Best Fire Pit Glass 2023

I love to sit and spend summer and winter evenings by the fire with my big family. After purchasing fire glass for the fire pit, these evenings became even more pleasant and mysterious. Adding fire glass to my fire pit creates a cozy atmosphere. It is a great decorative element for your fire pit.

Buying Guide to the Different Types of Decorative Fire Pit Glass Pellets

Hiland RGLASS-BB Pit Fire Glass i n Bahama Blend, Extreme Tempature Rating, Good for Propane or Natural Gas, 10 Pounds, 10 lbHilandBuy on Amazon
Celestial Fire Glass High Luster, 1/2" Reflective Tempered Fire Glass in Meridian Blue | 10 Pound JarCelestial Fire GlassBuy on Amazon
GASPRO 10 lbs Fire Glass for Propane Fire Pit, 1/2-Inch Reflective Fireplace Glass Rocks for Fire Pit Table, Cobalt BlueGASPROBuy on Amazon
GASPRO 10 lbs Fire Glass for Propane Fire Pit, 1/2-Inch Reflective Fireplace Glass Rocks for Fire Pit Table, CopperGASPROBuy on Amazon
Skyflame High Luster 10-Pound Fire Glass for Fire Pit Fireplace Landscaping, 1/4-Inch Copper ReflectiveSkyflameBuy on Amazon
Grisun Onyx Black Fire Glass for Fire Pit, 1/2 Inch High Luster Reflective Tempered Glass Rocks for Natural or Propane Fireplace, Safe for Outdoors and Indoors Firepit Glass, 10 PoundsGRISUNBuy on Amazon
Onlyfire 10 Pounds High Luster Fire Glass Diamonds for Natural or Propane Fire Pit Fireplace & Landscaping, 1 Inch Cobalt BlueonlyfireBuy on Amazon
Future Way 10lbs Fire Pit Glass, 1/2 Inch Reflective Fire Glass for Fire Pit, Fire Table, Gas Fireplace, Decorative Glass Rocks, CopperFuture WayBuy on Amazon
Mr. Fireglass Crushed Fire Glass for Natural or Propane Fire Pit Fireplace & Landscaping,10 lb High Luster Light Sea BlueMr. FireglassBuy on Amazon
Uniflasy Blended Fire Glass Rock Beads, Clear White Cobalt Blue Amber Luster Round Glass for Outdoors and Indoors Firepit, 10 Pounds Fire Glass Stones for Natural or Propane Fireplace, Fire TableUniflasyBuy on Amazon
Hisencn Fire Pit Glass Rocks - High Luster Reflective Tempered Fire Glass for Propane Fire Pit, Outdoors and Indoors Natural or Propane Fireplaces, Landscape Decoration, 1/2 Inch Firepit Glass 10 lbsHisencnBuy on Amazon
Grisun 10 Pound White Fire Glass Beads for Fire Pit - 1/2 inch Ultra Clear Reflective Round Glass, Decorative for Natural or Propane Fireplace, Fire Table, Fish Tank, Vase Fillers and LandscapingGRISUNBuy on Amazon

I have reviewed the 12 best premium fire glass that will create an incredible atmosphere for your evening! If you have already bought or are about to buy a fire pit table, then I also recommend reading the review article Best Propane Fire Pit Table.

1# Hiland Fire Pit Fire Glass in Bahama Blend

Hiland Fire Pit Fire Glass

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This brand offers a large selection of Fire Pit Glass colors. Here everyone can find colors for their style. Fire glass is easy to use due to its perfect properties. It does not produce ash and soot therefore does not get dirty. You do not have to clean it often and this is a huge plus for me and you. This is a great tool for closing up protruding pipes. It can withstand high temperatures and remains durable. You can use it both inside and outside.

2# Celestial Fire Glass High Luster – Amazon’s Choice

Celestial Fire Glass

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This is a specially designed fire-rated glass. It is perfect for freshening up your interior and adding a modern look to your fire pit. It has a diamond shape that allows you to fill the entire space with a little fire glass. The manufacturer offers a large selection of bright and attractive colors. Everyone can choose the right one for themselves. I really like the blue. This creates a relaxed atmosphere. The blue color combines shades of sapphire and cobalt blue.

3# GASPRO Fire Glass – Amazon’s Choice

GASPRO Fire Glass

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It is a high-quality reflective fire glass that will decorate any fire pit. You can use it with natural gas, propane fire pit, and fireplaces. Thanks to the reflective coating, the glass appears multi-colored at night and shines brightly during the day. You will be able to fill the entire surface and hide the pipes thanks to this fire glass. Cobalt Blue is a popular color that will leave no one indifferent. It creates a romantic, yet mesmerizing atmosphere.

4# GASPRO Fire Pit Glass High Luster

GASPRO Fire Pit Glass

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This fire pit glass is suitable for both natural gas and propane fire pit. Besides, you can use it for the fireplace. You won’t have any difficulties using this accessory. You will not need to clean it every time as the product does not leave tar, ash, and smoke. All your time you will devote to a pleasant pastime by the fireplace, not cleaning. It is resistant to high temperatures and has an elegant look. This has a Cosmic Copper coloration. This color creates a rustic atmosphere.

5# Skyflame High Luster Fire Glass

Skyflame Fire Pit Glass

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This best fire pit glass was created to delight you. It has high heat resistance and transparency. You won’t have any difficulties with the installation. Thanks to its high quality, the fire glass will not lose its color over time. Fire glass does not emit toxins, soot, and smoke. It is an environmentally friendly product. It is available in a variety of colors. Each color creates its own special atmosphere.

6# Grisun Fire Glass for Fire Pit – Amazon’s Choice

Grisun Fire Pit Glass

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This model is great for use both at night and during the day. It is suitable for use in most fireplaces. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Fiery glass is corrosion resistant and has high-temperature resistance. It is available in many colors but my favorite is the black fire glass from this manufacturer. It is bright and shiny. This color creates a relaxing atmosphere. It also adds elegance to the interior.

7# onlyfire High Luster Fire Glass – Amazon’s Choice

onlyfire Fire Pit Glass

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This fire glass is shaped like beads. They look great. It is suitable for use with natural gas and propane gas. You will be able to use glass inside and out without any problem. It is also perfect for garden and aquarium decoration. Fiery glass does not lose its color and does not melt. There are 6 colors available for you to create different styles.

8# Future Way Fire Glass – Amazon’s Choice

Future Way Fire Glass

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Add some sparkle to your fireplace or fire pit. The copper-amber color will add a stylish twist to your interior. This fire glass is very durable so it will not break or degrade over time. The edges of the glass are polished so they are smooth. You don’t need to wash them after every use. If you want them to sparkle like new it can be washed under soap and water.

9# Mr. Fireglass Crushed Fire Glass

Mr. Fireglass Crushed Fire Glass

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This fire glass is finely crafted and has no sharp edges. This makes the product safe to use. Thanks to its shape, you can fill the entire surface without gaps. Glass does not emit toxic fumes and is resistant to high temperatures.

10# Uniflasy Fire Glass for Fire Pit

Uniflasy Fire Pit Glass

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Create a beautiful flame in your fire pit or fireplace! This multicolored glass combination will add incredible brightness to your casual evening. The fiery glass of the highest quality does not lose its colour or melt. It doesn’t take long to arrange it evenly or clean the glass.

11# Hisencn Blended Fire Glass for Fire Pit

Hisencn Blended Fire Pit Glass

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This fire glass is made through a tempering and filtration process. This indicates its high quality and reliable use for many years. This reflective glass creates a vibrant and trendy color. It is a great alternative to firewood, lava, and logs.

12# Grisun Ultra White Fire Pit Glass

Grisun White Fire Pit Glass

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Choose from 5 colors based on your preference. Personally, I like white the most. It creates a calm and light atmosphere in which you can relax after a working day. This shiny and stylish accessory is safe for the environment and you.

What is Fire Glass?

Since fire-rated glass is tempered glass, it can withstand high temperatures and does not ignite when exposed to heat for a long time. Tempered glass enhances the beauty of gas fireplaces, giving them an aesthetic visual effect. Glass and fire pit glass is a new alternative as the beauty of the colored glass crystals shimmers in the light of the fire. Broken glass can collect and release heat, making the system more efficient. Best fire pit glass is a recycled product and, thanks to special processing, does not contain harmful substances and foreign substances such as metals and plastics.

It has two main goals:

  • Keep and give off heat
  • The light of the “normal” flame is decorated with different colors and effects

This special glass has been used in the USA for various fireplaces such as the gas fireplace, gas stove, fire pit, since mid-2000. It is also used in aquariums, landscaping, and more. Fire pit glass also serves as an alternative to lava stones and wood and is suitable for setting up fireplaces in the garden, in the house, or on the terrace. Glass and fire pit glass can be used with natural gas, propane, or bioethanol.

What Properties Does Fire-Rated Glass Have?

Fire pit glass has the following benefits:

  • It withstands high temperatures and prolonged exposure to heat
  • No spark
  • Does not emit steam
  • Does not emit smoke
  • No soot
  • No ash

Is Fire Pit Glass Safe?

To avoid cuts, the sharp edges of the glass pieces are smoothed especially. However, protective gloves should always be worn when working.

How to Install Fire Glass in a Fire Pit?

I recommend that you take appropriate safety precautions when installing fire glass in the fire pit. Check with the manufacturer if the fireplace can be used with fire-rated glass. Please refer to your device’s instruction manual to determine the exact amount of fire pit glass you need. Usually, the quantity is measured using the following dimensions for your fire pit: front width, back width, depth, and height.

How is Fireglass Created?

It is produced with a special treatment that guarantees the resistance of these small crystals and makes them able to come into contact with a flame without reaching their melting point. It is worth noting that the fire glass is made from recycled glass. Therefore, it is an excellent environmentally friendly, and completely authentic product. Since fire-resistant glass is tempered, it does not melt, explode, or form soot.

How to Choose Your Fire Glass | Fire Pit Essentials

I suggest you consider factors on which your choice will depend.

What color fire glass should we use?

The main purpose of fire-rated glass is to beautify the interior, then the choice of color can be the most difficult to choose. Here you will have a big choice. The choice of colors is great, so only a few are mentioned here: blue, green, black, grey, copper, bronze, pink, emerald, and others. If you want to get something shimmery, then choose the color of the crystal. If you want something discreet, then black is perfect. If you want to create a rustic atmosphere, then colors such as amber, copper, and chestnut are suitable for this. The choice of color depends on your preference. Each brand offers different colors, so you can definitely find something of your own.

  • Shape. I want to warn you that there is no conventionally accepted designation for the name of fire pit glass forms.
  • Beads. This fire glass has an oval shape without edges. Thanks to their uniformity, they look great. However, they are not suitable to fill in the gaps.
  • Diamonds. This fire pit glass has a similar oval shape. They have a smooth surface and a natural look. Due to their irregular shape, they fill the entire space perfectly.
  • Fragments. Such glass looks like shatters. But they are safe to use. You will be able to fit them tightly and thus fill more space. Therefore, you will need fewer of them to fill.
  • The Size. They are small (from a quarter of an inch across) and large (1 inch). Most often, buyers choose 1.5-inch fire pit glass.


Firepit glass gives you a great way to increase the aesthetic appeal of your fire pit. I am very happy when using the best fire pit glass. This is a very stylish design solution that creates an incredible atmosphere. If you find it difficult to make a choice, then I advise you to pay special attention to the Hiland Fire Pit Fire Glass in Bahama Blend model.


Can I also use regular glass for fireplaces?
No. Plastics are commonly mixed in the manufacture of ordinary glass and release toxic fumes when burned. Regular glass is not tempered, it melts, emits soot and smoke, and has sharp edges. In addition, ordinary glass can break/explode more easily.
How should I clean fire glass?
It’s a simple process. Best fire pit glass does not form soot and ash, so it practically does not get dirty. It can only get dirty due to street dust. You just need to rinse underwater. If you want to clean fire glass well, you can use soap.
How long does fire glass last?
In fact, such glass has no expiration date. In fact, you can use it all your life. However, over time, glass and fire pit glass can lose its color and look due to natural phenomena such as rain and snow.
Can I mix different colors of fire glass?
Yes, different colors can be mixed. Most manufacturers already offer mixed color products in their product range.
How to light fire glass in a fire pit?
This is very easy to do. You need to use an extended lighter. First, turn on the gas, then bring the lighter to the working burner. That’s all!
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