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The 11 Best Pellet Grills to Buy: Top Picks Pellets For Pellet Grill

If you ever wanted to get a simple, convenient, and universal smoker, then it’s time to think about buying a pellet smoker. A charcoal smoker, gas grill, and kitchen oven have their own characteristics and advantages, but it’s much more convenient when you have all this in one device. Pellet smokers combine the features of a gas grill, a kitchen stove, and a coal smoker. They are also equipped with an electronic control panel and a system for supplying wood pellets to a smoker. In this article, we’ll talk about the 11 best pellet smokers for your barbecue and, as usual, do a detailed review for each model. So let’s go!

Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker, 8 in 1 BBQ Grill for Outdoor Cooking, Auto Temperature Control, 697 sq in Cooking Area, 7002EZ GRILLSBuy on Amazon
Traeger Grills Pro Series 22 Electric Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker, BronzeTraeger Pellet GrillsBuy on Amazon
Z GRILLS Wood Pellet Grill Smoker with Digital Controls, Cover, 700 sq. in. Cooking Area for Outdoor BBQ, Smoke, Bake and Roast, 700DZ GRILLSBuy on Amazon
Green Mountain Davy Crockett Sense Mate Electric Wi-Fi Control Foldable Portable Wood Pellet Tailgating Grill with Meat Probe, BlackGreen Mountain GrillsBuy on Amazon
Traeger Pellet Grills TFB38TOD Renegade Pro Pellet Grill and Smoke 380 Sq. in. Cooking Capacity, 1, Black/OrangeTraegerBuy on Amazon
Buy on Amazon
Ozark Grills - The Razorback Wood Pellet Grill a Smoker with Temperature Probe, 11 Pound Hopper, 305 Square Inch Cooking AreaOzark GrillsBuy on Amazon
Camp Chef Woodwind Classic Pellet Grill with Sear Box (Woodwind)Camp ChefBuy on Amazon
BIG HORN Pellet Grill and Smoker, 700 Sq. In. Cooking Area with Digital Auto Temperature Control and Temperature GaugeBIG HORN OUTDOORSBuy on Amazon
Camp Chef SmokePro XT Wood Pellet Grill Smoker, Bronze (PG24XTB)Camp ChefBuy on Amazon

What Is a Pellet Smoker?

As I said, pellet smokers and grills are devices that combine the functions of a gas grill, a kitchen oven, and a charcoal smoker. They always work on electricity and have an electronic panel with controllers. On the side of the grill, there’s always a box for pellets, which, using the control panel, evenly enters and burns pellets on the burner. The pellet smoker impregnates the meat with an aroma, making it juicy and tasty. This is what the smoker took the pellets from coal smokers and gas grills.

The heat inside the smoker is evenly distributed using a fan. Convection heating is generated. This is what the smoker took the pellets from the kitchen stoves. Under the two racks, there is a drip tray that you clean after each use. It is very easy to use such smokers. You don’t need to constantly monitor the temperature or the presence of gas. All you need is on the front panel. Using the digital controller, you adjust the entire process of cooking meat.

Reviews Best Pellet Grills and Smokers

1# Z-Grills ZPG 7002E 8 In 1 Pellet Grill – Best Pellet Grill Overall

Z-Grills ZPG 7002E Pellet Grill

View on Amazon

The 8 functions in 1 device. Just listen to this figure. Interesting, huh? This grill can smoke, bake, stew, fry, roast, grill, sear, and braise any of your dishes. So this is the only device that you may need in the yard. This smoker has an automatic pellet supply system, which is typical mainly for smokers of the highest class. Automatic ignition and digital temperature control perfectly complement the function of the smoker.

The total surface of the grilling is 700 square inches, which will be enough for almost all types of meat. But if you cook several types of dishes, then it may turn out to be too small, for example, for large rib racks. The design has a solid frame and wheels, which at the same time roll well. The manufacturer gives a three-year warranty on the model so that you are confident in the quality. The only minus of the smoker in quality control. Some users note that some models have malfunctions with the pellet feeder. Otherwise, this is a very good pellet smoker for its price.

  • Versatile pellet smoker – 8 cooking functions

  • Long warranty for 3 year

  • 700 sq. inches of grilling space

  • Low price

  • Durable and strong construction

  • Bad quality control

2# Traeger Pro Series 22 Pellet Grill And Smoker – Runner-Up

Traeger Pro Series Pellet Grill

View on Amazon

Traeger is one of the most popular manufacturers of pellet smokers. Their models are distinguished by one of the best qualities on the market. And Traeger Pro Series 22 is no exception. This grill only works on hardwood pellets. It has a fairly large grill area of ​​572 square inches, on which you can cook any of your dishes. The construction is made of robust powder-coated steel with a bronze lid. In addition to regular smoking, Pro Series 22 can bake, fry, grill, and other functions.

To do this, the grill is equipped with a digital controller on the left. In the same part is an 18-pound pellet hopper. The controller adjusts the required temperature and regulates the number of pellets supplied to the fire. From the Traeger, you can buy pellets with a different aroma. Handles (one on the side and another on the lid) and wheels are also made very high-quality, making the smoker very easy to move around the yard. The kit comes with a bucket for collecting grease, the pipe for which is located on the right side of the grill. This is a very good pellet smoker and its only drawback is the high price.

  • Grease bucket

  • High-quality powder-coated steel

  • 6 functions in 1

  • Strong wheels

  • Convenient handles

  • High price

3# Z-Grills 700D(E) Pellet Smoker – Best Pellet Smoker For Professionals

Z-Grills 700D Pellet Smoker

View on Amazon

This grill has everything you need for smoking for both the beginner and the most experienced griller. With this unit, you can smoke, bake, fry, roast, grill, sear, and not only. Inside we have two cooking grates – a warming rack measuring 187 square inches and the main grate measuring 513 square inches. This will be enough for almost any meat or other dishes. Perhaps the most interesting here is smart smoke technology. It works on the principle “set and forgets“: the automatic control system itself maintains a temperature from 180 ° to 450 ° F. This makes the temperature settings very simple and convenient.

The construction of the Z-Grills 700D is made of stainless steel and metal. Below is a very large compartment for your BBQ tools, so you don’t have to carry them around with you all the time. Also, the grill is equipped with a drip collection system for which a container hangs on the side. There you can put a glass or bucket and drips will fall there. The hopper has a capacity of 20 inches, so the loaded pellets will last for several applications. The digital controller is located on the hopper. Of the minuses, I note that the wheels below are strong but small, so the grill isn’t always easy to move. Also, the kit doesn’t have a bucket for collecting drops – only a stand for it.

  • Stainless steel construction

  • Large cooking area

  • Smart smoke technology

  • Compartment for cooking tools

  • Spacious hopper

  • Grease bucket isn’t included

  • Small wheels

4# Green Mountain Grills Davy Crocket Wi-Fi Pellet Smoker – Best Smart Pellet Smoker

Green Mountain Grills Davy Crocket Pellet Smoker

View on Amazon

It doesn’t matter if you’re cooking in the backyard, constantly traveling, or camping. A good grill should be portable. Green Mountain is just one of these grills. Davy Crocket has dimensions of only 32 x 16 x 21 inches and can easily fit in almost any car trunk. The weight of this smoker is also not very large – only 70 pounds. For even more convenience and versatility, the grill works at a voltage of 12 V or 110 V. Moreover, the smoker can work with Wi-Fi and has a built-in app for iOS and Android.

The smoker’s pellet design is made of steel. On the right is a checkered frame with hooks for tools or meat. The pellet hopper and digital panel are on the left. You can adjust the temperature from 150° to 550°F. Here I noted only two cons. Firstly, if the grease is very hot, the grease tray may become deformed over time. Secondly, the size of the grill does not allow you to have too large a cooking surface. Therefore, you cannot place any large dishes here.

  • Portable and small

  • Works with Wi-Fi and has an app

  • Big hopper capacity

  • Adjustable

  • Easy to use

  • Not so big cooking surface

  • Grease tray can deform

5# Traeger Grills TFB38TOD Renegade Pro Pellet Grill And Smoker – Best For Smoking

Traeger Grills TFB38TOD Pro Pellet Grill

View on Amazon

Traeger TFB38TOD Renegade Pro is one of the most versatile pellet smokers on the market. It’s great for frying and baking. But best of all, it shows itself in smoking food. This model is available in a combination of orange and black. The design is made of steel and powder coated. The side handles evenly distributes weight and provides a stable and smooth movement on the ground. The device has 6 functions in 1. On it, you can fry, bake, smoke, barbecue, roast, and stew any food. Grill maintains temperature with Digital Pro Controller with an accuracy of ± 15°F. Also, it uses auto-ignition.

The hopper can hold 18 pounds of pellets, which will burn for 6 to 20 hours depending on the temperature mode. For such a large size, the device doesn’t weigh so much – only 100 pounds. The cooking surface is 380 square inches. This is about 16 burgers or 3 racks with ribs. It’s enough for an average family, but for large parties, this won’t be enough. The manufacturer is confident in the quality of his products and gives a 3-year warranty on all parts. 

  • Digital Pro Controller

  • Dual probes

  • Versatile

  • 6 functions in 1

  • Strong and durable construction

  • Cooking surface is small for big parties

6# Country Smokers Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker – Best Tailgate Pellet Smoker

View on Amazon

From my own experience I’ll tell you that as soon as you start smoking meat, you’ll no longer want to return to the old ways of cooking. And the Country Smokers is exactly the smoker who can provide you with everything you need for quality meat smoking. It’s very compact and measures just 25 x 17 x 13 inches. This model can fit in almost any car trunk or in the back seat. The grill material is not steel as it might seem at first glance, but acrylic.

The total grilling surface is 256 square inches. This is not much, but for a family camping or picnic will be enough. The digital controller can set the temperature to 500° F. The controller regulates the temperature very well with an accuracy of 2 degrees. The hopper capacity is 5 pounds. With an average cooking mode, this is enough for a couple of hours. For additional control, there is a built-in thermometer at the top. Many users say this is the best-sized smoker for campervans or motorhomes. So, if you are a type, then you should definitely take a look at this grill.

  • Very small and compact

  • Strong acrylic body

  • Accurate temperature settings

  • Built-in thermometer

  • Small capacity of the hopper

7# Masterbuilt Smoke-Hollow WG400B – Best Budget Pellet Smoker

Masterbuilt Smoke-Hollow WG400B Pellet Smoker

View on Amazon

Smoke-Hollow WG400B at first glance doesn’t stand out, but when you look under the lid, you’ll understand that it’s in this top not without a reason. The smoker has a cooking surface of 390 square inches. This is enough for 12-14 burgers or 3-4 rib racks. For large parties, you should take a look at this pellet smoker. I also like the design of the smoker. Thanks to the porcelain grate and the warming rack, the heat is distributed evenly. The drip tray isn’t on the side, as is customary to see, but on the bottom. There’s nothing unusual in the design. A simple bucket on a hook.

The hopper can hold up to 12 pounds of pellets. This is a fairly high figure for a budget grill. The digital controller has a temperature range of 180° to 500°F. The grill body is made entirely of porcelain with the exception of powder-coated steel on the lid. But despite this, it weighs just 99 pounds. As an optional accessory, there’s one side table on the left for your meat or tools. Below are 4 strong and smooth wheels for moving the grill. 

  • Inexpensive

  • Even heat distribution

  • Strong construction

  • No additional features

  • Porcelain gives the grill more weight and more fragile

8# Ozark Grills The Razorback Pellet Grill & Smoker – Best Versatile Pellet Smoker

Ozark Grills The Razorback Pellet Grill

View on Amazon

This grill has a multifunctional Ozark system that allows you to instantly switch from smoking to grilling, frying, baking, stewing at higher temperatures. Therefore, I chose this grill as the most versatile. But this is not all of its advantages. Ozark has a large cooking area of ​​305 sq. inches, which will fit 10-11 burgers and a couple of rib racks. This is enough for an average family or a small meeting.

The grill is made of powder-coated metal. The model comes in a combination of bronze and black color. Below is a stand for your tools and durable wheels. The drip tray doesn’t stand out – there are a hook and a bucket on the right. More interesting here is the pellet hopper and digital controller. The controller comes with one probe and has a temperature range from 180 ° to 500 ° F. With an accuracy of ± 20 ° F. Just like the previous model. But the hopper’s capacity is bigger here – up to 20 pounds of wood pellets.

  • Multifunctional Ozark System

  • Capacious hopper

  • Large cooking surface

  • Drip collector is too short

  • Slightly inaccurate temperature control

9# Camp Chef Woodwind Classic Pellet Grill – Best Unique Pellet Smoker

Camp Chef Woodwind Classic Pellet Grill

View on Amazon

Camp Chef Woodwind with Sear Box can offer a lot to both beginner grillers and experienced professionals. The components of the grill are a wheeled trolley, a pellet hopper, the main grill, and a sear box, which is filled with propane. A basic version is also available in which there is no sear box. You don’t need to constantly stand above the grill because the Camp Chef has an electronic panel, which itself regulates the desired temperature with an accuracy of 2°F.

The smoker also has a built-in temperature sensor for meat and automatic ignition. Therefore, it’s very easy to use. The same applies to clean – to get rid of ash you just need to press the lever. Assembly doesn’t take much time because a detailed manual is included in the kit. After assembly, you can easily move the grill around your yard thanks to the strong and durable 4 wheels. One of the most favorite accessories for users is a warming rack measuring 24 x 6 inches, as well as a meat and temperature probe. Also, I liked that the recipe book comes with the grill.

The Pellet smoker is made of stainless steel and porcelain-coated steel. So you can don’t be afraid of corrosion. The fuel hopper holds up to 18 pounds of pellets and you don’t need to refuel it too often. Unused pellets can be removed and stored using the drain chute. In total, you have a cooking area of ​​570 sq. inches. There will always be plenty of room for meat on the grill, regardless of how many people you’re going to feed. And the most unique feature, I consider the presence of the sear grill to the right of the main one. It has its own ignition system and operates on propane separately from the main grill.

  • Stainless steel construction

  • 2 probes

  • Capacious hopper

  • Easy to use and clean

  • Fast assembly

  • Recipe book and detailed manual included

  • Has a sear box on propane

  • Large cooking area

  • Pellet release handle can’t be locked

10# Big Horn Outdoors Pellet Grill And Smoker – Best Large Pellet Smoker

Big Horn Outdoors Pellet Grill Smoker

View on Amazon

This is the grill with the largest total surface area – as many as 700 square inches of the grill surface. It can accommodate 3 chicken, 20 burgers, or 6 costal racks. This suggests that the grill is definitely perfect for lovers of grilling, who often set up large parties in their yard. The grill has a cylindrical shape and is made of stylish and durable metal. This model will look great in your backyard. A capacious 20-pound hopper allows you to cook your favorite meals for several hours without reloading.

The thing that all users love without exception is that the grill provides uniform temperature in everything. Many pellet smokers leave the meat a little pink and rare. With the Big Horn, you can forget about it. The built-in thermometer and digital controller give you the opportunity to not run to the grill every 5 minutes to check the meat. In addition, the grill is equipped with an automatic off-timer that turns off the grill after cooking the meat. Strong wheels under the grill make it easy to move the grill around the yard. And the hooks on the right side and the grease tray make using and cleaning the smoker a very easy task.

  • Very affordable

  • Uniform heat distribution

  • Easy to move

  • Strong black steel construction

  • Easy cleaning and use

  • No warranty

  • Simple drip tray

11# Camp Chef Smoker Pro XT –  Best Durable Pellet Smoker

Camp Chef Smoker Pro XT Pellet Smoker

View on Amazon

If the pellet grill for you is a long-term purchase that you’re going to be content with for several years, then this is the unit you should stop at. The material of which the Smoker Pro XT is made is durable stainless steel in a combination of black and bronze colors. Neither water nor rust will harm this model, and the smoker’s lid is powder-coated. The digital controller is very accurate and can adjust the temperature from 160°F to 500°F. Also, it’s equipped with one temperature probe. For minimal temperature changes, the smoker is equipped with a smart smoke function.

The pellet hopper is quite roomy – up to 18 pounds of pellets. This is enough for about 6 hours of operation at medium temperature or 2 hours at max temperature. At the bottom, there are sturdy legs and wheels for moving the grill around the yard. Thanks to the steel handle on the side, this is even easier. Regarding the additional functional, I want to say that there’s a container for ash at the bottom. It’s very easy to use. Just turn the handle and the ashes will pour into the cup. The drip tray is quite simple. It is on the right and it’s just a hook for a bucket.

  • Strongest stainless steel construction

  • Roomy hopper

  • Ashtray

  • Smart smoke technology

  • Large temperature range

  • Easy to clean

  • Wheels could be stronger

  • Weighs a lot – 133 pounds

FAQ About Best Pellet Grills & Smokers

Q: What is the best pellet grill for the money?
A: Many are looking for an attractive pellet smoker and grill that will perform its functions well, and don’t cost too much. One of these is Masterbuilt Smoke-Hollow WG400B (at number 7 on the list). This grill has a rather large cooking surface, a large temperature range, an average hopper capacity, and the heat inside is evenly distributed. At the same time, it costs only about $ 280. The disadvantages of this grill are just a big weight and the lack of additional accessories.
Q: Are pellet grills better than gas?
A: Pellet grills are a kind of “versatile cookers”. They’re more expensive than gas grills but provide you with greater speed, versatility, and woody smell of food. They cook well slowly and add a smoked flavor to your food. Pellet grills play the role of a smoker much better. But if speed and efficiency are too expensive indicators for you, then you can take a closer look at the gas grill. They heat up faster and cook well at medium and high temperatures. Most importantly, you can always find a gas grill that fits your budget. But they lose to pellets when cooking at low temperatures. And as smokers, they are also not very good because of poor isolation.
Q: Can you use wood chips in a pellet smoker?
A: From my own experience, I’d strongly recommend not to do this. The auger and burn pot is designed for compressed pellets that are pressed specifically for efficient burning. Pellets fit well and tightly into the auger, but no wood chips. I don’t think you want to see how you try wood chips and the fire returns to the hopper for wood pellets, it really stinks!
Q: Are pellet grills bad for your health?
A: Scientists say that cooking on charcoal or gas grill promotes the formation of compounds in meat, which potentially increases the risk of cancer. It’s also likely that such compounds are formed during the burning of pellets. Although there’s no evidence that pellet grills are less harmful than other types of grills, the damage they cause is as low as the damage from radio waves when using a telephone or anything else. This is a drop in the bucket. I’ve been grilling for most of my life and I have no health problems. If you do it right and in compliance with safety precautions, then this does almost no harm.
Q: Are pellet grills suitable for smoking?
A: Pellet grills are universal. And smoking is part of their functionality. They can not only smoke. Frying, roasting, baking, searing, and many other functions are included in the capabilities of pellet smokers.

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Edward D Seifert
Edward D Seifert
2 years ago

Btw, Traeger grills are very durable. Once I had one, also from a Traeger, but different from the model on your list. It’s just the real Rambo in the field of grilling. Several times I left it in the rain. More than once I forgot to clean it in time and after use, it remained straight to the collector. He does not care about all this. Despite all this, it always worked as if only from a store. Only after 5 years, I replace it with one more expensive from Camp Chef.

Eugene G Walden
Eugene G Walden
2 years ago

In fact, the use of pellets in the preparation of burgers is bad for meat. I believe that burger patties should have a more synthetic taste, and if it is completely saturated with pellets, it will be different from the “classic” burger.

Richard A Shelton
Richard A Shelton
2 years ago

Why do manufacturers make such a large warming rack? I don’t know a single person who would occupy the warming rack completely.

Carlos E Sellers
Carlos E Sellers
2 years ago

Very good pellet smokers for their price are smokers from Pete Boss. I think you should include a couple of models in the article.