Louisiana Grills Review 2023

Louisiana Grills – Top 7 Best Louisiana Grill Review

Studying the list of brands that appeared on the market not so long ago, we liked Louisiana. During its short period of existence, this company was able to achieve a lot in the production of grills. Users who have ever bought Louisiana grills have always been satisfied and reviewed well of the brand. Therefore, we decided to order several grills from this company and test them. We wrote this article for you, introducing the 7 best Louisiana grills and making a detailed guide for you with all the strengths and weaknesses of this company. Let’s begin!

About Louisiana Grills

As we said, Louisiana is a fairly young brand. It was founded in 2006. Nevertheless, over 15 years, it has grown significantly. The main advantages of this brand are that it produces a fairly wide range of grills, from simple smokers to kamado grills. Plus, we love that Louisiana brands have a great balance between good looks and performance.

Louisiana grills come in a wide variety of sizes, models, and are made from quality and durable materials. Besides, the manufacturer’s support for users is also at a high level. Warranty and service are provided in 9 cases out of 10 if you’re not satisfied with something in your purchase. Also, since the brand is not very popular, it offers its products for very modest money.

Our Choice of 7 Best Louisiana Grills Champion – Detailed Reviews

Louisiana Grills Vertical Pellet SmokerLouisiana GrillsBuy on Amazon
Louisiana Grills Kamado, 13", BlackLouisiana GrillsBuy on Amazon
Louisiana Grills 60900-LG900 LG 900 Pellet Grill, 913 Square InchLouisiana GrillsBuy on Amazon
Louisiana Grills 60800 Stainless Steel Wood Pellet Grill, 800 sq. in.Louisiana GrillsBuy on Amazon
Louisiana Grills Built In Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker, Estate Series 860BILouisiana GrillsBuy on Amazon
Louisiana Grills Smoke Cabinet Kit (CS450/570/680 LG700/900/1100)Louisiana GrillsBuy on Amazon
Louisiana Grills LG-001000-1570 Country SmokerLouisiana GrillsBuy on Amazon

Therefore, we highly recommend that you take a look at this company. Well, now let’s move on to the grills themselves and look at them from every angle!

1# Louisiana Grills Vertical Pellet Smoker – Best Pellet Smoker

Louisiana Grills Vertical Pellet Smoker

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Pellet grills are becoming more and more popular. But finding a compact pellet smoker today is very difficult. Usually, they all either take up too much horizontal space or are very tall and bulky. But Louisiana offers you a very compact and efficient pellet smoker.

The Louisiana grills vertical pellet smoker has a sturdy, powder-coated steel body. The grilles inside are made of stainless steel and are porcelain-coated for easier cleaning. Unlike many vertical smokers with an iron door, Louisiana installed a transparent door here. You don’t have to open the door and check the readiness of the food – you can see everything through the glass.

The hopper holds 50-55 lbs of pellets and is equipped with a digital control panel. You can also connect a dual temperature probe here. Moving the grill is very easy thanks to the built-in casters in the legs. The grill comes with a detailed instruction manual, thanks to which we assembled the grill in a few minutes. The cooking surface is 1061 square inches.

But there are a couple of shortcomings that we noticed. First, the grease pans are very heavy when full. And secondly, the pellet hopper doesn’t have a dump-out function. Therefore, in wet weather, you’ll have to remove the pellets by hand. Overall, this is an excellent pellet smoker with the perfect combination of compactness and power.

  • Compact

  • Has a transparent door

  • Capacious bunker

  • Large cooking area

  • Digital control and the ability to install dual probes

  • Filled pots with fat are very heavy

  • The hopper has no dump-out function

2# Louisiana 13 Inch Kamado Grill Black – Best Kamado Grill

Louisiana Kamado Grill

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Many budget kamado grills cook the meat very dry. This grill is devoid of such a drawback and perfectly roasts meat from all sides and saturates it with moisture. The total cooking area is 567 square inches. This is not a lot, but it’ll be enough to prepare dinner for a group of 4-6 people.

Although it uses an old structure that was used in Japan thousands of years ago, the grill is very durable and won’t break even after many months. It also has a sturdy wooden handle that allows the lid to lift easily. Another plus is the springs that hold the cover in place.

Two bamboo side tables give you extra cooking space. They also fold down for easy storage. The kit includes a tool for removing ash. You just open the door from the bottom and throw away everything you don’t need. Top removable grills allow you to do both classic grilling and smoke or steam meat. Temperature control is carried out using a flap at the top. It monitors airflow and has an easy-to-use thermometer.

  • Cheap

  • Robust case

  • Effective and fast cleaning

  • Uniform cooking

  • Folding side tables

  • Small cooking surface

  • No digital control

3# Louisiana Grills 60900 LG900 Pellet Grill Black – Best Value For Money Grill

Louisiana Grills LG900

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Of the entire range, this grill is the most versatile. You can use it to cook turkey, steaks, burgers, and other food in many different styles. Apart from the many functions, this grill is made of durable material and is very easy to use.

The grill is made of 14 gauge steel. The grates are made of porcelain-coated cast iron and give you 900 square inches. The top grill is removable, adding even more options to your cooking.

This grill allows you not only to slowly grill meat but also to cook over an open fire when needed. The hopper is not as large and can only hold 14 pounds of pellets, but it will be enough to give food a woody flavor.

The model is very portable thanks to the swivel wheels. The digital control panel provides an easy and convenient start-up and fast cooling with one button. The exhaust system perfectly regulates airflow and collects grease.

In addition to a regular thermometer, you can monitor the temperature of the meat with a meat probe. A standard thermometer monitors temperatures between 170 and 600 degrees F. It’s a very convenient, powerful, and easy-to-use grill with excellent smoking ability.

  • Attractive price

  • Large cooking surface

  • Digital control panel

  • Multiple temperature sensors

  • Very robust construction

  • Pellet hopper not spacious

  • Simple design

4# Louisiana Grills 60800 Stainless Steel Wood Pellet Grills – Best Spacious Grill

Louisiana 60800 Wood Pellet Grills

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Let’s start with the very powerful basic characteristics of this grill. The total cooking surface is 838 square inches. This size is enough to cook food for a large group of friends.

This grill is equipped with an automatic igniter and a digital control board. Its power is 300 watts. This allows you to adjust the temperature from 180 to 500 degrees, which will help you prepare a dish with any degree of roasting. It is worth noting that you can cook up to 18 hours continuously!

No need to constantly monitor the grill temperature or flashes. You can simply use the meat probe, set your temperature, and return to the end of cooking.

The grill is large: 56 inches long, 23 inches wide. Its design is impeccable. Neighbors will throw envious glances at such a powerful and beautiful device!

In this grill, everything is thought out to get the best cooking experience. For example, in the front, you will see a tray where you can conveniently store sauces and spices. There are also side shelves equipped with hooks for barbecue tools. These spaces can comfortably accommodate cooked meals. There is a convenient tray that is used for fat or garbage.

In general, we recommend this grill if you want to get a powerful and convenient machine that will serve you for many years.

  • High power

  • Excellent design

  • Long operation

  • Large cooking area

  • Convenient shelves and storage boxes

  • A large amount of wood pellets is required

  • High price

5# Louisiana Grills Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker Estate Series – Best Durable Grill

Louisiana Grills Smoker

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The grill has a 300-watt automatic igniter. Its management is almost completely automated. So, you can launch it with a single tap. You will also like the convenient digital control panel for the oven.

On this grill, you can cook meat or vegetables for a large family. The total cooking area is 860 square inches. It works on wood pellets and can provide a temperature of 180 to 600 degrees. At the same time, you can easily adjust the heat due to the fully functional programmable meat probe.

With significant advantages in power and convenience, this grill has a weak side-design. A soft gray color does not attract people much. It also shows any dirt or greasy spots. A good feature that will save you from inconvenience after cooking is a light automatic system for cleaning grates, barrels, buckets for fat.

  • High power

  • Price

  • Automated control system

  • Large cooking area

  • Design

  • Easy to get dirty

  • Pan grease may have backlash

  • Expensive

6# Louisiana Grills Smoke Cabinet Grill 5 Rack

Louisiana Smoke Cabinet Grill

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This grill is quite compact: 20 inches long, 21 inches wide, 31 inches high. However, due to 5 racks, the total cooking area is 1,396 square inches.

You can easily adjust the internal temperature due to the glow-in-the-dark sensors. They are located at the top and bottom, which allows you to change the heat throughout the Cabinet evenly. You can also adjust the flap yourself.

This grill can maintain a temperature of 180 to 650 degrees. It is heated using wood pellets, but electricity is needed to operate the element that makes the pellets burn.

  • High power

  • Price

  • Easy temperature control

  • Large cooking area

  • Design

  • Needs electricity

  • Fast burns wood pellets

7# Louisiana Grills LG-001000-1570 Inch Country Smoker

Louisiana Grills LG-001000-1570

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The cooking area is 570 square inches. This is enough to prepare meals for 4-6 people. You will enjoy the easy and practical operation of this grill. First, there is a fully functional programmable meat probe. It will allow you to take time off from cooking. You just need to set the temperature and the grill will do all the work.

Secondly, there is a practical function with automatic start of heating and cooling. Third, there is a cold smoking function that is rarely found in competitors. The material from which the grill is made is also quite good. Kitchen grilles are made of steel with a porcelain coating. This coating helps to avoid food sticking to the grates, and also makes it easier to care for them.

  • Price

  • Easy temperature control

  • Meat probe

  • The function of cold Smoking

  • Design

  • Uncomfortable wheels, difficult to move the grill

Strengths And Weaknesses Of Louisiana Grills

Traditionally, we make a column in which we describe all the advantages and disadvantages that most grills of any brand have. We’ve studied all the lines of Louisiana and are ready to share with you what this company is good at and where it loses to its competitors.

Strengths: First, let’s take a look at the positives of Louisiana.

Price. The first important factor is price. Unlike most grill manufacturers, Louisiana always offers you modest prices. This is especially true for smokers and kamado grills. It’s rare to find a good kamado grill for little money, here you are given a large selection of such grills. Despite the low price, the products don’t lose their quality and performance.

Design. Louisiana tries to make its grills as attractive as possible. In the beginning, we said that a balance is struck between great looks and performance. And indeed it is. Louisiana grills don’t look cheap like most budget grills, they have great bodies made with a sense of style and taste.

Multifunctionality. Most Louisiana grills do more than just the standard grill function. Many of them are also excellent smokers. So when you buy a grill from Louisiana, you get a smoker in addition.

Temperature measurement. Louisiana grills, in addition to the main thermometer, are often equipped with either additional meat thermometers or the ability to install drones. So you have complete control over the temperature of your food as it cooks.

Ease of use. Every grill comes with very simple instructions. Not in Chinese or Korean, but step by step in plain English. Therefore, assembling all the grills took us only a few minutes. This can be a very important factor for newbies, so we decided to add this item to the list.

Weaknesses: Now let’s move on to the less pleasant things – the disadvantages of Louisiana grills.

Digital control. Unfortunately, not all Louisiana grills are equipped with a digital control panel or digital remote control. While this justifies the price, it would still be more convenient to use the digital pad found in most other grills now.

Little information. Since Louisiana is a fairly young brand, you can hardly find detailed guides or reviews on their products other than ours. When we searched the internet for reviews from other people to check how a particular product performed over time, we did not find reviews for all models. Therefore, some of them were not included in our list, as we did not want to give you incomplete information about the product.

Movement. Some grills have really nice wheels that rotate 360 degrees and allow good transport of the grill. But most Louisiana grills are static and either don’t have wheels or they aren’t very comfortable. Therefore, if portability is your main parameter when choosing a grill, then you should choose the models at the top of our list. They have excellent mobility.

Our Verdict

Louisiana grills can be a great help in your barbecue. They are cheap, easy to use, and durable. We chose the first grill on our list as the best grill – Louisiana Grills Vertical Pellet Smoker. It not only copes with the role of a smoker but can also excellent fry and other functions. It has a very stylish design, a spacious hopper, a convenient transparent door, is easy to move, and perfectly monitors the air supply and temperature. For the price, this is a great model.

Of course, if you need a grill for other purposes or want to try a completely different type of grill, we have left the remaining 6 models for you. Each one is carefully selected by our top grillers, so you can be sure of their quality. We hope you enjoy Louisiana grills as much as we do. Have a nice grilling!

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