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Do you have the best grill brush? After a barbecue party, you need to clean the grill, especially the grate. Grilled dishes and marinades have left most of their mark here. Heat often forms stubborn dirt that must be removed immediately. Grill brushes are especially recommended for cleaning. However, not every grill brush fits every grill grate! The coating can be damaged quickly, especially when using enamel or chrome grilles. This means that dirt builds up even faster and is more difficult to remove. There is also a risk of harmful particles scattering and spreading onto finished food. In addition, the coating serves as a protection against rust, which loses its effect if damaged. My grill brush comparison will help you find the perfect brush for your grill.

The 12 Best Grill Brush for Stainless Steel Grates – Editor’s Choice

Weber 3-Sided Grill Brush, 12 Inch, BlackWeberBuy on Amazon
Cuisinart CCB-5014 BBQ Grill Cleaning Brush and Scraper, 16.5", Stainless Steel, 16. 5"CuisinartBuy on Amazon
Kona 360 Clean Grill Brush - A Clean Grill in 30 Seconds Or Less - 18 inch Best BBQ Brush - Stainless Steel 3-in-1 Grill Cleaner for Effortless CleaningKonaBuy on Amazon
GRILLART Grill Brush and Scraper BBQ Brush for Grill, Safe 18" Stainless Steel Woven Wire 3 in 1 Bristles Grill Cleaning Brush, BR-4516GRILLARTBuy on Amazon
Weber 6463 12-Inch Bamboo Grill Brush , BrownWeberBuy on Amazon
Char-Broil Cool Clean Nylon Grill Brush Replacement HeadChar-BroilBuy on Amazon
GRILLART Grill Brush and Scraper, Extra Strong BBQ Cleaner Accessories, Safe Wire Bristles 18" Barbecue Triple Scrubbers Cleaning Brush for Gas/Charcoal Grilling Grates, Wizard Tool BR-8115GRILLARTBuy on Amazon
Alpha Grillers BBQ Grill Brush - Wire Grill Brush & BBQ Brush for Grill Cleaning - Grill Brush for Outdoor Grill & Gas Grill Cleaner for All BBQ TypesAlpha GrillersBuy on Amazon
POLIGO BBQ Grill Cleaning Brush Bristle Free & Scraper - Triple Helix Design Barbecue Cleaner - Non-Bristle Grill Brush and Scraper Safe for Gas Charcoal Porcelain Grills - Ideal Grill Tools GiftPOLIGOBuy on Amazon
LIANGZAI 2 pcs Easy BBQ Grill Brush and Scraper 18 Inch,Grill Brush for Gas Grill Brush with Deluxe Handle, Safe for All Grills, Ideal Barbecue AccessorieLIANGZAIBuy on Amazon
Grill Brush for Outdoor Grill Bristle Free - Heavy Duty 18" Grill Cleaner Brush Bristle Free & Grill Scraper - Stainless Steel Grill Accessories Tools - Extra Wide BBQ Brush for Grill CleaningAlpha GrillersBuy on Amazon
Grill Brush and Scraper, Grill Accessories Cleaner Gifts for Men & Women, 18" Stainless Steel BBQ Cleaning Brush for Outdoor Grill - Sauce Brush IncludedBiraldBuy on Amazon

The barbecue evening was a success and the grill was accordingly dirty. Like many other barbecue enthusiasts, you may be wondering how to properly clean your grill and which grill brush is right for your grate. It’s not easy to make a choice here, because the range of brushes is huge and you are spoiled for choice. I bring light into the dark and show which brushes fit which grill grate.

1# Weber Sided Grill Brush – Amazon’s Choice

Weber Sided Grill Brush

View on Amazon

It is a wide brush for quick and effective surface cleaning. The narrower sides of the brush can be used to clean the edges or spaces between the bars. Thick stainless steel wire bristles resist wear and tear. The ergonomic handle ensures ease of use and optimal pressure on the grill. The brush is used to clean both the grate itself and hard-to-reach areas around its edges. The porcelain enamel coating does not deteriorate with stainless steel bristles. The Weber T-bar for cleaning your grill will help keep your grates clean. This will clean even hard-to-reach areas around the edges. The bristles of the brush are made of high-quality steel, do not spoil the grill cover provided a leather loop on the handle for easy storage.

  • Ergonomic handle

  • Thick bristles resist wear and tear

  • The bristles are fairly wide apart

2# Cuisinart Grill Cleaning Brush – Amazon’s Choice

Cuisinart Grill Cleaning Brush

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Thanks to its unique design, the stainless steel grill brush cleans even the deepest corners of the grill. Its three brushes are compatible with any type of grill and effectively remove burnt food debris and grease. The 16.5-inch length is justified by the extended handle to prevent burn injuries. The choice of materials from robust stainless steel ensures a long service life. This model has a high-quality handle that allows you to reach any corner of the grill.

  • High-quality material

  • Strong construction

  • It has a bad smell when first opened

3# Kona Clean Grill Brush – Amazon’s Choice

Kona Clean Grill Brush

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This brush is able to deal with any dirt on the grill without serious efforts. This model combines 3 brushes at once. It is capable of cleaning 360 degrees. This model can be used with porcelain, ceramics and more. This grill cleaning brush features a sturdy construction and will not flex with heavy use. The handle is 18 inches long. This is the ideal length for easy cleaning of the grill.

  • Compatible with many types of grilles

  • It does not contain lint

  • It looks bulky

4# GRILLART Grill Brush and Scraper – Amazon’s Choice

GRILLART Grill Brush Scraper

View on Amazon

If you love to cook sausages and grilled meats, then you usually face the subsequent problem of cleaning the inventory. After cooking, greasy traces or burnt food remains on the grill grates, which are not so easy to wash with a regular sponge. In this case, the GRILLART cleaning brush comes to the rescue. It has an 18-inch long, comfortable handle. This is the ideal length to protect your hands from scalding and to clean your grill. Powerful, dense bristles, a thick layer of abrasive pad and a scraper quickly cope with cleaning various grates and skewers.

  • Innovative 360-degree rotator

  • It has three brushes in one

  • Not durable

5# Weber 6463 Bamboo Grill Brush

Weber 6463 Bamboo Grill Brush

View on Amazon

The WEBER bamboo grill brush is a perfect choice. Clean your grill regularly so that leftovers from yesterday’s barbecue will not affect the taste of today’s dishes and the meat will not stick. Use the brush before and after each preparation to ensure that every new meal is delicious. Stainless steel bristles easily remove food debris from the cooking grates.

  • Convenient size

  • Durable material

  • Not suitable for very large grills

6# Char-Broil SAFER Replaceable Head Nylon Bristle Grill Brush

Char-Broil SAFER Bristle Grill Brush

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This is a unique grill brush. It is ideal for cleaning porcelain-coated, cast iron and chrome-plated grills. The inclined bristles allow for more efficient penetration between the grill elements. The upper part is equipped with two metal plates for the dirtiest places. Your grill will always be perfectly clean. The brush handle is long and comfortable, the top is equipped with a ring for hanging it on the grill so that you can always be near you in difficult times. The cleaning brush head is replaceable. Special brush for cleaning grills with a comfortable handle and a wide base. It allows you to quickly clean even the largest gas or charcoal grill.

  • The Char-Broil® brush features Cool-Clean ™ technology and includes a scraper to help clean surfaces and keep your grill clean

  • The ergonomic shape of the handle fits comfortably in the hand, and the lightweight is not burdensome during prolonged cleaning

  • The bristles quickly become greasy and therefore need to be washed frequently

7# GRILLART Grill Brush and Scraper


View on Amazon

It is an innovative model with a lot of bristles and made of high-quality stainless steel. This model optimally removes even the most stubborn dirt and grease. This model can be used for any type of grill. A sturdy 18” long handle protects against long-distance burns. This accessory is made of high-quality materials and is therefore durable.

  • Sharp and durable brush

  • It does not scratch the grill grates

  • Too small

8# Alpha Grillers Grill Brush

Alpha Grillers Grill Brush

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This high-quality model has an 18″ handle that protects from the heat with its long style. Thanks to its clever design, this model can reach the toughest corners of your grill model. The stainless material is gentle and protects against damage. For this reason, the Alpha Grillers grill brush is ideal for all types of grates.

  • It ensures fast cleaning

  • It provides safe use

  • It wears out quickly

9# POLIGO BBQ Grill Cleaning Brush Bristle Free & Scraper – Amazon’s Choice

POLIGO BBQ Grill Cleaning Brush Bristle Free

View on Amazon

Thanks to its triple metal helix and scraper, the stainless steel grill brush removes any burnt grease and food debris. This accessory cleans even the most difficult to reach areas on the grill. This robust model is best suited for cast iron, stainless steel and porcelain grills. The model has no bristles and thus does not break metal. Due to the absence of lint, you can rest assured that you will not taste it with food.

  • Non-slip handle 18 inches

  • High resistance to rust

  • Less durable than other models on the list

10# LIANGZAI 2 pcs Easy BBQ Grill Brush and Scraper

LIANGZAI Easy BBQ Grill Brush

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This set includes two best grill brushes for stainless steel grates. They have a modern design and long handles for better cleaning and safety of your hands. They are 18 inches long. They are different from each other and thus give you the opportunity to achieve a 100% clean grill. The non-rusting steel ensures the strength of the accessories and does not bend. The brushes are suitable for all grills.

  • Sturdy handle

  • The scraper does not scratch the grill grates

  • Expensive enough

11# Alpha Grillers Grill Brush Bristle Free

Alpha Grillers Grill Brush Bristle Free

View on Amazon

This is a handy accessory for quickly and efficiently removing dirt from your grill. This model is equipped with a wide scraper that can remove dirt much faster than a narrow one. This model has no lint that can later be on your food. Clean your grill regularly so that leftovers from yesterday’s barbecue won’t affect the taste of today’s dishes and the meat won’t stick. Use the brush before and after each preparation to ensure that every new meal is delicious.

  • Safe to use with any grates

  • Long handle

  • Bad instruction

12# Birald Grill Brush and Scraper

Birald Grill Brush Scraper

View on Amazon

The Birald Grill cleaning brush is a versatile grill cleaning tool. On one side there is a soft and neat brush, with which you can quickly and easily clean the grill from ash, dust and soot. On the other side of the brush is a hard metal scraper. It will help you clean more serious dirt from your grill. For example, such as burnt meat or fish.

  • 100% high-quality silicone

  • Suitable for any grill

  • Too big

Which Grill Brush is Right for My Grill?

When choosing the right grill brush, the material of the grill grate is decisive. While materials such as cast iron (due to the protective layer of the cast iron grate) and enamelled cooking grates are very sensitive and therefore prone to scratches, stainless steel grates are more resistant and require less maintenance. Therefore, several grill brushes can be used to clean stainless steel. Beyond the material, your personal preference also plays a role in choosing the right grill brush.

Stainless Steel Grill Grates

The stainless steel grill grates are very durable and rust-resistant. Since they are very insensitive, they can be handled with appropriate force during cleaning. In addition, they are relatively easy to clean with suitable tools. Stainless steel or brass grill brushes and sponges are suitable for cleaning stainless steel grates. With their help, you can easily return the stainless steel grill to a mirror finish in a few minutes.

Caution: Never use a steel wool scouring pad on stainless steel surfaces. Small steel parts remain on the grill grate and rust quickly.

Cast Iron Grate or Enamelled Grate

Cast iron grates take a little longer to service than steel gratings. This is because cast iron has open pores and tends to absorb moisture from the environment. However, you can extend the life of your cast iron grate by following a few simple tips. The brass brush should always be used to clean the cast iron grill and to clean the enamel grill grates.

What Should You Look for When Buying a Grill Cleaning Brush?

Handle: Two aspects are decisive for a handle: length and material. The grill brush handle should be of a solid length, as this is important for the transfer of energy. In addition, you do not risk getting burned if the grill is still hot. In addition, the handle should be made of a heat-resistant and non-slip material. After all, you should not slip off the brush when cleaning, and the handle should not melt.

Brush: It should be made of heat-resistant and durable material such as stainless steel or brass. First of all, the length of the brush (the longer the better) and the number of attachments are critical. The scraper is also an advantage with which very stubborn dirt can be scraped off.

What are the Benefits of Cleaning the Grill With a Grill Brush?

Unfortunately, having a great evening with friends at the grill has a downside. You have to clean up afterwards. Leftover fat and marinade remain on the grill. This can take a long time depending on the cleaning technology. The grill brush is the salvation at this stage. With a wide range of options, you can find a grill brush that can remove large areas of residue. Depending on the model, you can reach even the most awkward places such as tight spaces. There is also a choice of different bristle materials to protect the grill rack. With the right technique, the necessary friction can remove even the most stubborn dirt.

What’s the Best Way to Clean a Grill Brush?

Usually, it is sufficient to clean the grill brush with a grease-dissolving soap solution and rinse it under running water. Ideally, immediately after each use. However, after cleaning, good drying is the most important. For example, it is helpful to wrap the brush in a towel. There are also dishwasher-safe brushes.


When choosing a grill brush, you also need to think carefully about what material and what shape it works best. Grill brushes of various shapes are designed for small corners and edges that need to be accessible, as well as for large grill areas that can be cleaned especially quickly and easily. Models with an additional scraper also make it easier to clean the grill. Your best choices are 1# Weber Sided Grill Brush – Amazon’s Choice, 2# Cuisinart Grill Cleaning Brush – Amazon’s Choice, and 4# GRILLART Grill Brush and Scraper – Amazon’s Choice.

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