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The 13 Flat Top Grills: A Guide for Getting the Best Grill

Nothing starts your day better than a fresh portion of freshly cooked grilled food. Imagine waking up early in the morning and going to the kitchen to pour some milk into a bowl of cereal. Doesn’t sound like the tastiest breakfast? Now envision that your milk has turned bad. No cereal for you now.

You may have some pre-cooked food waiting for you to get microwaved. In the worst-case scenario, you’ll have to skip breakfast. Now, what if you could instead head straight to your backyard and grill some food very fast? Imagine the smell, the aroma, and the taste of grilled meat and eggs. Now that’s the way to start your morning! With Flat Top Grills, these visions can become a reality.

What if you don’t have a backyard? I have a surprise for you! Unlike regular griddles, Flat Top Grills are much more accessible and can be used to cook even indoors. Some of them, at least. They are versatile, allow for full temperature control, and they also heat quickly so you wouldn’t have to wait for eternity until your food is done.

Flat Top Grills is an amazing party magnet. They have large surfaces that allow cooking large quantities of food all in one go. The temperature is distributed evenly through the whole surface. You can be sure that every guest receives an equally juicy and tasty piece!

So, want to boost your nutrition now? What grill should you choose then? That’s a tough question because the market is oversaturated with them. But don’t get your hopes down because I’ve got you covered with this list of hand-picked griddles and barbecue machines!

If you want to find out about the benefits and peculiarities of grilling? Then keep on reading. In this article, I’m going to tell you about the benefits of barbecuing and give you my personal Top 13 of the best flat-top grills on the market.

1# Blackstone Outdoor Grill Griddle Station Flat Top Gas Grill

Blackstone Grill Griddle Flat Top Gas Grill

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A good way to start this list is with this great grill for backyard enthusiasts. It’s a truly massive piece of technology. Don’t worry that it comes unassembled, though. The package comes with instructions that will make setting it up much easier. Once you compile the grill, you’re basically ready to go. It’s equipped with an electric push-button for faster ignition. With over 720 square inches of cooking space, you’ll be able to cook vast amounts of food for a huge party without a problem. The grill has a side shelf that provides all sorts of comfortable sections like the cutting board, towel holder, and trash bag hooks. Be sure to maintain this thing properly and clean it regularly if you don’t want to be covered in mold. Other than that, this flat-top grill can change the way you approach cooking forever!

Highlighted features:

  • 4-burner grill.
  • Propane fueled.
  • Includes removable cutting board, towel holder, and trash bag hooks.
  • 720 square inches of cooking space.
  • Battery-powered ignition.
  • Suitable for outdoor cooking.
  • Total of 60,000 BTU output (4 controlled 15,000 BTU burners).
  • Weights over 134 pounds.
  • Dimensions: 40 x 25 x 14.5 inches.
  • Sturdy and long-lasting

  • Conveniently placed shelf for accessories

  • Easy to assemble with instructions

  • Heats up very quickly

  • Outstanding build and protection

  • Huge cooking space

  • Very easy to master

  • The manufacturer’s assembly comes with a hefty fee.

  • Not suited for indoor use unless you have excellent ventilation at home.

  • Mediocre customer service.

  • Needs constant management and maintenance if you don’t want it to be covered with mold. 

2# Presto 07061 22-inch Electric Griddle with Removable Handles

Presto 07061 Electric Griddle

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An almost perfect solution for people who want to grill quickly in the confines of their kitchen. Presto’s electric grill is terrific in its simplicity. It has no learning curve, and absolutely anyone can cook even without experience. Prestos griddle has enough cooking area to grill cuisine for an entire family. I would’ve called this product perfect if not for one major downside. The heat isn’t distributed evenly across the whole cooking area. It’s not a big of a deal for most food, like bacon, steaks, eggs, or bread. However, some products, like pancakes, won’t be perfect due to this limitation. But the price is fantastic! If you’re looking for a cheap flat top grill that you can easily cook breakfast on, this product will do you wonders!

Highlighted features:

  • Made from metal and plastic.
  • 231 square inches of the cooking area.
  • Non-stick surface.
  • Perfectly suited for indoor cooking.
  • Electric ignition.
  • Master control for temperature adjustment.
  • No need for assembly.
  • Weighs slightly over 5.65 pounds.
  • Dimensions: 11.5 x 26.2 x 2.5 inches.
  • Reliable and well-built. It can last you many years

  • Compact, small, and very light

  • Incredible price

  • Warp-proof aluminum base

  • Easy to clean because of the slide-out drip tray

  • You can burn yourself if you accidentally touch the edges of the grill

  • The heat distributes not completely evenly across the cooking area, and some spots can be significantly hotter

  • Not suited for every kind of food due to uneven temperature across its surface

3# Blackstone Table Top Grill – 17 Inch Portable Gas Griddle

Blackstone Table Top Grill

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Blackstone tabletop griddle is a great choice if you’re looking for a versatile product. You can use it both inside your house or take it with you on road trips, picnics, or camping trips. With over 260 square inches of space for food, you can feed a couple of families in one go. Aside from the customer service, which, reportedly, leaves a lot to be desired, I can’t find any drawback to this grill. If you love to cook fast and on the go, Blackstone’s griddle is one of the best flat top gas grills you can get in 2021.

Highlighted features:

  • Propane filled.
  • Electric igniter.
  • Over 260 square inches of space for cooking.
  • About 12,000 BTU output.
  • Suited for both indoor and outdoor use while camping, tailgating or picnicking.
  • Weights about 21 pounds.
  • Dimensions: 17.5 x 18 x 8.5 inches.
  • Portable and convenient, as well as easy to store

  • Durable and long-lasting construction

  • Very good price

  • You can clean it without unnecessary hassle

  • Heats up very fast

  • Easy to control the temperature

  • Distributes heat evenly across the surface

  • Poor customer service

4# Cuisinart CGG-888 Grill Stainless Steel Lid 22-Inch Round Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill

Cuisinart CGG-888 Flat Top Gas Grill

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Cuisinart grill is an excellent grill suited for grilling outside your house. You can also use it indoors, but only if you have proper, preferably mechanically induced ventilation. It comes unassembled, but you’ll figure out how to put it up fairly quickly. This flat-top grill is ok for barbeque enthusiasts, but it’s definitely not perfect. It has one major downside, which is its durability. Some parts of it, like the handles, the latch, and even igniter, can wear off in a few years. If it were priced a little lower or had good customer support, I could’ve recommended it. As of now, it’s a nice grill that comes with a considerable risk of falling apart after excessive use.

Highlighted features:

  • Suited better for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Over 30,000 of total BTU output.
  • Two independent temperature-controlled burners.
  • Comes unassembled.
  • Removable 360-degree grease pan for easier cleanup.
  • Over 276 square inches of cooking space.
  • Includes additional accessories and a paper towel holder for your convenience.
  • Weights over 60 pounds.
  • Dimensions: 31.8 x 40.1 x 43.6 inches.
  • Good temperatures control

  • Heats up quickly

  • Large area for grilling

  • Easy to clean it up from grease

  • Straightforward to set up

  • Some accessories, like a propane tank, should be bought separately

  • Poor customer support

  • Not long-lasting. The handles, the latch that secures the lid, and the igniter all wear out in a year or two of excessive use

5# Evo Professional Series Gas Grill on Cart 10-0002-LP Seasoned Steel Cooktop

Evo Professional Gas Grill 10-0002-LP Cooktop

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This beast can get incredibly hot very fast. With a large grilling space of over 650 square inches, you can feed a whole neighborhood! Cook steaks, burgers, hotdogs, or anything else your heart desires. Although, under no circumstances, don’t dare to use it at home! It’s only for outside use, preferably for your backyard. This is definitely not something a barbeque newcomer should target. I recommend this machine for seasoned professionals or businesses.

Highlighted features:

  • Suited only for outside cooking.
  • Over 48,000 BTU output.
  • Over 650 square inches of space dedicated to grilling.
  • Made from heavy-duty stainless steel.
  • Propane grill.
  • Electric ignition.
  • Circular burners with temperature control knobs.
  • Weights over 250 pounds.
  • Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 37 inches.
  • Durable and sturdy construction

  • Easy to assemble

  • Simple to use and easy to master

  • Convenient clean-up process due to removable drip pan

  • Incredibly high BTU output, over 550 degrees temperature, and gigantic cooking area

  • Massive. You won’t be able to move it effortlessly

  • Worth a fortune

6# Camp Chef Flat Top Grill FTG600

Camp Chef Flat Top Grill FTG600

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An all-around great flat top griddle suited barbeque parties or producing high quantities of freshly grilled food. It’s very professionally built and can last you for decades if you are careful with it. The toughest part is to set it up using the instructions. However, once you do, you’ll master cooking on this thing in no time. This flat-top grill can take tons of food at once. The heat is distributed equally and consistently over the cooking area. With Camp Chef’s FTG600, you can cook for tens of families per hour. I highly recommend it for restaurants, cafes, or chefs who like to throw huge parties.

Highlighted features:

  • Four steel burners.
  • Suited for outside cooking.
  • 48,000 of total BTU output.
  • The griddle cooking surface is 501 square inches, while the grilling area is over 600 square inches.
  • Electronic ignition system.
  • Comes unassembled.
  • Interchangeable flat top griddle.
  • Weights over 142 pounds.
  • Dimensions: 62.5 x 37 x 22 inches.
  • It’s tough, sturdy, and it’ll last very long

  • Vast cooking areas

  • Adjustable leg levelers

  • Heats up rapidly and evenly across the surface

  • Compact and easy to move due to roller wheels and folding side shelves

  • Well-designed grease management system, catch bucket, and adjustable griddle levelers

  • Time-consuming cleaning process

  • It takes a while to figure out how to put it together (even with instructions)

7# M.D.S. Cuisine Cookwares Comal Concave Stainless Steel 22-inch Set

M.D.S. Cuisine Cookwares Comal Concave Set

View on Amazon

The Comal Concave’s flat top grill is decent enough equipment that gets the job done. It’s well-built, yet it features bizarre design choices. For example, it has screws on high-pressure sealed clamps which can be outright dangerous. Still, it has its perks. This grill is very easy to use, easily movable. The Comal disc pan is terrific for cooking large quantities of food. Overall, it’s a good deal considering the low price.

Highlighted features:

  • Made from stainless steel for higher durability.
  • Propane gas burner.
  • Over 30,000 BTUs at maximum settings.
  • Electric igniter.
  • Comes unassembled.
  • Weighs over 37 pounds.
  • Dimensions: 30 x 25 x 27 inches.
  • The Comal disc pan is great for cooking large quantities of food fast

  • Good price

  • Straightforward to assemble

  • Compact and easily movable

  • Very simple to master cooking

  • A cheap regulator that doesn’t work as well as you’d expect

  • Some poor design choices

8# Backyard Hibachi Flattop Propane Gas Grill – Torched Cypress

Backyard Hibachi Flattop Propane Gas Grill

View on Amazon

This product is for those barbeque enthusiasts who value luxury. It’s an expensive, very stylish, and durable flat-top grill. This beast can make up to 30 steaks or burgers at once with its 693 square inch area. It is extremely easy to use, and it has additional functions apart from being a great griddle. For example, why not use it as an outdoor banquet table for all the delicacies you made? Even in relatively cold weather, it can warm your legs when you sit at it. This grill is going absolutely great at attracting guests to your household!

Highlighted features:

  • Laminated wood top and high-quality stainless-steel base.
  • Liquid propane gas grill.
  • Electric ignition.
  • Over 60,000 BTU output.
  • Over 693 square inches of cooking space.
  • Removable dishwasher and drip tray.
  • Weights over 200 pounds when assembled.
  • Dimensions: 58 x 36 x 41 inches.
  • Great design and construction that ensures a product that’s built to last

  • Easy to clean and maintain

  • The simplicity of use

  • It can be used as a banquet table for up to 8 people at once

  • Looks visually stunning and is quite nice to touch

  • Very high price

  • It can’t be used indoors

9# Blackstone Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle Station

Blackstone Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill

View on Amazon

Blackstone’s griddle is an amazing tech from almost every point of view. With this flat top grill, you can expand your diet with freshly grilled delicacies made in your backyard. It’s very easy to use. It also has amazing value and great design. You’ll likely find a better flat top gas grill for this price. And, believe me, with some proper maintenance and regular cleaning, this thing will last you for a very long time.

Highlighted features:

  • Propane fueled.
  • Suite for outdoor use.
  • 2-burner grill with 15,000 BTU output each.
  • Electric ignition.
  • Over 470 square inches of cooking area.
  • The grill is available only in an unassembled state.
  • Weights over 75 pounds.
  • Dimensions: 44.5 x 19.5 x 33.5 inches.
  • Heats up quickly

  • The temperature is distributed evenly across the grilling surface

  • Amazing value and price

  • Sturdy and long-lasting

  • Easy to master

  • The assembly from the manufacturer is quite expensive

  • Needs regular cleaning to prevent metal from rusting

10# Royal Gourmet PD1300 Portable 3-Burner Propane Gas Grill Griddle

Royal Gourmet PD1300 Propane Gas Grill Griddle

View on Amazon

This griddle is for those who are looking for a perfect balance between good cost and effectiveness. Don’t judge it by its size. Royal Gourmet’s PD1300 is a surprisingly powerful flat top grill despite being compact and light. If you’re after an efficient yet straightforward gas grill that can make over a dozen meals at the same time, this product will definitely make you happy!

Highlighted features:

  • Three burners with 9,000 BTU output each (27,000 BTU total).
  • 326 square inches of cooking area.
  • Suited for your kitchen.
  • Made from porcelain-coated stainless steel.
  • Electric ignition.
  • Also available in a 2-burner version with 232 square inches cooking surface.
  • Weighs 30 pounds.
  • Dimensions: 24.1 x 13.5 x 9.5 inches.
  • Great and durable design

  • Conveniently shaped and portable

  • Gets hot very fast and spreads the heat evenly

  • A company that ships it provides good customer service

  • Expensive assembly process (more than half of the product’s price)

  • The cleaning process is long and irritating

11# Blackstone 1554 Station 4-burner Propane Fueled Professional Flat Top Gas Grill

Blackstone 1554 Propane Flat Top Gas Grill

View on Amazon

Blackstone’s 4-burner flat top grillage is an outstanding piece of technology. You’ll likely find anything that can cook up to 40 burgers at once so fast while costing under 300 dollars. There are some minor inconveniences I found. However, it’s a sturdy, reliable, and powerful machine that can transform you into a grill king in a few weeks of practice.

Highlighted features:

  • 4 independently controlled burners.
  • 36-inch cooking surface (over 720 square inches).
  • The total output is a staggering 60,000 BTU.
  • Electric ignition with a push-button.
  • Secure and sturdy wheels.
  • Propane fueled.
  • Comes unassembled.
  • Removable griddle top.
  • Available with a stainless steel top for an extra price.
  • Weights over 120 pounds.
  • Dimensions: 62.5 x 22 x 36 inches.
  • Good design and sturdy construction

  • Very easy to put up

  • Great temperature control

  • Vast cooking area, which is perfect for big parties

  • Compact because of foldable legs

  • Easy to clean

  • Relatively expensive

  • The tank mount is hard to use

  • Mediocre customer service

12# Royal Gourmet Portable Propane Gas Grill and Griddle

Royal Gourmet Portable Propane Gas Grill

View on Amazon

Now, I’m a little on the fence with this grill. It’s very well built. Definitely professional-grade equipment. It has a big surface for grilling. I’m a bit old-fashioned, and I like to measure the grill’s capability in the number of burgers it can cook at the same time. This griddle can make up to 12 burgers simultaneously. It’s easy to use and master. But boy, oh boy, it is not easy to compile. The shipment is particularly awful. Many customers report that they received insufficient parts, and many details were damaged. Therefore, I can recommend this grill, but be very careful to double-check the package before accepting it. Other than that, it’s a very well-made product with a reasonable price tag.

Highlighted features:

  • 4-burner flat top grill.
  • Comes unassembled.
  • Over 584 square inches of total cooking space.
  • 4 different cooking zones with a 48000 BTU output.
  • Includes additional features like extra working space, a cart with hooks for tools, and a bottle opener (for beer cans, obviously).
  • Electronic push-button for ignition.
  • Removable drip pans for easier cleanup.
  • Weights over 103 pounds.
  • Dimensions: 66.1 x 21.8 x 43.7 inches.
  • Heats up very quickly

  • A lot of space for grilling

  • Durable and long-lasting

  • Reasonable price tag and good value

  • Easy to master

  • Very bad shipment. Be extra-careful and check every part of the package for damage

  • Difficult to put the grill together

13# VIVOHOME Tabletop 2-Burner Gas Grill Portable BBQ Grid

VIVOHOME Tabletop Gas Grill Portable BBQ Grid

View on Amazon

Another versatile addition to a list of barbeque machines. Vivohome’s flat top 2-burner grill is easy to use, sturdy, and relatively compact product for a reasonable price. Just don’t get to frustrated with the cleaning, since it has to be maintained regularly. Overall, it’s a nice all-around grill that you can take on the road, and be confident it’ll work just great.

Highlighted features:

  • Made from durable and heat-resistance stainless steel.
  • Suited for indoor and outdoor barbecuing.
  • Over 20,000 BTU output.
  • 277 square inches of the barbecue area.
  • Electric ignition.
  • Weighs about 25 pounds.
  • Dimensions: 26.7 x 20.7 x 15.3 inches.
  • Great design

  • Good value for the price

  • Easy to carry around due to holding legs and comfortable handles

  • Good temperature circulation for even heat distribution

  • Heats up very fast

  • Requires regular cleaning

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers About These Product – Flat Top Grill

What is the best flat-top grill?
The best grill is the one that’s more suited for you. If you are a newcomer in the barbecue “territory,” you need to look out for a small, versatile griddle that is easy to master. Professional cooks should look out for more powerful flat-top grill burners for more efficiency. You also must take the size of the machine and the BTU output. Is it suited for outdoor use only, or can you cook with it in your kitchen? Also, find out how evenly it distributes temperature.
How to maintain the grill?
Some barbeque machines need to be oiled when assembled to prevent them from rusting. This is especially important if you plan to use and store it outdoors. Rub the cooking oil or lard on the surface, turn on the grill for an hour, then wipe it all down. When cleaning, you should never use soap or cleansers, especially with cast iron. When cleaning the grill itself, apply oil to remove the residue. You can use cleaning products on the removable grease dip trays only.
What’s the best food to cook on a flat-top grill?
Based on the type and tech aspects of the grill, you can make all sorts of delicacies. For example, eggs, burgers, steaks, sausages, bread, and sandwiches. If your griddle has a proper and even temperature distribution, making stuff like pancakes also wouldn’t be a problem.
How do you cook a steak or other food on a flat top grill?
The process differs for each type of food. You can read about it online, but the general tips are these for stakes. Create the marinade, place the steak inside, then put it in the refrigerator for a day. Then, put it out and wait till the meat reaches room temperature. Ignite the flat top grill and wait till it’s hot enough (about 450-550 degrees on Fahrenheit). Place the steak onto the cooking surface and wait. The amount of time you should grill it for depends on what kind of degree of cooking you want: medium, rare, or well done.
Any other tip for choosing flat-top grills?
Always check everything before you buy or upon arrival if the order came to you by shipping. Double-check for missing parts and damage. Contact the seller immediately if something’s not right.


Each flat top griddle we covered in this article has its own specificities and price range. You need to understand what exactly you want from your barbecue machine. For those who love to cook in the confines of their kitchen, I recommend 2# Presto’s 07061 22-inch Electric Griddle with Removable Handles. Grill masters who want to grab a grill for a picnic or camping would absolutely love 3# Blackstone’s Table Top Grill. Whatever you look for in a grill, this list got you covered. Just don’t get nervous about buying a new product or stepping into the barbecuing territory. Feel free to try something new, and don’t postpone it. Maybe you are just a step away from spicing up your diet with amazing, freshly grilled delicacies!

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2 years ago

You make it sound like its easy to grill. Im alittle on the fence but maybe I should try it)

2 years ago

I am used to grill on a CGG 888 by Cuisinart and now looking for a replacement Thinking about switching to Blackstone an their griddles.

Lloyd J Franklin
Lloyd J Franklin
2 years ago

Solid, quality in everything, a “breed” is felt – Cuisinart CGG-888 Grill. More powerful than classmates. Assembly took 20 minutes. On the street – 4, the firing went well, scored 250 degrees in 8 minutes. I burned for 20-30 minutes, then turned it off, walked with the dog. Test cooked vegetables and pork neck steaks. It took about 20 minutes. In the cold and light breeze, in the mode of frequent opening of the lid, the thermometer did not rise above 170 grams, but the meat was cooked perfectly. A small (12 liter) summer gas cylinder was frozen by the end of the event. I liked everything, good control over the process. I chose between the same Weber in the cabin, Weber turned out to be a little “thinner” and the ergonomics of opening the lid did not like …

Boba Sweet
Boba Sweet
2 years ago

Actually was looking for something around 150 bucks- you provided me with some good options! Hate to clean the grill after cooking thought.