Dimplex Electric Fireplace Insert 2023

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When looking for an electric fireplace insert you come across many different fireplace manufacturers both at home and abroad. Which brand is right for you depends on the individual requirements for look and functionality. Today I want to introduce you to such a brand as Dimplex. Here I will introduce the Dimplex electric fireplace inserts.

Unlike a fireplace, a fireplace insert is a fireplace that is permanently built into the property. It usually differs from a classic open fireplace in that it has a glass door that separates the combustion chamber with burning logs from the installation room. This means that the fireplace insert is located somewhere between the open fireplace and the fireplace. However, from a technological point of view, when buying a Dimplex 33 electric fireplace insert, the same criteria are important as when buying a fireplace.

About Dimplex Brand

Dimplex is a modern brand that is the world leader in the market for electric fireplaces and accessories, supplying its products to many regions of the world. The company has two goals: avoiding CO2 emissions and saving costs. This family-owned company, founded in 1973 by Martin Naughton, has become the world leader in the electric heating market. With the DIMPLEX brand, he relies on electric wood-burning fireplaces that are very similar to their wood-burning counterparts. The high-quality Opti-Myst and Optiflame technologies have been specially developed for the DIMPLEX electric fireplaces and inspire many fireplace designs from classic to modern. To simulate a fire in the hearths, the company’s own innovative developments are used – Optiflame, Opti-Myst, Opti-V, and Revillusion technologies, thanks to which the flame looks like living and visually does not differ from it. In many models, the effect of realistic fire is complemented by the sounds of wood crackling when burning. The company’s product line includes built-in, wall-mounted, and freestanding electric fireplaces of various sizes and shapes.

The 15 Dimplex Optimyst Electric Fireplace Insert – Editor’s Choice

Dimplex Revillusion® 20" Plug-In Log Set (Model: RLG20), 5118 BTU, 120 Volt, 1500 WattDIMPLEXBuy on Amazon
Dimplex DFI Series 23" Standard Log Set Electric Fireplace Insert (Model: DFI2309), 4692 BTU, 120 Volt, 1375 Watt, BlackDIMPLEXBuy on Amazon
Dimplex Multi-Fire XHD 28 inch Plug-in Electric Firebox with Acrylic Ember Media Bed - Black, XHD28GDIMPLEXBuy on Amazon
Dimplex North America DS5629BR Traditional Electric Stove, BronzeDimplex North America LtdBuy on Amazon
Dimplex Prism 74 inch Wall Mount Electric Fireplace - Black, BLF7451DIMPLEXBuy on Amazon
DIMPLEX North America DWF24-1325WN Lexi Wall MNT FireplaceDIMPLEXBuy on Amazon
DIMPLEX Ramona TV Stand Electric Fireplace, Model: GDS23L8-1974AU, 120V, 1500W, 12.5 Amps, Autumn BronzeDIMPLEXBuy on Amazon
Dimplex DFI Series Adjustable Trim Kit for Model DFI2310 (Model: DFI23TRIMX), BlackDIMPLEXBuy on Amazon
Dimplex PF3033HL Multi-Fire XD 33" Electric Firebox with Faux Logs Bed, BlackDIMPLEXBuy on Amazon
Dimplex 23 Inch Built-in Electric Fireplace - Multi-Fire XHD Firebox with Logs and Realistic Multi-Color Flames | Model: XHD23LDIMPLEXBuy on Amazon
DIMPLEX Electric Fireplace, BlackDIMPLEXBuy on Amazon
Dimplex PF2325HG Multi-Fire Xd 25" Electric Firebox with Glass Ember Bed, BlackDIMPLEXBuy on Amazon
DIMPLEX BLF50 50-Inch Synergy Linear Wall Mount Electric FireplaceDIMPLEXBuy on Amazon
DIMPLEX Black Finish Electric Fireplace Heater InsertDIMPLEXBuy on Amazon
Dimplex 26 Inch Built-in Electric Fireplace - Multi-Fire XHD Firebox with Logs and Realistic Multi-Color Flames | Model: XHD26LDIMPLEXBuy on Amazon

The brand’s equipment is distinguished by consistently high quality, reliability, and stylish design. The company employs a team of designers who are responsible for the stylish and original design of electrical appliances. Therefore, among the range of products, each customer can find devices that will harmoniously fit into an interior made in any style. Due to high-quality workmanship and affordable prices, Dimplex products occupy a leading position in the heating technology market.

1# Dimplex Revillusion Electric Fireplace Log Set

Dimplex Revillusion Electric Fireplace Log Set

View on Amazon

Revillusion technology redefines the standard electric fireplace experience with a whole new perspective. The ultra-clear view of the rear brick wall through realistic flames gives the fireplace the most authentic look. By choosing Revillusion®, you allow yourself the luxury of enjoying the beauty of what is arguably the best-of-breed magazine-like fireplace. The model features the unique Semi-Transparent MiragePanelTM technology, which allows you to create the most realistic flame effect. The firebox area is decorated with imitation of brickwork. The product can be installed both in an apartment or a country house and in hotels, restaurants, cafes, and business centers. Dimplex Revillusion fireplaces will be a bright accent in any room and will make the interior unique.

  • 3D flame effect

  • Manual flame and backlight adjustment

  • It’s too small

2# DIMPLEX U.S. DFI2309 Fireplace Insert Electric

Dimplex Electric Fireplace Insert

View on Amazon

You can set up this device in minutes and plug it into any outlet. You can easily and quickly turn on or off the Dimplex electric firebox from any room in your apartment using the remote control. The heat dissipates quietly and evenly thanks to the Built-in fan-forced heater. This model has the functions of full heat, half heat, and also only for 4-season enjoyment. This product weighs 34 pounds and fits easily into your fireplace.

  • It works silently

  • Remote control

  • The cord is very short

3# Dimplex Multi-Fire XHD Firebox With Acrylic Ember Media Bed

Dimplex Multi-Fire XHD Firebox Ember Media

View on Amazon

This Dimplex multi-fire xd electric firebox simply breaks all the previously formed stereotypes about efficiency, reliability, and most importantly, the aesthetic beauty of such devices. Inside there are handmade shimmering and glowing “firewood” made so realistically that even with a detailed and critical review, it is rather difficult to distinguish them from natural burning wood. In addition, the device has a function of controlled heating, which makes it even more like a real hearth, warming the surrounding with flowing heat from bewitching tongues of flame. The built-in intelligent heat system will automatically adjust the fan speed for maximum efficiency with the least noise. You can choose blue or red color to customize the flame.

  • Display with room temperature control

  • Flame brightness step by step

  • No remote control

4# Dimplex North America Traditional Electric Stove

Dimplex North America Traditional Electric Stove

View on Amazon

The model uses the exclusive Opti-Myst 3D flame technology, which creates the effect of a real fire. In the hearth, an imitation of real logs is made. The stove will also serve as an effective heater for your home. Depending on your wishes, the heating power can be adjusted (power 1 or 2 kW). The simulated fire autonomously, so on a hot day the heating can be turned off, leaving only the decorative effect of a “live” flame. The sump and water tank are treated with Silver Biocide, which prevents the growth of harmful microorganisms. The model is easy to set up and compact in size, which will ensure ease of use. The set includes a remote control. The device is presented in a bronze color and is made in a traditional classic style. The neat glass door is adorned with a chrome handle. The elegant and discreet design of the firebox is successfully integrated into the interior of any home.

  • Realistic flame effect

  • Stylish design

  • Brightness and color can’t be adjusted

5# Dimplex Prism Series Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace

Dimplex Prism Series Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace

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The hearth in this model is made of pieces of glass imitating diamonds, which further enhances the effect of flickering lights. This patented technology makes the fire in the fireplace very realistic. The fireplace has a modern design that allows it to be installed in any room. The Prism electric fireplace is equipped with a heating function with a thermostat, built-in LED display, and a multifunctional remote control. The technology of LED backlighting LED significantly reduces the consumption of electrical energy when the fireplace is operating in flame effect mode.

  • Unique patented LED Dimplex® flame technology

  • Fuel in the form of acrylic crystals

  • Expensive device

6# DIMPLEX North America Lexi Wall MNT Fireplace

DIMPLEX North America Lexi Wall MNT Fireplace

View on Amazon

This high-quality firebox is framed and looks very stylish. The fire looks very realistic due to the flickering LED backlight. It has a low voltage power supply through the mains adapter, which ensures high safety, economy, and reliable operation. It has vents in the front that provide instant warmth. You will like this firebox if you value ease of use and high durability.

  • Live flame effect and bright flickering firewood

  • Complete safety

  • Bad assembly instruction

7# DIMPLEX Ramona TV Stand Electric Fireplace

DIMPLEX Ramona TV Stand Electric Fireplace

View on Amazon

A fireplace in an apartment can be not only a beautiful piece of furniture. Many fireplaces are multifunctional, such as the TV Stand electric fireplace. This model is a hearth in a ready-made portal frame. In this case, the portal is not made in the classical style but consists of many additional shelves and niches for various applications. It can also be used as a TV stand, in which you can also place additional things such as books, interior items. In the center of the fireplace, there is a wide hearth that has a heating function. Installing such a fireplace is not difficult.

  • Multifunction device

  • Reliable material

  • It is suitable only for TVs up to 50 inches

8# Dimplex Expandable Trim Kit for Electric Fireplace Insert

Dimplex Expandable Trim Kit Electric Fireplace

View on Amazon

The flame of this device in a stylish black frame will catch the eyes of guests and delight the owners of the house on cold winter evenings. And the ability to turn on the flame without heating mode will allow you to enjoy a cosy picture of a hotly blazing fire even in the warm season. The hearth has a smoke intensity control function, and will perfectly match any interior, and will look advantageous in any room due to its stylish ultra-modern shape.

  • It can expand for different fireplace designs

  • Easy to install

  • Less durable than other models

9# Dimplex PF3033HL Multi-Fire XD 33 Electric Firebox with Faux Logs Bed

Dimplex PF3033HL Multi-Fire XD 33 Electric Firebox

View on Amazon

This is an Opti-Myst real flame fireplace insert. The hearth uses the “live” flame effect, which is based on the innovative principle of simulating fire. The uniqueness of the flame lies in its one hundred percent realism. A built-in ultrasonic steam generator is used to create a flame effect. Water is poured into a special retractable reservoir, conveniently located under a dummy of firewood, from which, with the help of a steam generator, it comes out in the form of steam. Steam clouds are illuminated by halogen lamps with a special filter. The lighting works in such a way that the steam coming from the steam generator below is illuminated brighter and perceived as fire, and the upper part of the steam, in this case, becomes like smoke. However, the unique effect of the flame allows not only creating a “live” flame in a city apartment, which cannot be distinguished from a real one but also humidifies the air in the room.

  • It does not emit harmful substances

  • The front panel stays cool to the touch

  • The fan makes a sound

10# DIMPLEX 23 Multi-Fire XHD Plug-in Electric Firebox

DIMPLEX 23 Mulit-Fire XHD Plug-in Electric Firebox

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The firebox uses a dummy of handmade firewood, which cannot be distinguished from real logs, and thanks to the backlight, a complete imitation of a hotly burning hearth is created. The device is extremely simple to connect, fireproof, and does not emit combustion products.

  • Excellent brightness

  • Can be used at any time of the year

  • The remote control does not always work properly

11# DIMPLEX Electric Fireplace 5118

DIMPLEX Electric Fireplace

View on Amazon

The firebox is designed for installation both in apartments and country houses. This device is easy to install and operate. LED flames are difficult to distinguish from real flames. Acrylic crystals are used as decorative fuel, which shimmers in the light of the flame. The device is completely safe, its flame does not burn, therefore such a hearth can be used in rooms where children are. The delivery set includes a remote control with which you can control the fireplace without getting up from your favorite chair.

  • 7 color theme options

  • Vivid intense flame effect

  • Slightly expensive

12# Dimplex Multi-Fire Xd Electric Firebox with Glass Ember Bed

Dimplex Multi-Fire Xd Electric Firebox

View on Amazon

This high-tech firebox has a black color and will perfectly match the interior with a modern design. The device operates on heating and without heating. The glass façade is made of silvered and tinted glass, thanks to which the fire is reflected in a special way from the logs inside the hearth. The realistic Optiflame® flame creates a pleasant home atmosphere. The living flame creates the effect of a real fire. This technology is patented by Dimplex. Optiflame meets all existing safety requirements and protects against various hazards associated with the operation: electric shock, fire, burns, etc.

  • Complete fire safety

  • Easy installation

  • Noisy work

13# Dimplex Synergy Linear Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

Dimplex Synergy Linear Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

View on Amazon

The patented Optiflame LED flame technology and sparkling crystals used as decorative fuel in the hearth give the Synergy fireplace an unusual futuristic look. The Synergy fireplace can be placed both on the wall using special fixtures, and built into any niche, creating a unique line of safe flame in a city apartment or in a country house. The Dimplex Synergy electric fireplace is easy to install and operate, does not emit harmful substances, and is absolutely fireproof. The set includes a remote control, with which you can adjust the intensity of the flame and the heating mode.

  • The Dimplex Synergy electric fireplace has a built-in power switching regulator

  • Automatic protection in case of overheating

  • Front glass is easy to break

14# DIMPLEX Black Finish Electric Fireplace Heater Insert

DIMPLEX Black Finish Electric Fireplace Heater Insert

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A laconic fireplace with straight and clear lines will become a real decoration of a home in which everything is subordinated to restrained minimalism. The firebox implements the effect of “live” Opti-Myst flame, which is based on the innovative principle of simulating fire. In the hearth, a dummy of handmade firewood is used, which cannot be distinguished from real logs, and thanks to the illumination, a complete imitation of a hotly burning hearth is created. Thanks to the unique Opti-Myst technology, Dimplex Tahoe is not only an excellent interior solution and gives aesthetic pleasure from contemplating a burning flame, but also humidifies the air, which has a beneficial effect on health and creates a comfortable indoor microclimate.

  • It can be plugged into a standard outlet

  • It works with or without heating

  • It’s a noisy device

15# Dimplex Multi-Fire XHD Firebox With Logs

Dimplex Multi-Fire XHD Firebox With Logs

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The firewood in the hearth creates a flickering effect due to the built-in LEDs. The Dimplex fireplace insert uses the Optiflame flame effect, which creates a realistic illusion of a burning fire. It has an integrated Purifire air purification system. For the first time, an air filter is built into an electric fireplace, which removes spores, pollen, dust, and other allergens from the air in the room. The air filter removes particles from 1 micron in the room 4 times per hour and is easy to clean with cold water.

  • Improved brightness

  • Realistic effect

  • It sometimes makes a clicking sound

What is a Dimplex Electric Fireplace Insert?

What would happen to a fireplace without the right firebox? It is he who always keeps comfort and warmth in your home. In order to integrate a high-quality and functional core into your fireplace, Dimplex fireplace inserts are ideal. Dimplex fireplace inserts offer you the opportunity to close open fireplaces or to update old stoves with modern technology. In addition, the use of fireplace inserts makes it possible to significantly reduce the cost and simplify the creation of a fireplace in the house, as well as to obtain the exact configuration of the fireplace hearth for better combustion, which is usually guaranteed by manufacturers.

What Should you Pay Attention to When Buying a Fireplace Insert?

Before buying an electric fireplace insert, there are a few things to consider. Here you can briefly find the most important:

  • Expenses. Before buying, of course, it’s worth asking about the cost. It is not only the cost of the fireplace insert that plays a role here. The subsequent installation can also turn into a financial burden since it requires a specialist depending on the type of fireplace.
  • Energy Efficiency. Fireplace inserts make the fireplace more energy efficient. However, this can vary greatly depending on the model and type. For example, with large glass, energy efficiency is somewhat limited. The type of fireplace insert and material also plays an important role.
  • Optics. In this case, the selected fireplace insert must visually match the existing fireplace. You should also be aware that the view of the fire can be relatively limited depending on the type of fireplace insert.

Installing an Electric Fireplace Insert| Which Materials are Suitable?

To obtain a suitable covering, you have the option of bricking up the fireplace insert. For example, chamotte or lava stones. Last but not least, it is important to use heat-resistant plaster for masonry work. In addition to the look of the respective material, material properties such as the ability to store heat play an important role. Materials such as talcum stone can be particularly good at retaining the generated heat and then gradually releasing it.


The heating effect lasts longer


The fireplace insert takes longer to heat up the room as it is slower to enter the environment due to the soapstone cladding.

In addition to talcum stone, other natural stones such as sandstone can be used as cladding. An alternative to natural stone is aerated concrete or calcium silicate smoke boards, for example. However, both materials have an insulating effect and thus retain heat from the oven. The situation is different with graphite panels, which can also be used to cover a fireplace insert.


What is the best manufacturer of fireplace inserts? Unfortunately, this question is not easy to answer, because there is no such thing as a “best” fireplace insert manufacturer. However, I know for sure that Dimplex is one of those companies that produces really high-quality products in this area. Today we have reviewed the Dimplex electric fireplace inserts that are really worth the money. If you find it difficult to choose one, pay special attention to these models 1# Dimplex Revillusion Electric Fireplace Log Set, 2# Dimplex Electric Fireplace Insert, and 3# Dimplex Multi-Fire XHD Firebox With Acrylic Ember Media Bed.

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