Fire Sense Patio Heater 2023

Take time with friends until late at night. A patio heater will help you do these parties even in winter. If you do not want to freeze during the cozy autumn evening you can use the Fire Sense patio heater. Pleasant heat applies to the skin shortly after turning on the device. The most famous type is a terrace gas heater that can only be used outdoors. The infrared heater is much more environmentally friendly. It is available as a wall, outdoor, or ceiling device and can be used outdoors and indoor indoors.

Our Selection 11 Fire Sense Commercial Patio Heater – Editor’s Choice

Fire Sense 62988 Wagner Woven Aluminum Convertible Gas Fire Pit Table 37,000 BTU Multi-Functional Outdoor with Fire Bowl Lid, Nylon Weather Cover & Clear Fire Glass - Bronze Finish - Round - 34"Fire SenseBuy on Amazon
Fire Sense 02117 Telescoping Offset Pole Mounted Infrared Patio Heater With Wheels 1500 Watt Indoor Outdoor Powder Coated Steel Tip over Protection System Cover Included - Stainless SteelFire SenseBuy on Amazon
Fire Sense 60532 Fire Pit Revolver Wood Burning Lightweight Portable Outdoor Firepit Backyard Fireplace for Camping Bonfire with Grill Rack & Hardwood Top - 24“Fire SenseBuy on Amazon
Fire Sense 62695 Verona Woven Aluminum Convertible Gas Fire Pit Table 55,000 BTU Multi-Functional Outdoor with Fire Bowl Lid, Nylon Weather Cover & Clear Fire Glass - Bronze Finish - Round - 44"Fire SenseBuy on Amazon
Fire Sense 61322 Portable Patio Heater Outdoor Tabletop Lightweight Propane 10,000 BTU Auto-Shutoff Valve ODS Compliant - Hammer Tone BronzeFire SenseBuy on Amazon
Fire Sense 61130 All Seasons Patio Heater With Wheels 46,000 BTU Output Electronic Ignition System Portable Outdoor Propane Heater Commercial Series Patio Heater - Aqua BlueFire SenseBuy on Amazon
Fire Sense 62224 Square Flame Patio Heater 46,000 BTU Outdoor Propane Heater with Wheels For Commercial & Residential - Hammered Bronze FinishFire SenseBuy on Amazon
Fire Sense 60523 Pyramid Flame Patio Heater 40,000 BTU Outdoor Propane Heater Tower with Wheels - Stainless SteelFire SenseBuy on Amazon
Fire Sense 61445 Natural Gas Patio Heater 45,000 BTU With Piezo Ignition System CSA Approved For Commercial & Residential - Stainless SteelFire SenseBuy on Amazon
Star Patio Electric Patio Heater with Remote , Indoor / Outdoor Heater, Space Heater, Infrared Heater, Wall Mounted, suitable as Gazebo Heater, Balcony Heater, Garage Heater, 1530STAR PATIOBuy on Amazon
Fire Sense 62022 Square Flame LPG Patio Heater Burner Stainless Steel Burner For Square Flame Heaters Fits With Model 61166 & 62224Fire SenseBuy on Amazon

To choose a suitable model, I present this comparison of 11 Fire Sense patio heaters, one you can choose for your terrace. Keep reading!

1# Fire Sense Wagner Round Aluminum LPG Fire Pit Table

Fire Sense Wagner Aluminum LPG Fire Pit Table

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This is an incredibly beautiful and functional fire pit from the Fire Sense brand. In aesthetic terms, the device looks very prestigious and therefore will fit into the interior of any open veranda, gazebo and terrace. The shape of such a portable structure does not allow the fire to spread, the fire will always be under human control. After a hike or a picnic in the forest, there is no need to worry whether the fire has been well extinguished, whether there will be a fire. If you want to start a fire in your summer cottage, you can always be sure that the lawn and other coatings will not be damaged. Among all the models of the portable hearth, the Fire Sense fire pit can be distinguished. It is quite convenient and has all the functional features listed above. On top of that, it is deep enough.

  • Easy to turn on with the push of a button

  • Easy to move

  • I found no flaws

2# Fire Sense Stainless Steel Telescoping Offset Pole Mounted Infrared Patio Heater

Fire Sense Telescoping Offset Infrared Patio Heater

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This model has a stylish design and is powered by ordinary household electricity. This heater gives off thermal radiation that is as close to the sun as possible, without harmful UV radiation. The device heats not air, but directly objects in the area of ​​the device and allows you to quickly heat tables and chairs in the open air. This heater provides environmentally friendly operation without combustion product emissions. It also does not burn oxygen and dust, does not give an unpleasant smell, does not cause air circulation.

  • Quiet operation

  • Portable

  • High price

3# Fire Sense Solid Base Revolver Steel Fire Pit and Hardwood Table Top

Fire Sense Solid Base Revolver Steel Fire Pit

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Everyone loves to warm up by the fire, cook on the grill, or just enjoy cozy gatherings by the fire in nature. But there is not always a suitable place for this, and it does not always seem safe enough. For such situations, a solution has been found – this is a fire pit! The Fire Sense fire pit can be used to start a fire in the country, you can take it with you on a hike or a picnic. The fire from the hearth will warm and add coziness to any outdoor event. Moreover, it can be used as a grill. This model has a heat-resistant finish and features a wooden top. This fire pit is easy to carry from place to place while keeping your lawn completely untouched by fire.

  • Heat resistant coating

  • Striking design thanks to the additional wooden tabletop

  • Grill grate included

  • Assembly issues may occur

4# Fire Sense Verona Round Aluminum LPG Fire Pit Table

Fire Sense Verona Aluminum LPG Fire Pit Table

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This campfire bowl adds charm to outdoor activities. Its special beauty lies in the fact that they can be easily transported depending on the season and weather. It is installed not only for beauty and fire lighting but also can be used as a grill. It also has a very nice vintage design that will perfectly complement your veranda interior. You can use this fire pit as a table. Thanks to the original design of the pit, it can serve not only for a fire but also for preparing excellent dishes. The fire pit is made of high-strength steel, has a reliable coating, and will be an excellent addition for a comfortable time outdoors.

  • Easy to carry

  • Lightweight

  • Hard enough to light

5# Fire Sense Hammer Tone Bronze Table Top Patio Heater

Fire Sense Hammer Table Top Patio Heater

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This patio heater will help extend the summer season in your yard. Stylish color and modern shape will be the perfect highlight of your veranda. For safety, it has automatic tilt protection and a reliable piezo ignition system. This model is made from durable commercial steel. It is lightweight so you can easily move it to any place, including bringing it into your home.

  • Stylish design

  • Robust construction

  • Instruction is poorly printed

6# Fire Sense Powder Coated Patio Heater

Fire Sense Powder Coated Patio Heater

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A standard heater will extend your summer season. This model is of good quality, nice design, and most importantly, quite affordable price. This model looks very stylish thanks to its rich aqua blue colour, fits perfectly into any interior, and most importantly makes it possible to prolong pleasant gatherings on the veranda even on cool evenings.

  • Portable model

  • It has wheels

  • In very strong winds, it can tip over

7# Fire Sense 62224 Hammered Bronze Finish Square Flame Patio Heater

Fire Sense 62224 Flame Patio Heater

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The unusual design distinguishes this model from the previous ones. This stylish heater provides a unique opportunity to keep track of how the flame burns. This model is equipped with an anti-rollover system. This ensures your safety. In addition, this heater is made of commercial steel, which is distinguished by its high strength. Powder coating protects the model from damage and ensures long-term use. This model is also equipped with wheels for easy movement.

  • Instant-on

  • Mobile

  • This heater was too high for some users

8# Fire Sense Stainless Steel Pyramid Flame Heater with Wheels

Fire Sense Stainless Flame Heater

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The pyramid-shaped heater with an open flame effect in stainless steel opens up a new direction for outdoor heaters. This stylish heater provides a unique opportunity to keep an eye on how the flame burns, and the sight of the fire is known to be soothing. For your safety, the heater is equipped with an anti-rollover system and wheels for easy movement.

A carefully thought-out design of the heater allows you to completely exclude any emergency or dangerous situations. The weighted base prevents accidental overturning of the device, and the presence of a special valve allows you to stop the gas supply if the heater is tilted at a dangerous angle. This model provides ease of use. Electronic ignition system, well-thought-out shape, convenient wheels that make it easy to transport the heater to the place of its permanent or temporary use. This heater offers a heat range of up to 6 meters, the ability to adjust to the desired operating mode. Complete environmental safety, no harm to human health.

  • Compliance with safety requirements for the environment and humans

  • Energy intensity

  • Complex assembly

9# Fire Sense Stainless Steel Natural Gas Patio Heater

Fire Sense Natural Gas Patio Heater

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This heater is intended for outdoor use. The model runs on natural gas and consumes a minimum of fuel due to its high efficiency. The model has floor placement. The built-in automatic protection system shuts off the flow of gas into the combustion chamber in the event of overturning. The presence of casters in the base of the heater provides convenient transportation around the room.

  • Durable material

  • Stable base

  • More expensive than other models

10# Fire Sense Star Patio Electric Patio Heater

Fire Sense Star Patio Electric Patio Heater

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This heater generates heat using short-wave infrared rays, which are heated at maximum power within a second after switching on. This model creates a powerful heat source that is evenly distributed and controlled. These characteristics make this heater one of the most efficient and elegant lines of heating equipment today.

  • Remote control

  • Easy assembly

  • A weak heat output

11# Fire Sense Square Flame LPG Patio Heater Burner

Fire Sense Flame LPG Patio Heater Burner

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This model will give you warmth on cold days. It is made from quality materials and is sold at a great price! Stainless steel is durable, durable and withstands all weather conditions.

  • High quality

  • Great shape

  • Too small

About Brand Fire Sense

Fire Sense is one of the leading US leading brands for open areas: cafes, bars, restaurants, a veranda of country houses, arbors. Street infrared gas heaters became part of urban landscapes around the world. Speaking about the Fire Sense brand, first of all, it is worth noting the unsurpassed American quality, reliability, and 100% safety of heaters. In each gas heater, the protection system is embedded, triggered when tipping. Fire Sense heaters are equipped with wheels for convenient movement, made of high-quality stainless steel, and, due to stylish design, will be organically looked in any, even the most refined interior.

Advantages of Fire Sense Products

Emergency Shutdown System

The stabilization and emergency shutdown system are capable not only to maintain stable burning in a strong wind but in a matter of seconds, overlapping the gas supply if the device is belonging or lean down below. The device fully meets all US safety requirements, the standards of which are one of the toughest in the world, and largely serve as a standard for other countries.

Ergonomics and Design Devices Fire Sense

Engineers and designers developing devices Fire Sense are not in vain get their salary. Their devices are maximally adapted for street conditions, they are easy and convenient to move, as well as beautiful. This allows you to harmoniously enter the heater in any, even the most exquisite interior. The device is equipped with wheels for moving on a heated area, and the replacement of the cylinder occurs so quickly that even inexperienced users will take no more pair of minutes. The entire range of Fire Sense was designed to make them as simple as possible in mastering and operating.

Energy Intensity and Economy

The modern world sets increasingly stringent standards for the energy intensity and efficiency of devices, and in the USA, as you know, one of the most stringent laws and installations on this account, because the consumer will not buy a voracious and ineffective device. Such an energy intensity concept was also applied on Fire Sense devices, which can continuously work from a 27-liter gas cylinder for 33 hours. This makes these devices one of the most economical, among those presented in the market. Fire Sense heaters are bought once, and they work for decades, heating even in the most disgusting weather and saving money owner.


What Is A Radiant Heater?
The radiant heater is the heating device. Compared to a fan heater or radiator, a radiant heater does not heat the surrounding air and instead provides direct heating of surfaces or bodies. Therefore, such models are well suited for use in the open air. The effect occurs after a short time without a long heating phase. In addition to the classic radiant heating with infrared waves, models are working on gas known as the heaters for the patio.
How Does The Radiant Heater Work?
Electric and gas heaters are emitting or thermal. Rays get straight to the surface and heat it. Although the surface gives part of the heat back into the room, the ambient temperature rises only slightly and to small limits. Despite the same basic principles of the operation of electrical and gas heaters, both types work in different ways.
Electric or Infrared Heater?
The electric heater is equipped with one or more heating rods that are located in the infrared panel. The cable supplies the rods with electricity so that they start glowing. It creates heat as radiation. Minerals, such as quartz contained in heating tubes, provide a high level of radiation. For the waves to come out of the device in only one direction, there is usually a reflector on the reverse side of heating wires. It looks like a mirror and collects waves to direct them in one direction.

Other elements of an electric heater, such as heat-insulating layers or a protective grille, are designed to minimize the external heating of the device and prevent the user’s burns as much as possible. In most cases, you can establish different levels of heating so that the heating wires consumed more or less electricity. Depending on the level selected, this leads to stronger or weaker heating. Classic electric heaters are divided into bright and dark.


If you want to enjoy the cozy warm evenings on your cozy terrace, even in the cold season, you will undoubtedly need to purchase a patio heater. The best manufacturer of such devices is Fire Sense. Their products are distinguished by high quality, special reliability, and wear resistance. In addition to their reliability, several factors make American production devices more attractive. This includes high technical and operational characteristics, design, safety.

If, after reading my article, you still can’t decide on the choice, I advise you to pay special attention to these models: 1# Fire Sense Wagner Round Aluminum LPG Fire Pit Table, 2# Fire Sense Stainless Steel Telescoping Offset Pole Mounted Infrared Patio Heater and 3# Fire Sense Solid Base Revolver Steel Fire Pit and Hardwood Table Top.

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