Vision Grills Review 2023

With the onset of the summer season, for lovers of recreation outside the city or in nature, the question of choosing a grill, a device that allows, with proper skill, to cook a huge number of all kinds of dishes. Of course, many of them will require additional accessories – pans, skewers, kitchen utensils, cooking stones, and other equipment. The Vision brand is renowned for its high-quality grills and accessories.

About Vision Grills

The Vision brand is renowned for its Kamado grills. This type of grill appeared about 3000 years ago and had a clay base. But over time, the design has improved and today we have professional Vision kamado grills. They contain many new features, improved ventilation design, and now this type of grill has a ceramic base. In Vision grills, you will find everything you need to prepare delicious and varied dishes.

Here Our Compilation of 7 Best Vision Grills – Editor’s Choice

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The grill allows you to cook almost any dish that we can see in an ordinary home kitchen. Here, I’ve covered 7 of the best vision grills, as well as additional accessories to help you grill.

1# Vision Grills Kamado Icon 100 Series

Vision Grills Kamado Icon

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If you are looking for a compact grill, then this is what you need! Not everyone wants and can place a large grill in their yard, so Vision has developed a design especially for you that is able to adapt to any space. This is a small portable grill that you can easily place anywhere or take with you. You have 214 square inches of space to prepare your favorite meals. It is fitted with bunk and stainless steel grates. This material resists corrosion and rust. You will find a bright temperature gauge with colored cooking zones. The grill also has cast-iron ventilation holes.

  • Takes up little space

  • Lava stone for smoking and indirect cooking

  • Heavy enough

2# Vision Grills Kamado Professional Ceramic Charcoal Grill

Vision Grills Kamado Professional Grill

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Vision Grills Kamado is intended for home use. The grill offers a range of possibilities. With it, you can bake, stew, fry on a wire rack, slowly smoke various products, in addition, it can act as an oven. The model features an ultra-durable ceramic case. The grill is equipped with many modes for frying, smoking, and baking. Withstands temperatures up to 1480 ° C. You will also find a 2-tiered stainless steel cooking grate with handles for easily adding charcoal and wood chips for smoking. The lower compartment includes the knobs for the smokehouse and brazier controls, a removable ash pan, and a compartment for the starter – electric ignition. The upper compartment contains the smokehouse and draft control units.

  • It has a large cooking area of 604 sq.

  • This ensures even cooking

  • Available in one color

3# Vision Grills S-Series Kamado Grill

Vision Grills S-Series Kamado Grill

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This is a charcoal grill that will give you a great cooking experience! This grill is available in an attractive black color and has a heavy-duty ceramic body. Thanks to the built-in thermometer, you can keep track of the cooking temperature. It has a large cooking area of 604 sq. It is also equipped with two wooden shelves where you can put additional accessories. Cook food on the top and bottom racks. The grill also has 4 swivel wheels with 2 locks.

  • Fast assembly in 15 minutes

  • This has a caddy cart for the propane tank

  • Takes up a lot of space

4# Vision Icon Grills CG401 Charcoal Kamado Grill with Oversized Cart

Vision Icon Grills CG401

View on Amazon

You will love the ceramic body of this grill which is renowned for its strength and durability. It has an incredibly stylish design that will blend in with your backyard decor. The thermometer is easy to read so you will not be able to prevent food from burning. The side shelves are folded back and have wood trim. They are optional accessories. Thanks to the 4 castors, you can easily move the grill.

  • No assembly difficulties

  • Stainless steel grate

  • Hard to clean

5# Vision Kamado Professional Ceramic Charcoal Grill

Vision Kamado Ceramic Grill

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Kamado Classic is a device that can be used as a grill, smokehouse, or oven. You no longer need to be afraid of blazing flames when approaching to turn the kebab. The ceramic grill has a heavy-duty surface, which allows it to withstand about 1000 C. Thanks to the temperature control, you will be able to cook dishes with complex recipes and forget about food burning. The 47 cm diameter grate allows you to cook several dishes at the same time for a large group of friends. For ease of use, the grill is equipped with small folding tables on the sides, on which it is convenient to put cutlery.

  • Attractive design

  • Large cooking surface

  • Wheels can get stuck in the grass

6# Vision Pro Kamado Charcoal Grill with Cover

Vision Pro Kamado Charcoal Grill

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This charcoal grill is made of ceramic and can be switched between 200 and 700 degrees. It retains heat well, reducing the consumption of coal and reducing the amount of ash. Two handy drop-down shelves on the side save space and you can cut vegetables or meat directly on them. The grill is also equipped with a removable drawer for quick ash removal.

  • Temperature control mode

  • Convenient side shelves

  • Removable ash box

  • Very heavy

7# Vision Grills Kamado Professional Ceramic Charcoal Grill in Taupe with Grill Cover

Vision Kamado Ceramic Charcoal Grill

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This ceramic charcoal grill mimics cooking in a wood-fired oven. It is suitable for cooking meat, vegetables, or pizzas, as well as smoking. The grill consists of two stainless steel grates, an upper air vent, and 4 locking wheels for easy movement. The special design ensures even heat distribution inside and reduces coal consumption.

  • Large 604 square inch work surface

  • Durable vinyl cover included

  • Easy to scratch

Vision grill accessories

#1 Vision Grills Barbecue Accessory Kit

Vision Grills Barbecue Accessory Kit

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This grill set is a must-have for every grill lover. It includes long heat resistant gloves to protect your hands while you cook. A set of 3 tools, including a fork, tongs, and spatula, will help you easily and conveniently handle meat or other food while cooking. Also included is a saucepan with a brush so you can easily brush the meat with your favorite sauce.

#2 Vision Grills Lava Cooking Stone

Vision Grills Lava Cooking Stone

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This cooking stone can be used either on the main grill or mounted separately on the bracket that is included in the kit. It is made of natural volcanic stone, which conducts heat well and can withstand high temperatures. You can use it to cook meats, vegetables, and pizza. Use heat resistant gloves when setting and removing the stone.

#3 Vision Grills Grilling Accessory Kit

Vision Grills Grilling Accessory Kit

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With this grill set, you can cook not only meat but also side dishes and vegetables. It includes a stainless steel potato grill, which is equipped with spikes for quicker cooking from the inside and easy placement. With the fire-resistant ceramic wok, you can easily grill vegetables on your grill. Check the meat readiness using a small thermometer with a screen. Also included is a brush so you can quickly and easily clean your grill after use.

How to Choose an Outdoor Grill?

A modern grill is set up with multiple work areas. One of them is intended for lighting an open fire and/or maintaining the temperature, one or more working areas are used for cooking. Structurally, a grill is a container with a grate and burners. The variety of models allows you to choose a device for every taste: from a company for 2-3 people to professional options designed for daily use. To determine the choice, you need to consider factors such as

Energy Source:

  • Material
  • The size
  • Construction: open or closed
  • Shape and color
  • Additional options
  • Reviews
  • Manufacturer
  • Warranty

Energy Source:

  • Several sources of energy are used for cooking:
  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Coal
  • Firewood

Charcoal Grills

Probably this kind of grill is the first thing that comes to mind when talking about outdoor grills. Indeed: the flying saucer-like spherical grill has long been a true classic for cooking meat and other outdoor dishes. In fact, such a grill does not differ too much from a regular barbecue, however, due to the presence of a lid and additional accessories, it can be used for cooking not only meat but also many other dishes.

Charcoal in such grills is poured into the lower part, and cooking takes place on the grill or special dishes that are installed on top of it. Among the advantages of charcoal grills, it is worth noting their versatility and relatively high mobility: as a rule, such a grill will fit in the trunk of a car, so it is easy to take it with you to a picnic. And such a device is not complicated at all in care and cleaning.

Wood-fired Grills

Wood-burning grills, unlike coal ones, require a stationary installation: their dimensions are too large to be moved (although many models can be disassembled and then installed in a new place). The most common round metal wood-burning grills, which are installed outdoors or in a gazebo, as well as stationary models, most of all similar to a small stove. Finally, there are island models made of refractory material or natural stone. Sometimes woodburning grills combine the functions of a grill and a fireplace.

Electric Grills

Electric grills, as their name implies, will require an electrical connection. At the same time, electric grills can be stationary and portable. The first, as you might guess, will be more massive and more powerful. The second ones can easily fit into the trunk, and you can easily take them with you on a trip or to a summer cottage for the weekend.

In addition to power consumption, electric grills can be divided into contactless (which involves placing meat on a skewer) and contact (using a grill). The rotating skewer will allow you to fry the piece evenly on all sides, and the grill is better for preparing small portions of food or meals that involve finely chopping ingredients.

Electric grills can be equipped with a lid, or have an open form factor, which means cooking without a lid. In such models, it will be possible to cook rather large pieces of meat. There are also models that allow you to install or remove the cover, depending on the need.

Gas Grills

Gas grills provide significant competition to coal ones. Largely due to the ease of use and maintenance. It’s no secret that charcoal grilling requires skill and time to prepare the fuel and ignite. At the same time, the gas grill is turned on with a single push of the auto-ignition button, after which the appliance is ready for use.

The gas grill heats up quickly, giving you more options in terms of the choice of modes and cooking methods. Finally, once the cooking is complete, the chef does not have to worry about cleaning up the ash.

Usually, gas models are more expensive than coal ones, but this is partially offset by a lower gas price. Well, instead of lugging bags of coal, the owner will have to visit a gas station from time to time. Note that gas grills can be equipped with several burners, which allows you to cook several dishes at the same time.

Depending on the design, gas grills can be divided into built-in, stationary, and mobile. The first devices are used in professional kitchens, integrating them into the overall cooking system. A stationary gas grill is suitable for use in the country or in a private house. And the compact, portable model will come in handy when traveling.

Cover Material

Grill work surface material and finish may vary significantly from model to model.

A metal surface with a non-stick coating will prove to be quite practical but will require careful maintenance. The non-stick coating is easy to scratch or damaged accidentally.

The glass-ceramic surface (very popular with electric models) allows you not to waste time cleaning the grill. It is very easy and quick to remove traces of cooking from it, but at the same time the material itself is very fragile, and it is easy to accidentally break it. The grates can be either steel or cast iron. The latter has practically no drawbacks, with the exception, perhaps, of rather large weight. They are difficult to damage but easy to clean with almost any detergent, including abrasive ones.

As for charcoal grills, they are divided into steel and ceramic models, each of which has its own pros and cons. Ceramic grills retain heat much better, while steel models heat up faster and cool down faster.

Shape and Color

The grill can be round, rectangular, and egg-shaped. Gas grills usually have a rectangular shape. The egg-shaped design differs from the round one in the wide variety of dishes that can be prepared. It allows you to cook in several work areas at the same time, and on one side you can cook soup in a saucepan, and on the other side, you can grill on a barbecue grill. Having decided on the model and size, you can choose the grill of the required color. But it should be borne in mind that in connection with the specifics of use, non-stained colors are the most relevant.


Vision is the high quality and convenience of grilling food. Kamado grills are the preparation of selected meat exactly to the degree of roast that you want. When you buy a Kamado you get a perfect steak machine. You only need to turn it four times. You don’t need dozens of years of experience or five years of study at a culinary college to do this. I have been using Vision Grills Kamado Icon 100 Series for many years and have never regretted my choice!

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