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Some people prefer thin crunchy dough with tomato sauce and melting mozzarella. For others, the delight is a fluffy thick dough that is complemented by ham, pineapple, and damp. What am I talking about? Oh, pizza, of course.

It is such a simple thing made of flour, water, yeast, and salt that delights gourmets all over the world. To make authentic, authentic Italian pizza at home, you need a dedicated outdoor pizza oven. But which is the best outdoor pizza oven for the home? In this article, you will find the answer to this question.

The advantage of the best pizza oven outdoor over a conventional oven is that the baking time is much shorter, the dough becomes nice and crispy, and the filling does not lose its freshness. Another positive effect is that you save energy with the best outdoor pizza oven as it only takes a few minutes to preheat the devices.

Top 15 Best Pizza Oven Outdoor – Editor’s Choice

Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven BlackNapoli by BertelloBuy on Amazon
U-MAX Outdoor Pizza Oven Wood Fire with Waterproof Cover, Freestanding, Steel Pizza Grill, Pizza Maker Camping Cooker with Pizza StoneU-MAXBuy on Amazon
BakerStone 9152403 Portable Gas Pizza Oven, BlackBakerStoneBuy on Amazon
Deeco DM-0039-IA-C Aztec Allure Cast Iron Pizza Oven ChimineaDeeco Consumer ProductsBuy on Amazon
Authentic Pizza Ovens - Maximus Red Wood Fire OvenAuthentic Pizza OvensBuy on Amazon
Deco Chef Outdoor Pizza Oven with 2-in-1 Pizza and Grill Oven Functionality, 13" Pizza Stone, Portable 3-Layer Stainless Steel Construction, Pizza Peel, Dough Scraper, Scoop, Slotted GrillDeco ChefBuy on Amazon
Ooni Fyra 12 Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven – Portable Hard Wood Pellet Pizza Oven – Ideal for Any Outdoor KitchenooniBuy on Amazon
GYBER Fremont Stainless Steel Portable Outdoor Patio Wood Fired 12 Inch Pizza Maker Countertop Oven, For Pizza, Burgers, Fish, & More, SilverandmakersBuy on Amazon
Chicago Brick Oven Wood-Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven, CBO-750 DIY KitChicago Brick OvenBuy on Amazon
Green Mountain Grill Wood Fired Pizza Oven for Daniel Boone, Ledge, Jim Bowie & Peak Pellet GrillPelletheadBuy on Amazon
Outdoor Pizza Oven Kit • DIY Pizza Oven – The Mattone Barile Foam Form (Medium Size) provides the PERFECT shape/size for building a money-saving homemade Pizza Oven with locally sourced Firebrick.BrickWood OvensBuy on Amazon
Mimiuo Outdoor Pizza Ovens Wood Pellet Pizza Oven Portable Stainless Steel Wood Fired Pizza Stove with 13" Pizza Stone & Foldable Pizza Peel (Classic W-Oven Series)MimiuoBuy on Amazon
MII Outdoor Pizza Oven-Wood Fired-Desert BrownMIIBuy on Amazon
BuonaIdea31" Wood Fired Stainless Steel Artisan Pizza Oven or Grill with Side Tables, Outdoor or IndoorMCP Pizza OvensBuy on Amazon

In my guide, you will find out which manufacturers are available on the market and what advantages different devices have. Let’s take a look at the 15 best outdoor pizza ovens for home right now!

1# Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven – Amazon’s Choice

Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven

View on Amazon

Bertello is the most affordable, high quality, portable, multi-fuel outdoor pizza oven. Besides pizza, you can prepare a wide variety of dishes including meat, fish, vegetables, and dessert pizza. This oven delivers incredible results when using charcoal, gas, or burnt wood. This lightweight and portable oven allows you to install it almost anywhere outdoors. Achieve restaurant-quality results in your backyard with the Bertello multi-fuel pizza oven. This product gives you the ability to cook in over 900 degrees Fahrenheit and produces the perfect crust. The model is 12.5 “wide and 13.5” deep.

  • Portable

  • Simultaneously gas, wood, and coal oven

  • Complicated instruction

2# U-MAX Outdoor Pizza Oven Wood Fire – Amazon’s Choice

U-MAX Outdoor Pizza Oven Wood Fire

View on Amazon

It is the perfect choice for the best outdoor firewood pizza oven. This product is designed to prepare delicious crunchy pizza for a large company. You can spend wonderful evenings with your loved ones over aromatic pizza. Your pizza won’t burn thanks to the built-in thermometer. You will always be able to monitor the temperature and achieve great results. An even temperature is achieved thanks to high-quality steel. The product is distinguished by its durability and high corrosion resistance thanks to the Powder-coated surface. On the first level, there is a ceramic pizza stone, thanks to which the oven can reach a temperature of 700 ° F within 20 minutes. The total cooking surface is 144sq. Inches.

  • Easy assembly

  • It has 2 wheels and a thermo-resistant handle for easy moving

  • Not suitable for cooking other food

3# BakerStone Portable Gas Pizza Oven –  Amazon’s Choice

BakerStone Portable Gas Pizza Oven

View on Amazon

The best way to make real pizza is in a traditional gas oven, which can produce intense heat at very high temperatures. This is very difficult to replicate at home, which is why many people avoid making homemade pizza. For this reason, Bakerstone has created a portable oven. The oven is capable of reaching 426˚ C by creating an airflow system. Producers promise an aromatic, fluffy pizza with a crispy crust at the exit. In addition to pizza, you can also make cakes, bread, biscuits, and grill vegetables and meats.

  • 25, 000 BTU burner system

  • It comes with a pizza oven box and firebox with the regulator

  • It doesn’t include the required accessories. You will have to buy them separately

4# Deeco Aztec Allure Cast Iron Pizza Oven Chiminea

Deeco Aztec Allure Cast Iron Pizza Oven

View on Amazon

Do you want some delicious wood-fired pizza? Then you need to pay attention to this model. This oven is hard to miss. This product has a unique design that inspires delicious crispy pizza. This model combines a fireplace and an oven. Enjoy an atmospheric evening cooking pizza at the same time. It is also fitted with a stainless steel barbecue grill. Heat is fixed to the top of the oven thanks to a durable cast iron construction with a fibreglass lining.

  • A removable ash draw

  • Quick access to the grill

  • In reality, it is smaller in size than in the photo

5# Authentic Pizza Ovens

Authentic Pizza Ovens

View on Amazon

A real outdoor pizza oven for connoisseurs of delicious pizza. This model has an interesting design that will amaze not only you but also your friends. With this device, you can cook two 12 “wood-fired pizzas at a time. In one hour, you can cook about 30 pizzas, as the preparation of one pizza takes no more than 90 seconds. It is also suitable for cooking fish, vegetables and baking delicious bread.

  • Easy to clean

  • Superior design

  • No built-in thermometer

6# Cuisinart Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven – Amazon’s Choice

Cuisinart Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven

View on Amazon

This is a portable outdoor pizza oven for a home that is easy to use. You will receive a 143sq.inches cooking space. Your pizza will be ready in 5 minutes thanks to a 15,000 BTU burner. An even cooking temperature is achieved by convection, conduction, and reflected heat. You can assemble the oven without tools in 10 minutes. I like this oven for its compactness and lightweight. It weighs about 40 pounds.

  • It comes with the pizza making guide

  • It has a smoke chip cup

  • It doesn’t always get hot enough

7# Deco Chef Outdoor Pizza Oven

Deco Chef Outdoor Pizza Oven

View on Amazon

This is a portable pizza oven that is easy to use and allows you to cook wood-fired pizzas. Apart from this, you can also finish steaks, fish, vegetables, chicken and other food thanks to the grill grates and drip collection tray. The stainless steel construction is capable of heating up to 950 ° F. You can load lump charcoal or hardwood pellets into the removable fuel pan.

  • Robust construction

  • Multifunctional oven

  • Difficult to clean

8# Ooni Fyra Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven

Ooni Fyra Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven

View on Amazon

This is the right choice if you want to make delicious pizza just for yourself or your small family. This mini oven is easy to clean, does not take up much space and heats up quickly. You can use hardwood pellets as fuel. Thanks to its easy cleaning, this oven can be used for the perfect preparation of frozen pizza. The product heats up to 500 ° C after 15 minutes. The model weighs 10 kg and can be easily moved around the garden.

  • Powder-coated for heat retention

  • Portable model

  • It’s hard to make the perfect pizza the first time

9# Andmakers Fremont Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Andmakers Fremont Wood Fired Pizza Oven

View on Amazon

This model will allow you to prepare pizza in record time. This product works on wood pellets. In addition, the oven includes the necessary accessories for cooking steaks, fish and other products. The oven heats up evenly to 700° F for a few minutes. The body of this oven is made of stainless steel, therefore it is a very strong and durable product.

  • The product requires minimal assembly

  • Rapid heating

  • Less durable than other models

10# Chicago Brick Oven Wood-Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven

Chicago Brick Oven Wood-Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven

View on Amazon

This oven ensures that your pizza is cooked evenly and safely. This model has a low dome design and is also equipped with a flue system. Refractory materials allow the oven to heat up to 1000°. This model is distinguished by its low cost and high quality. This wood-fired oven allows you to cook other foods as well.

  • Affordable price

  • Durability

  • I found no flaws

11# Pellethead Green Mountain Grill Wood Fired Pizza Oven – Amazon’s Choice

Pellethead Green Mountain Wood Fired Pizza Oven

View on Amazon

This Wood Fired oven impresses with its portability due to its low weight. Cooking one pizza takes less than 4 minutes. In addition, these ovens reach temperatures of 300 degrees Celsius or more. When buying such a pizza oven, consider the space it takes up. It is important to have your own well-ventilated table or storage space in the kitchen so you can make pizza safely.

  • It includes pizza stone

  • Great price

  • A bit difficult to clean

12# BrickWood Ovens Outdoor Pizza Oven Kit

BrickWood Ovens Outdoor Pizza Oven Kit

View on Amazon

This device will allow you to prepare medium-sized pizza. The product has A 700 SqIn cooking surface which will allow you to bake about 20 pizzas in 1 hour. It is the perfect choice for a large company or family. The design of this brick oven is mesmerizing and inspiring. This product runs on wood and is the ideal size for garden installations.

  • Great size

  • Highly functional

  • It takes a long time to warm up

13# Mimiuo Portable Wood Pellet Pizza Oven

Mimiuo Portable Wood Pellet Pizza Oven

View on Amazon

This outdoor pizza oven for home is designed so that you can set it up anywhere and make a delicious pizza in no time. This product runs on fuels such as wood pellets. The pizza is baked for one minute. However, you need an additional 10 minutes to heat the oven to 500 degrees Celsius. The set also includes a 12 ” * 14″ foldable aluminum pizza peel and a 13 “round pizza stone.

  • Fast installation

  • Easy cleaning

  • It is easy to scratch from the outside

14# MII Outdoor Pizza Oven-Wood Fired

MII Outdoor Pizza Oven-Wood Fired

View on Amazon

I am delighted to present to you this Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven in a traditional style. The oven is made of clay and wrought iron by hand. Thanks to its compact design, the oven can be installed almost anywhere outside. In 15 minutes, the oven can heat up to 500F, and then you can start baking your pizza. This also includes accessories such as the clay oven, iron stand, and protective cover.

  • Interesting design

  • It takes up little space

  • This model takes longer to warm up than others

15# MCP Pizza Ovens Pizza Oven or Grill with Side Tables

MCP Pizza Ovens Pizza Oven

View on Amazon

This wood-fired pizza oven comes equipped with side-folding tables that can be folded at will. This product is made of 430 stainless steel and can heat up from 100-800 degrees Fahrenheit in a short time. Thanks to the large cooking space, you can cook 2-3 pizzas in one go.

  • This includes accessories such as Pizza Stone Surface, Wire brush/broom, large pizza peel, and waterproof cover

  • Fast heating time

  • Unattractive design

What Is an Outdoor Pizza Oven?

In the pizza oven outdoor, you can bake pizza at high temperatures in a few minutes. These devices are characterized by the fact that they can reach temperatures up to 500 degrees and above. The result is a typical crispy dough, and the pizza tastes like Italian. Your favorite restaurant has wood-burning stoves for this. These devices are larger, so you can bake several pizzas at the same time. There are smaller versions for your home that can run on both wood and electricity and offer room for 1-2 pizzas.

How Does the Best Outdoor Pizza Oven for Home Work?

How a pizza oven works depends on your model. You heat a wood stove with logs, pallets, or brick slabs. It creates high temperatures up to 500 degrees. The pizza stone heats up and makes the dough nice and crispy. The body is well insulated so that you can bake several pizzas one after the other without re-firing. There is usually a thermometer outside so you can see at a glance if it is hot enough. Electric pizza ovens run on electricity. They heat up to about 400 degrees and bake your homemade or commercial pizza. They also often use a pizza stone. The lid keeps the oven warm, so you can save energy here too. With a few simple steps, you can turn on these devices and let them warm up. Many have built-in a timer. As soon as the pizza is in the oven, you put it on, and the device turns off automatically after the baking time. This way nothing burns and you get the perfect pizza. Baking in a pizzeria is different from baking in an oven. It often takes a little practice to find out how long it takes to bake for the pizza to have the desired consistency.

Types of Best Outdoor Pizza Oven

Want to buy yourself the best pizza oven? Then you should seriously consider how often your pizza oven will be used before purchasing. If you only eat pizza once every 2-3 months, a cheap pizza oven with low productivity will do. However, if pizza is a regular feature on your menu, I recommend purchasing a pizza oven with higher numbers in the power category and temperature range, such as in mini pizza ovens.

Electric Terracotta Pizza Ovens

For evenings with family or friends, the electric outdoor pizza oven with a terracotta dome is perfect and is in no way inferior to a wood-fired pizza oven. Like a raclette, an electric pizza oven is placed in the center of the table so that each guest is seated at arm’s length. You can also bake pizza in the garden using an electric appliance. Just make sure there is a power outlet near the table. After each guest has prepared their own dish with their favourite pizza, they are simply pushed through the hole into a terracotta pizza oven and baked until crisp. In most cases, electric terracotta pizza ovens must be preheated for 10 minutes. The time it takes to bake a pizza is usually five minutes, although it can take longer if the oven is full.

Pizza Oven With the Pizza Stone

Cook crispy pizza in the pizza stone oven. This oven is very powerful and perfect if you want to make your own pizza. It can reach temperatures of 400 degrees Celsius in a few minutes. The fireproof and food-safe chamotte pizza stone produces a particularly crispy baked pizza that rivals the dough specialties of Italian restaurants.  Usually, the baking time is 5 minutes, depending on the filling.

Mini Outdoor Pizza Oven

Mini ovens are real all-rounders. They bake pizza, act as a grill, and even steam meat and fish. These pizza ovens are especially suitable for households that don’t have room for large gas or convection ovens but still don’t want to go without pizza, fries, or Christmas cookies. The mini oven must be preheated to 200 degrees Celsius for about 10 minutes. You can then enjoy your pizza after another 12 minutes.

Buying Recommendations


Pizza is baked at an average temperature of 200 degrees Celsius and above. Before purchasing a device, make sure that this temperature can actually be reached with the appropriate model. Pizza ovens, which are also used as a grill, can usually reach a higher temperature.


For models with a terracotta hood, it is generally possible to cook mini pizzas with a diameter of about 11 cm. Some manufacturers also sell devices in which both small and large pizzas can be prepared. Most of these products also have a grill function. Large pizzas are usually between 26 and 30 cm in diameter.


The timer makes pizza preparation a lot easier, especially if you’re baking pizza at a garden party and don’t always keep track of the time. Therefore, we recommend that beginners use a timer oven to prevent their first pizza from burning. Using the grill function, you can leave the room with a clear conscience while the food is in the oven. However, don’t be surprised if your terracotta pizza oven doesn’t have a built-in timer.


The color of the pizza oven is for your individual taste. The best outdoor gas pizza oven is mostly available in terracotta, red, black, or cream.

How to Clean a Pizza Oven?

The pizza oven, like all kitchen appliances, should be cleaned regularly. To make it easier for you, it is best to wipe it down with a damp cloth after each use. But be sure to wait for the pizza oven to cool down. This is especially true for pizza stones, which can burst into contact with cold water while still hot. Take a quick look at the instructions to get to the corners.


High baking temperature is very important for specialty Italian dough. But which outdoor pizza oven is right for you? Your choice depends entirely on what you expect from the pizza and how it is prepared. Regardless of the type of oven, it is important that it suits you and your requirements. Just choose the pizza oven for the home you like best from the review. My favorites are 1# Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven – Amazon’s Choice, 2# U-MAX Outdoor Pizza Oven Wood Fire – Amazon’s Choice, and 3# BakerStone Portable Gas Pizza Oven – Amazon’s Choice.

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