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Outland Living – Top 7 Best Outland Living Products Review

Outland Living Series 403-Slate Grey Fire Table, Slate Grey/50,000 BTUOutland LivingBuy on Amazon
Outland Living 410 Series - 36-Inch Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Table, Espresso Brown/SquareOutland LivingBuy on Amazon
Outland Living Model 870 Portable Propane Fire Pit, BlackOutland LivingBuy on Amazon
Outland Fire Table Tempered Glass Wind Guard Fence for Outland Series 401/403 Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Tables, Rectangular 29-Inch x 13-Inch x 4.5-Inch - Thick 5/16-Inch Safety BarrierOutland LivingBuy on Amazon
Outland Fire Table Tempered Glass Lid Insert for Series 401/403 Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Tables, Rectangular 29-Inch x 13-Inch x 5/16-Inch – Includes Bracket Set for Horizontal Interior Slide StorageOutland LivingBuy on Amazon
Outland Fire Table UV & Water Resistant Durable Cover for Outland Series 401/403 Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Tables, Rectangular 45-Inch x 33-Inch – Venting with Mesh Barriers and Watertight SeamsOutland LivingBuy on Amazon
Outland Living Propane Tank Cover 20 lb | Reliable, Weather Resistant Gas Cylinder Cover | Rugged Outdoor UV Rated D600 Polyester | 12.5" x 18"Outland LivingBuy on Amazon

Finding a good fire pit can be a very long and exhausting task. Not sure which model to choose so that it is perfect for your yard? Great, then in this article we will help you. Our Outland Living fire table buying guide will help you understand the quality and features of each product.

Why Trust Outland Living?

You can buy Outland Living products both on the manufacturer’s official website and in their Amazon section. They are a trusted manufacturer and have a 4.75-star rating from users. The store has a very good reputation and has been on the market for a long time, so you can trust them.

Reviews on the Best 7 Outland Living Fire Tables

When buying, price is one of the most important concerns of the buyer. Outland Living offers you a choice of 37 different products with different prices and features, so we can easily choose the model that suits your budget and preferences. We have selected for you 7 of the best fire pit tables from Outland Living in our opinion and made a detailed review on them. Let’s get to them!

1# Outland Living 403 Series Grey Fire Table – Out Best Choice

Outland Living 403 Series Fire Table

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The Outland Living Series 403 is a brown or black table with international awards for design, quality service, and fire table technology. This table has a lot of convenient functions and additions, for which this table has a high price.

If you base the price of a product on the convenience it offers, then it is definitely worth every dollar it costs. Outland never makes products with known bad characteristics, but this table is one of their best solutions.

The Outland Living Series 403 is a great option with a built-in propane fire pit that is both a functional and sophisticated addition to your backyard.

This table has automatic ignition with a pushbutton, 50,000 BTU capacity, and a CSA-approved tag. From a security standpoint, almost no table can match the 403 Series. Measuring 44 x 32 x 23 inches, it makes a great addition to any yard.

It is an incredibly durable, low-maintenance product with high breakage resistance. If you are willing to invest a good amount of money in this model, then you will have an impressive table for your patio.

  • Strong and lightweight aluminum frame

  • UV, weather, water, and heat resistant firebowl

  • Black tempered tabletop with glass rock

  • Excellent flame and heat control

  • 50,000 BTU stainless steel burner

  • 3ft hose and tank storage included

  • Protective sheet included

  • Starter sometimes causes problems

  • Expensive

2# Outland Living 410 Series 36-Inch Outdoor Fire Pit Table – Runner-Up

Outland Living 410 Series Outdoor Fire Pit Table

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This table is almost the same as the Outland Living Series 403. But it is much more compact and has a square shape. So you can save money if you are looking for a compact and durable table with cool features and materials. It has a fairly powerful 42,500 BTU stainless steel burner. Like the previous unit, this is available in two colors – brown and black. In high-quality braiding and a wide tabletop.

The internal structure hasn’t changed in any way. The table comes with a 3-foot hose and storage compartment for the propane tank. This is a great option if you are looking for a small but reliable table for your evenings.

  • Strong and lightweight aluminum frame

  • UV, weather, water, and heat resistant firebowl

  • Black tempered tabletop with glass rock

  • Excellent flame and heat control

  • 42 500 BTU stainless steel burner

  • 3ft hose and tank storage included

  • Protective sheet included

  • Starter sometimes causes problems

3# Outland Living Deluxe 870 Firebowl – Best Firebowl for Outdoors

Outland Living Deluxe 803 Firebowl

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This fire bowl is a great example of what a fire-bowl should look like. It runs on propane and has a high-quality performance. Thanks to it, you can say goodbye to smoke, ash, long startup, and sparks.

This model is very portable and lightweight. Good for families who like to get out and spend time outdoors on the beach or near the caravans.

This model is one of the most highly regarded fire bowls and will provide you with a clean smokeless flame with comfortable ignition and a great atmosphere.

  • Doesn’t mess up after use

  • Great design

  • Lightweight yet durable design

  • Compact and easy to carry

  • 58 000 BTU burner

  • Lava stones and other accessories included

  • Adjustable flame

  • The propane tank needs to be purchased separately

4# Outland Living Fire Table Tempered Glass Wind Guard – Best Protection For Fire Table

Outland Living Fire Table Tempered Glass Wind Guard

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Excellent wind protection for your table. It perfectly decorates your table and gives it an unusual look in addition to its main functions. In addition to protecting the flame from the wind, it adds additional functionality to the table. Because with a burning flame and a working table, you do not have to worry about any objects falling into the fire. While this shield is a bit tricky to build, it is quite cheap and does a great job.

  • Excellent wind protection

  • Saves items from getting into fire

  • Adds functionality to your table

  • A bit tricky to assemble

5# Outland Living Fire Table Tempered Glass Lid – Best Lid for The Fire Table

Outland Living Fire Table Tempered Glass Lid

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This cover can significantly transform your fire pit table. It is very easy to assemble and can be installed both on the fire pit itself and on the windproof glass. In both cases, it looks great and saves your items from getting caught in the fire. The tempered glass from which the cover is made makes it reliable and durable. Although it is quite heavy, it is very quick to assemble and install. The main thing is to make sure that the stones in the fire pit lie even.

  • Suitable for installation both in the table itself and in the windproof glass

  • Fast and easy assembly

  • Completely safe

  • Heavy

6# Outland Living UV & Water Resistant Fire Table Cover – Best Cover For A Fire Pit Table

Outland Living Water Resistant Fire Table Cover

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The fire pit table cover is used to protect your table from UV rays, water, and weather conditions while not in use. This allows you to increase the lifespan and maintain the beautiful appearance of the table.

The Outland cover is very lightweight and tight, with a very high level of protection. From our own experience, we can say that such a cover will last about a year. It works great except for placing it on top of the table. In this area, the cover becomes quite tight and you need to use force to fit it well.

  • Dense and high quality material

  • Inexpensive

  • Difficult to install on top

7# Outland Living Propane Tank Cover 20 Lb – Best Tank Cover for Your Fire Pit Table

Outland Living Propane Tank Cover

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Every propane fire pit table needs a gas tank. But few buyers use protective covers for tanks, although this is just as important as a cover for the table itself.

This is a great propane tank cover that keeps your cylinders stylish and protects them from UV rays and bad weather any day. It is made of durable waterproof and light-repellent materials with a one-year warranty. The covers fit very snugly and provide excellent protection for your cylinders. The only negative we can complain about is that the paint fades after a couple of months.

  • Sits very tight

  • Excellent quality material

  • Easy installation

  • Fades over time

FAQs – Outland Products

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions and answers to help you understand all aspects of working with an Outland Living fire table or accessory.

What products does Outland Living make?
Outland Living makes products for the outdoors and your patio. These are mainly fire pit tables, fire pits, fire bowls, table covers, and accessories for these products. If you’ve been looking for ways to add warmth and ambiance to your backyard, Outland Living might be your favorite.
How did you list the best Outland Living products?
Our experts analyze thousands of reviews from buyers from all over the world, compare and check them to ultimately make for you the top best products that we recommend you to buy.
How many brand products do you recommend?
We usually include 5 to 10 items in our guides. Sometimes it can be more or less. Out of a total of 37 products that Outland Living makes in total, we have selected 7 of the best and included them in our list, and made recommendations to customers.
What is the best Outland Living Fire Table?
Outland Living 403 Series is the best in our opinion. This is one of the most powerful, comfortable, and durable tables on the market. Although it is more expensive than similar tables, it offers you many features that no other table on the market has.
How does a propane fire pit work?
Whichever fire pit table model you choose, each one works the same. The center of the frame is a concave bowl. Most often it is made of durable metal and coated with a flame retardant coating. A burner (or several) is located at the bottom of this bowl and is attached to a propane tank. When you press the ignition button or turn the lever, gas is supplied to the burner and the burner is ignited electrically.

As a rule, it sets fire to fake logs along with it, or as in the case of Outland Living tables, these will be lava stones. Stones or logs are needed so that you have an aesthetically pleasing fire and the look of a real fire from wood or stones.

What are the advantages of gas fire pits?
Propane or other gas pits are a cleaner alternative to wood fires. Now they are becoming more and more popular among lovers of home or outdoor recreation.

If you use a propane pit, then you will never have sparks, smoke, or mountains of ash as often happens after burning wood. In addition, propane fire pits are much more efficient and burn less fuel than wood pits.

Can I connect natural gas to my propane fire table?
You can connect unlimited propane pits to the natural gas line in your home. All you need is a set of adapters and a certain amount of time to connect.
How to save a fire pit from corrosion?
If your table or fire pit is covered with a protective powder coating, then you don’t need to do anything – the manufacturer has already taken care of everything.

If not, we recommend covering the table with weather-resistant spray paint. This will protect your table from corrosion and extend its lifespan. Besides, we advise you to set your fire pit table when not in use to save it from the elements.

Where should the fire pit table be placed?
For safety reasons, the fire pit table should be placed on a flat, fireproof surface. The distance to your home or other structure should be 10 feet or more. We also recommend placing the table away from trees and bushes, so as not to accidentally set fire to the branches. Otherwise, it becomes dangerous to use the table and you risk setting something on fire.

In Conclusion

You now have a list of Outland Living’s best products and the final selection comes down to your personal preference. If you understand that you will need to move the table around the courtyard, then you need a sturdy yet lightweight structure. Conversely, if you want a static and large table to accommodate all your guests at it, then it is better to take a heavy and large structure.

With Outland Living, you can be sure that whatever model you choose will remain durable and durable for many years to come. In addition, all of them have an elegant design and quality materials.

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