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The oven is an essential part of almost every kitchen, mainly because of its versatility. It is suitable for baking, cooking, frying, or grilling, and if you need to do something quickly, you can defrost frozen pizza in it. It plays an important role for both experienced chefs and those who are too lazy to cook. This article will focus on the best wall oven.

The 5 Best Convection Wall Oven– Editor’s Choice

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The following manual contains a lot of information about the best convection wall oven and points out important criteria when buying an oven. I have selected 5 models for you which include both the best double wall oven and the best single wall oven.

1# Empava Electric Single Wall Oven

Empava Electric Single Wall Oven

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The Empava oven is a model in the upper price range with numerous functions in the basic equipment. The model has 2 removable oven racks and 6 adjustable rack positions, as well as several automatic programs to make your work easier. The manufacturer claims that the oven door stays cool even at very high temperatures inside. Thus, there is no risk of burns for children and other family members. This model is equipped with a high-quality timer that can be set in a maximum of 11 hours 59 minutes. It also has an automatic shutdown. This model is equipped with automatic cleaning, which uses high temperatures to pass contaminants into the oven cavity.

  • Digital display

  • Uniform cooking

  • Hard to see burner circles

2# Frigidaire Gallery Series Double Electric Wall Oven with Convection – #1 Best Seller

Frigidaire Gallery Electric Wall Oven

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Open the top half of the door to access the food in the upper area without cooling the lower area. Alternatively, open the lower door to get the setup to the lower level. The oven chamber can be divided into two independent zones with different temperatures and cooking times. This way you can cook different dishes at the same time and immediately enjoy their great taste. Less heat loss when opening half the door. Save time and effort in manually cleaning the chamber. Catalytic cleaning makes cleaning the walls of the working chamber much easier. A catalytic plate on the back of the chamber absorbs vapors and drops of fat generated during cooking. As a result, the oven cleans itself and saves you the hassle of cleaning the chamber walls with expensive cleaning agents. In this best double wall oven, you can cook larger meals. This opens up even more possibilities for home cooking. Cook many different dishes at the same time for any company. Plus, you can easily prepare bulky meals like turkey for the whole family.

  • Fast cooking

  • Self-cleaning

  • Difficult to install

3# Bosch Stainless Steel Electric Single Wall Oven Convection

Bosch Electric Single Wall Oven Convection

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This best single wall oven from Bosch is a built-in appliance with 11 automatic baking and roasting programs. When baking or frying, all the user has to do is select the appropriate program and enter the weight of the food. The rest of the work is done by an automatic program. It determines the appropriate temperature and cooking time and completes the cooking process on its own. The Ecoclean Direct function is designed to make cleaning the oven easier. According to the manufacturer, it ensures the breakdown of dirt and grease splashes during the baking process. The 3D hot air feature is designed to distribute heat evenly in the oven so you can bake or roast up to three levels at the same time. The oven has a white LCD display, child lock, and energy efficiency class A.

  • Automatic cleaning

  • A large number of programs

  • Poor timer

4# GASLAND Single Wall Oven

GASLAND Single Wall Oven

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The GASLAND gas oven is made in an elegant black design and will harmoniously fit into a modern kitchen. The recessed handles are invisible and hide in the control panel when switched off. The oven is equipped with a timer that will let you know that the dish is ready and the oven needs to be turned off. If necessary, you can turn off the oven ahead of the set time. The high quality of the material used in the baking sheet and the grill rack, 6 programs for cooking different dishes, ease of programming, easy cleaning enamel – these characteristics speak in favor of buying a GASLAND oven.

  • 3 layers of black tempered glass

  • Safety of use

  • Bad instruction

5# Jenn-Air Single Electric Wall Oven with Multimode Convection System

Jenn-Air Single Electric Wall Oven

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Do you want your dinner to be thrilling and everyone wants some extra portion, then you just need the best single wall oven from Jenn-Air. The modern and easy-to-use display will inform you of the time before the end of the process. Circulating air will ensure that your food is cooked evenly in a shorter time. Thanks to the operation of the fan and heating elements, hot air will be evenly distributed throughout the entire oven cavity, ensuring even cooking and, thereby, shortening the cooking process. Discover an efficient and eco-friendly way to remove grease and dirt from your oven without the use of detergents. Turn on the cleaning and see how the powerful effect of steam has an amazing effect. After completing the cleaning process, simply wipe the inside with a sponge.

  • Fast preheating

  • Convection system MultiMode

  • Expensive enough

How Do Ovens Work?

An oven is a heated device that is suitable for baking, roasting. Modern household appliances often have additional features such as a built-in microwave oven or double boiler. How it works: The air in the oven is heated by a heating element, and the set temperature is maintained throughout the entire cooking period. Depending on the device, this works sometimes more, sometimes less reliably. Temperature fluctuations appear over time, especially in older ovens, which can spoil the baking result.

If you’re wondering why Grandma’s cheesecake suddenly stops working for the 800th time, it could very well be because of your oven. Warped seals or broken temperature sensors are to blame. But it is not only the deterioration of the performance of your old oven that can be an argument in favor of a new one. Modern devices today bring a lot of comfort with them. Moreover, they are becoming more and more energy-efficient. Are you saving space and unable to install a conventional oven? Then check out such devices as the wall oven!

Different Types of Ovens

Electric Oven

Probably the most famous and most popular type of is the electric oven. This type of oven has caught on because it is so easy to use. On the other hand, ovens with different types of heating, such as gas, are becoming rarer. An electrically driven oven consumes 2,000 to 3,000 watts. A simple household outlet is usually sufficient for operation. Few models require high current.

Gas Oven

An oven with a gas connection generates heat by burning gas. Gas supply can work in two ways. Some houses have gas sockets. They are connected to a gas line that supplies fuel to the furnace. The second option is to connect a gas cylinder. It needs to be replaced when it is empty. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort. With low gas prices and lower emissions, a gas oven saves energy costs compared to an electric oven. Gas stoves require fire to ignite and are the main source of danger in the home.

Induction Oven

Induction technology has only been used in ovens for a few years. Manufacturers simply transferred the well-known induction technology from the stove to the oven. In most cases, “conventional” ovens are equipped with an induction option, which the user can manually switch to the classic type of heating.

Mini Oven

The operating mode of the mini oven can be an electric oven, gas oven, or induction oven. These are mainly electrical appliances. Standard-sized ovens typically have a chamber volume of 66 to 71 litres. With an internal volume of 10 to 40 litres, mini devices are much smaller and usually not suitable for installation. But this kind will easily fit into a tall cabinet. The functionality of many appliances is limited compared to conventional-sized ovens. However, among mini ovens, there are also devices that have a considerable number of functions.

Important Features When Choosing the Best Wall Oven

Ovens differ little in their characteristics. However, small details can significantly affect the functionality of your own home, so they should be checked carefully before purchasing.

Energy Efficiency

By far the most important criterion when buying an oven is energy consumption. Electric ovens are classified into different energy efficiency classes based on standardized measurements. They range from A (very efficient) to G (very ineffective). Therefore, always use the EU Class A label when purchasing. With these devices, the energy consumption for a standardized baking process should not exceed 0.79 kWh. On the other hand, devices of other classes sometimes use energy inefficiently with the same baking performance. In addition, accurate kilowatt-hour power consumption is important as there can be significant differences between Class A devices. Modern lighting can also be economical. Smart solutions are ovens with LED strips that consume less energy and illuminate the baking process even better.


Standard heating types: hot air / circulating air and top/bottom heating can be found in every modern oven today. The heat in convection ovens is evenly distributed by the screw so that the temperature is the same at all points. Using this technique, you can bake multiple trays in the oven at the same time. This is not possible with the top and bottom heating programs due to the uneven heat distribution. Many ovens are equipped with a grill function. Here, additional heating elements are installed on top, which fry baked goods on top, like an electric grill. Multifunctional ovens offer additional programs such as bread baking, pizza, and steam or organic cooking for low fat and low vitamin content.


When the most delicious dishes sizzle in the oven, grease splashes on the walls, and sauce or cheese drips, then cleaning is usually tedious and time-consuming. Grease, starch, fruit juice, and protein, in particular, cause stubborn stains that are difficult to remove. For this reason, the user should pay attention to the type of interior wall covering when purchasing. Or you can choose an oven with a self-cleaning function, be it pyrolysis, catalysis or hydrolysis.

The interior wall covering says a lot about the cleaning effort. Here, the most smooth walls are especially beneficial. Even on the smallest porous surface, grease and food debris sticks more strongly and can only be removed with scrubbing or a lot of chemicals.

Nowadays, walls, which are usually made of metal or stainless steel, are covered with a coating. Smooth or ceramic enamel is especially easy to clean. Like glass, dirt can be wiped off with a little water and cleaning agent without using a sponge. The use of other aids or even steel wool is not recommended, as otherwise the surface may be scratched and in the worst case, rust will form.  In the case of an oven door, it is desirable that it is completely covered with glass from the inside. Like a cooking chamber, glass has a smooth surface, making it easier and more hygienic to clean.


If you want to save yourself the trouble of manually cleaning the interior, we recommend buying an oven with a self-cleaning function. Even hard-to-reach places, such as a rear wall with a fan, ceiling or slot grooves, are hygienically clean without much effort. Self-cleaning is a great and practical invention, but it translates into higher price and energy consumption. This does not require aggressive chemical cleaning agents. There are three main types of self-cleaning: pyrolysis, catalysis, and a water treatment program.


During pyrolysis, the oven heats the inside to 400-600 degrees Celsius, so food leftovers and stains simply burn away and turn into ash. After a one or two-hour program during which the door cannot be opened, a cooling phase also follows. Then the owner only has to remove the ash with a damp cloth, and the cooking space is completely hygienic. However, it should be noted that larger food residues must be removed manually before activation, otherwise, they may catch fire. In addition, you must first remove partially purchased non-pyrolytic sheets or stainless steel telescopic rails. Since the program takes a long time, the process only makes sense if it is very dirty. In addition, this type of self-cleaning is currently the most expensive.


The oven is cleaned by catalysis during the baking process. The catalyst particles melt in a special enamel coating that decomposes dirt into carbon dioxide and water at a temperature of 200-300 degrees Celsius. It’s a chemical oxidation process. The advantage of this method is that it does not require a separate and lengthy process. However, this type of coating must be handled with extreme care, otherwise, the surface will lose its cleansing effect. This means that sponges or cleaning agents must not be used here. If the cleaning effect does decrease, manufacturers suggest replacing the inner walls.


The third self-cleaning method is a special water purification program that uses a hydrolysis process. Here, water with a small amount of cleaning agent is poured directly into the floor tray and the function is activated. At temperatures between 40 and 60 degrees Celsius, water vapor forms, which absorbs dirt. At the end of the half-hour program, an audible signal sounds, the residues can simply be erased.


Whether you are a housewife or a professional chef, you cannot do without a wall oven. Its feature set allows you to find the right setting for each dish. With the right oven, the perfect meal can be prepared in no time. However, if you are still undecided on the model, I advise you to pay special attention to there are two models: 1# Empava Electric Single Wall Oven and 2# Frigidaire Gallery Series Double Electric Wall Oven with Convection – Best Seller.

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