, it will be much easier for you to dispose of it. Among its many uses, one of the most common is the packaging of sausages.


Craft paper is an ideal choice for storing meat, fish, and other products as well as for gift wrapping. If you’re looking for the best kraft paper, then you’ve come to the right place. However, if you find it difficult to make a choice, then I advise you to pay attention to these models: 1# Bryco Goods Brown Kraft Paper Roll, 2# Bryco Goods Brown Jumbo Kraft Paper Roll and 3# DIYCrew Kraft Paper Roll.

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