Best Vented Propane Heater 2023

When the temperature drops outside, people are drawn to a cozy warm room. You should forget about cozy evenings on the balcony because of the cold. But what happens if the heating is turned off or if your room is not connected to the heating system? Can you have a barbecue in the garden in late autumn? A practical and suitable solution to withstand the cold is the best-vented propane heater. It can be used in well-ventilated areas and outdoors. No electricity is required because the best-vented garage propane heaters burn gas and create a pleasant warmth in the room.

The 10 Best Small Propane Heater – Editor’s Choice

Dyna-Glo 10,000 BTU Liquid Propane Blue Flame Vent Free Wall Heater, WhiteDyna-GloBuy on Amazon
Mr. Heater Corporation F299720 Vent-Free 20,000 BTU Blue Flame Propane Heater, MultiMr. HeaterBuy on Amazon
Direct Vent Propane Wall Heater Furnace Built-in Thermostat 8,000 BtuMartinBuy on Amazon
Ashley Hearth Products DVAG17L 17,000 BTU Direct Vent Propane Heater, CreamAshley HearthBuy on Amazon
Campy Gear Chubby 2 in 1 Portable Propane Heater & Stove, Outdoor Camping Gas Stove Camp Tent Heater for Ice Fishing Backpacking Hiking Hunting Survival Emergency (Purple,2000G)Campy GearBuy on Amazon
Direct Vent Propane Wall thermostatic Heater 20,000 Btu - Plastic, IndoorMartinBuy on Amazon
Rinnai EX38CTWP Space Heater Wall Furnace, Direct Vent, Propane Gas (36.5K BTU)RinnaiBuy on Amazon
Martin Direct Vent Natural Gas Wall Thermostatic Heater 11 000 Btu, Indoor (Without Window, 11 000)MartinBuy on Amazon
Empire DV210 Propane Direct Vent Heater LP 10,000 BTU's DV-210Artist UnknownBuy on Amazon
Sunnydaze 40,000 BTU Forced Air Propane Heater - Portable Heat for Construction Sites - Auto-Shutoff for Overheating Protection - Adjustable Heating Output - Piezo Ignition - Red and BlackSunnydazeBuy on Amazon

In my big comparison, I present the 10 best-vented propane heaters. This guide will help you make the right choice!

1# Dyna-Glo Liquid Propane Blue Flame Vent Free Wall Heater

Dyna-Glo Liquid Propane Vent Free Wall Heater

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The Dyna-Glo propane heater is designed to heat your deck, porch, and so on. Smooth temperature control using the control knob. You will be able to set the temperature from low to high. This model is equipped with the Blue Flame function. Air is heated by convection of heat. This is the same as in the central heating system. This is a compact model that you can place on the wall.

  • Adjustable heat output

  • Compactness

  • I don’t like the design

2# Mr. Heater Corporation Vent-Free Blue Flame Propane Heater

Mr. Heater Corporation Vent-Free Propane Heater

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A propane heater from Enerco Group is ideal for outdoor use. The spotlight also features a robust sheet steel housing. Perfect thermal radiation thanks to powerful ceramic elements. A tightly spaced protective grille provides the necessary protection. You can also use this heater indoors. It is capable of heating up to 700 square feet. Gas heating is safe as it is equipped with a thermostat. The heater automatically shuts off operation if too much CO2 is generated or if there is too little oxygen in the room.

  • Safe use

  • Uniform convection heating

  • I would not recommend using this device in a room that is too small

3# Martin Direct Vent Propane Wall Heater

Martin Direct Vent Propane Wall Heater

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This mobile device is ideal for use in well-ventilated areas and outdoors protected from the elements. The heater provides pleasant warmth even on cool days or evenings. This model is connected to a gas installation. I can’t say anything bad about this model. It is high quality and visually attractive heater. Safety of use is guaranteed by a grating made of die-cast aluminium and a glass-ceramic window.

  • Fast installation

  • This model does not overheat

  • Bad instruction

4# Ashley Hearth Products DVAG17L Direct Vent Propane Heater

Ashley Hearth DVAG17L Vent Propane Heater

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This vented house propane heater is suitable for space heating up to 570 sq. Feet. Thanks to the piezo igniter, the heater is very easy to commission. This model is characterized by safety and high performance. This heater is very easy to install. It is installed on an external wall. You will also receive all the necessary items such as a heat shield, vent pipe, air intake pipe, flashing, cap, and connecting rod. You can be sure that this model will fit your home. Thanks to the Sealed burn system, the heater can be used to heat living spaces.

  • This has 17,000 BTU input

  • Easy to install

  • Price

5# Campy Gear 2 in 1 Portable Propane Heater & Stove

Campy Gear Portable Propane Heater

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The Campy portable heater is great for heating living quarters, hunting and summer cottages, tents. It is also an ideal choice for those who like to travel, go hiking. This device serves not only as a heater but also as a stove. Not only will you be able to keep warm during the night during your adventure, but you will also be able to cook food. This model provides fast heating and has a capacity of up to 9000 BTU. This model also features a 360-degree radiant heating design. You can place cookware up to 12 inches on the stovetop.

  • The stove has an adjustable flame control

  • Compact design

  • It has a slippery enough surface for a kettle

6# Martin Direct Vent Propane Wall Thermostatic Heater

Martin Direct Vent Propane Wall Thermostatic Heater

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The heating capacity of the gas-fired heater can be adjusted from low to high up to 20,000 BTU. Die-cast aluminum grill that protects you and ensures safe use. This heater is a completely autonomous heating system. The heater does not require a power supply to operate, which makes it possible to install it almost anywhere.

  • Direct ventilation

  • Built-in thermostat

  • If the stylish design is important to you, then most likely you will not like this model

7# Rinnai EX38CTWP Furnaces

Rinnai EX38CTWP Furnaces

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This heater generates a lot of heat, quickly and effortlessly heats your room to the desired temperature, which can be conveniently set using the built-in thermostat. The thermostat can be programmed in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. Built-in safety system prevents unintended activation. The amount of gas burned is maximized to generate heat, making this the most efficient heater on the market.

  • Automatic device

  • Cute design

  • Slightly noisy

8# MARTIN Direct Vent Propane Wall thermostatic Heater

MARTIN Direct Vent Propane thermostatic Heater

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This wall-mounted heater is suitable for heating living and working spaces. The thermostat provides the highest level of safety in this device. You just need to connect the heater to a gas fitter and the device will be ready to heat your room. This model is easy to maintain and therefore easy to use.

  • This ensures a pleasant temperature even on cold autumn and winter days

  • Elegant design

  • I have not found any visible flaws

9# Empire DV210 Propane Direct Vent Heater

Empire DV210 Propane Direct Vent Heater

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The stable Empire DV210 propane heater emits pleasant radiant heat. This model has a high heat output, which can be used in well-ventilated rooms, as well as in weather-protected outdoor rooms. As an additional heater, it does not require a chimney connection and simply connects to standard propane cylinders.

  • Safe to use

  • Can be installed both inside and outside

  • It comes without a thermostat

10# Sunnydaze Forced Air Propane Heater

Sunnydaze Forced Air Propane Heater

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This is reliable equipment for heating various utility rooms, carrying out drainage works, performing certain technological processes, as well as for installing stretch ceilings. Fan capacity is up to 225 square feet. Propane is used as fuel. The device weighs only 9.8 pounds. The Sunnydaze model is used for the installation of a stretch ceiling, for heating rooms of various sizes (garage, office, greenhouse, house, construction site, workshop, warehouse, car service) for drying cars when they are painted in special chambers, for heating various types of rooms, heating concrete products, and drying of plaster surfaces.

  • Portable

  • It comes with a regulator

  • It smells bad

What Is A Vented Propane Heater?

Gas heating uses flammable gases to create a thermal effect. In addition to natural gas, liquefied gases such as propane or butane are mainly used. In my comparison, propane heaters are considered. The advantages are high efficiency, environmentally friendly combustion of materials, and a tendency to lower purchase costs compared to other types of heating. Mobile propane heaters take advantage of these features and combine them with mobility, making them interesting alternatives in several situations.

What Is A Vented Propane Heater For?

The purpose of heating is to provide warmth. If the stationary heating fails due to a malfunction, the temperature in the rooms may drop. In such a case, a vented propane heater can help, generate heat and make rooms livable. Such a heater can be used almost everywhere where it is cold and there is no heating. Suitable for heating large and well-ventilated rooms and places where there is no outlet.

If the guest is sitting in the garden and the host does not want to interrupt the pleasant evening due to the evening temperatures, a vented propane heater can be used. This device also provides cosy warmth for cozy seating on the balcony, dining on the terrace, or during a party in the garden.

What Are The Advantages Of Mobile Propane Heaters?

Mobile propane heaters offer a range of benefits, which I have summarized in the following list compactly:

  • Consumption: With an average consumption of less than 300g / h at maximum level, propane heaters are very efficient heating devices. However, gas cylinders need to be replaced regularly.
  • Speed: Since it is no longer necessary to heat up to the desired temperature, rooms can be heated very quickly.
  • Fuel type: Unlike coal or oil, gas is considered a clean fuel. There is no ash or chimney connection in these heating systems.
  • Safety: Propane heaters start quickly and easily. Safety is guaranteed by components such as a piezoelectric igniter, oxygen deficiency protection, and thermoelectric ignition protection.

Where Can I Use The Vented Propane Heater?

The choice of a vented propane heater for a particular room depends primarily on the location or purpose.

Typical applications:

  • Winter gardens
  • Terraces
  • Hunting lodges

When choosing a suitable mobile heating system, both the size of the room (measured in m³) and the thermal insulation of the room or the desired temperature rise are important. For a better understanding, a small example from practice. For example, a room with 20 m² and a ceiling height of 2.50 m is much easier to heat than a room with 20 m² and a ceiling height of 5 m.

When to Use Vented Propane Heater?

Compared to electric heaters or classic gas-fired heaters, vented propane heaters have a high degree of efficiency: they generate heat exactly where they operate. The use of such a heater is especially useful in places such as holiday tents and construction sites. Use on construction sites makes work much more pleasant in the cold season, and drying, for example, of paint or cement, is faster. Another noteworthy aspect is that such devices, unlike electrical ones, have low operating costs.

What to Consider When Using a Vented Propane Heater?

Caution: You should be aware that vented propane heaters involve certain risks that should not be underestimated. Although they are easy to install and use, these devices are dangerous if misused. I would like to draw your attention to some instructions for use that contribute to greater security:

  • Before using the device for the first time, read the operating instructions and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Keep children and bystanders away from the heater
  • Before each use, inspect the gas heater for damage and check the connection of the gas cylinder to the combustion chamber for leaks.
  • When installing, observe the distance to objects and walls specified by the manufacturer. Do not store explosive or flammable liquids, substances, and materials nearby
  • When using the heater outdoors, secure it and protect it from the elements. Make sure the surface is level, suitable, and does not pose a fire hazard
  • Only use gas heaters indoors if they are suitable and have the necessary safety features. The room must be well ventilated and large enough
  • Touch the heater only in those places that are allowed by the manufacturer during operation, many components get very hot
  • Close the gas valve after use so that it cannot flow freely

Additional useful tips and tricks, as well as important safety information, can be found in the operating instructions. Since the vented propane heater poses a variety of hazards such as burn, fire, poisoning, or explosion hazards, the correct and concentrated operation is essential.


If you have a garden house or love spending time on your terrace, you have the opportunity to relax in nature, even in bad weather. Winter garden houses, which can be used all year round, require, in addition to sealing, insulation, suitable heating means. Which heater is right for your garden shed or your patio?

Of course the best-vented propane wall heater! In this article, we reviewed 10 models that are considered the best on the market, so you can be sure of their high quality! But if suddenly after reading the article you still have doubts about which heater to choose, then pay special attention to these models: 1# Dyna-Glo Liquid Propane Blue Flame Vent Free Wall Heater, 2# Mr. Heater Corporation Vent-Free Blue Flame Propane Heater, and 3# Martin Direct Vent Propane Wall Heater.

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